We have tested and compared the best online casinos for US players. In order to start the safe game for real money, you only need to select a casino from our top 10 list:

Perhaps you ask me how I came to my online casino test winner and reviews of my top list and who you ever have to do with it? I'm starting with me: my name is Peter Brandt, and I'm just like her passionate player. The fever grabbed me over 10 years ago. As I stepped into the one or the other fat nursery over the years, I soon came up with the idea of calling this site into life, in which you find well-researched information, around safe and serious online casinos. What started as a hobby quickly developed into one of the most chucked pages on the subject-for which I am very grateful to all of you.

2011: The Allentrance Schleswig-Holstein Due to the repeated failure of the implementation of a USA-wide EU-compliant gambling regulation, the state of Schleswig-Holstein decides to set up its own regulation for online gambling and to issue licenses for casinos and betting providers.

Game addiction prevention: Best Online Casinos USA also take care of the well-being of their customers and provide help and support to players with a problematic game behavior. Whether a serious online casino value for gambling addiction prevention can be deduced from, among other things, cooperation with organisations such as BeGambleAware and GamCare. A special casino software, which detects and reports problematic game behavior, is also an advantage.

In general, a state license guarantees you a basic security. They set technical standards, decide on how to secure personal data, conduct independent tests of the games offered, and set additional guidelines on how to design bonus offers so that the conditions are playful and in accordance with applicable law.

Do you want to have a serious casino and you need support? Site wants to make it as easy as possible. A video shows you the criteria for our editorial staff. Since every member of the team has his or her special area, we would like to introduce ourselves and show you what know-how you can benefit from as a reader of our website.

Apart from this, several online casinos have now also integrated a corresponding offer for sports betting. However, sports betting differs considerably from the other gambling games from a tax point of view, because there is a state competition tax of five percent. Normally, these would have to be paid by the betting persons, but in many cases there is a participation from the providers. In the case of conventional gambling in an online casino, on the other hand, there is no such tax, so that here the "fundamental principles" of US tax law are applied to private individuals and self-employed persons. But what does that mean in detail?

The criteria for my online casino test

There are a few hundred top casinos online that are buking customers on the European market. And even if not all of these sides want to win players from USA for themselves, the selection remains virtually unmanageable for inexperienced players in USA. Therefore, I have looked at a few dozen websites with a valid license of a European gambling authority. I used the following points to test which online casinos are fair and to recommend. Just click on the topic you are interested in, and you will get to the relevant section and my ratings. There you will immediately receive your desired information.

At the top online casinos 2021, which are listed on this page, the fairness of the games is regularly checked by independent third parties and that at regular intervals.

The advantage of slot machines is that they do not require prior knowledge of the user. Hardly anything has to be stopped except for the use of the game. The rest is basically pure lucky thing.

All the casino on this comparison offer a support in your national language, which is a real advantage for many players. Here below you will find a selection of these good casinos & hope that this will offer a good start in your search!

According to the state government in Schleswig-Holstein, twelve different providers of online casinos currently have a permit. The names mentioned above, which are known from TV advertising, are all below. It was only in June that the state government had extended the licenses by law after it expired in January 2019-a controversial decision.

Casinos attract new customers with bonus offers and free games Whether banners on the web, on TV or on the radio. Casinos are now presenting their offers everywhere. In order to attract the customers, bonus offers will be given away. For example, a 100% bonus with up to 100 euros or 1000 free games. Sometimes there is no deposit bonuses. 100 euros are given to the player, for example, for the registration. These gifts are valuable and practical, only if each player is advised to read the bonus conditions. Almost any bonus is subject to certain bonus conditions. For example, the bonus 30x has to be implemented. At 10 euros, the user would have to play by 3000 euros before a payout is possible. These are the small traps, the novice does not notice immediately and annoy.

The most important difference between the free play and the real money games, however, are the real money gains, which of course you only receive if you also make real stakes. So the free game is fun and you can test games without risk, but you won't be able to take a money win from it.

All the games to be found in the casino give the casino a certain statistical advantage (the so-called "house advantage"), so that you will more likely lose more money than you will win. However, if you think that casinos are manipulating certain games, so that they can get an even greater advantage than the house advantage mentioned, the games cannot be considered fair and correct. Casino games are operated by the company that created them, and not by the casino itself. At the same time, this also means that in most cases the casino will not be able to influence the outcome of the individual game rounds at all.

Actions, bonuses and bonuses without deposit

In addition to the welcome bonus, the best online casinos can be a bit of a game to offer you an entertaining visit to the casino. In the test, we were able to note that our recommendations are based on regular actions. This includes free games or bonus credits, which are often tied to certain categories of games.

On top of it, the selection of games, payment methods and limits is really impressive. The 888slot offers exactly what it is looking for for every player type.

At many online casinos there is a Max-Bet-Rule when playing with bonus. You can usually not use more than 5€ per spin (spin) if you play with bonus money. In the best case, the software does not allow any violations, such as the online casinos of SlotsMillion or video slots.

The first online casino in the world has been developed by software developer Microgaming. Microgaming has been one of the leading casino developers ever since. Find out more about the Microgaming games in our guide.

From the table you can already filter out my most important criteria, which I will look closely at when I submit a US online casino to a test. In addition to enough contact types, I always test the response time and ask a question about the different channels. What is important to me is that there is a US support, because not a few casinos communicate only in English.

Criteria for the evaluation of good online casinos

Also, remember to review the opinions of other customers and google a little bit after the ratings and comments about the online casino of your choice. Former and current players can often provide a good insight into the pros and Kontras of each side. This can help to get an accurate impression of what it's like to play in a particular online casino. However, one should not rely on individual opinions either. It often happens that a single player has violated a rule of the casino and this casino then scores badly on the Internet with all his frustration. However, should a negative trend be shown in the overall picture, caution should be taken.

In addition, independent auditors such as eCogra or GLITST are always a plus point, as the RNG is also regularly checked at heart and kidneys. The results are often found on the website of the casino.

This also includes, of course, how the casinos in question treat their players, whether they pay the players at hand, how pronounced the quality of the customer service is, how the payout limits and the winning limits are set, in which countries the casino has the official licenses, how it looks for fairness and compliance with the rules of the game in their terms and conditions, etc. All these factors and settings then give our reputational rating for each individual casino. We never recommend a casino with a bad reputation, which is one of our maxims.

Therefore, I have written a separate page. There you will find a list of new gambling service providers as well as more information about new online casinos and their possible advantages and disadvantages.

Which games are the most popular in USA?

The most popular casino games in USA are still roulette and blackjack. Accordingly, all the good casinos in the network for USA offer these two games in dozens of different variants. Even the Live Dealer Blackjack, Baccarat, Hold'em and Roulette games are enjoying the greatest popularity. Under the slot machines, US gamers prefer the Casino slots of Mercury and Novoline, which are likely to be known from numerous game halls and bars in USA and are also available on some Internet game banks.

In the end, it can be noted that the US gambling market is booming. Since the online casinos always want to surbid themselves with ever new offers and bonuses, in the end only one winner remains: the player.

If there are big problems with an online casino that behaves very dubiously, we will put the gambling providers on the blacklist or greylist. In addition, we have a list of casinos that have been closed over the years, for example, because they have been unprofitable, have hired the real money game mode, or have left the US market.

In online casinos, you can set limits on any reputable casino or can be blocked for specific or indefinite periods of time. In addition, there are software and apps that block access to all online casinos.