Since the advent of countless casino platforms on the Internet, countless fans of blackjack, poker and co. like to play online. This is because the games can be played anywhere and everywhere and it takes a lot less effort than to visit a real game bench. While some critics found the games against an AI too impersonal, the development of the live casinos has now solved this problem as well, as it takes place via stream with real croupiers at the virtual table. Nevertheless, some casino friends are still skeptical and doubt the security of online casinos. With our tips it will be especially easy to find serious and secure casino platforms!

General Terms and Conditions: The General Terms and Conditions of the Online Casino must explicitly indicate that the game is legal and approved for players from USA. In addition, the terms and conditions must be transparent in all respects and give the reader a clear understanding of all the regulations.

Gambling in Austria In Austria, part-state Casino Austria AG holds the monopoly on gambling, but nevertheless the market in the country shows itself to be largely unregulated. As a result, a black market has developed, which is hardly manageable. The reason is that up to this point in time, this black market has been extremely effective against legal initiatives that would like to enforce better regulation of gambling.

The Casino license is the most important indicator for a reputable provider. But of course we are also interested in where the license comes from. Most providers have licenses from Malta or Gibraltar. However, there are also providers with licenses from other countries. In addition to the licence, however, there are still further points in the evaluation of the seriousness. These include, for example, data protection or youth protection.

In 2004, the European licensing authorities were established in Malta (Malta Gaming Authority, MGA) and Gibraltar (Gibraltar Licensing Authority), the regulatory provisions of which are still applicable to USA until today. Later, the licensing authority in Curacao and the UK Gambling Commission were added. In today's time there are 26 countries that issue a gambling license.

In online slots, however, you can also win over life-changing sums. The slots you can make to the millionaire are the jackpot slots, which we will be presenting to you further below.

Free Play Bonus

Many players are looking forward to free-game rounds at the casino. These are therefore also eligible as an online casino bonus. The good thing: For new customers, the free games are often provided as extra to regular deposit offers. In addition to a bonus amount, for example, 50 or 100 free games are still waiting for the Neuspieler. In the case of an online casino bonus without deposit, it is often the case that only the free games are used.

With a new customer bonus for a first deposit, a welcome package, freespins and other promotional offers, these are not gifts that customers can pay out immediately upon receipt! The bonus balance is first separated from the normal real money account! If you increase your game balance with these offers, but in order that the bonus amount can be paid out like normal real money, several conditions have to be fulfilled. However, there is also one or the other casino with starting credit or many promotions for free casino free games.

In the online casino test, for example, reports about the collaboration of a game maker and a digital casino would be interesting. But also what it looks like in the area of the law and whether there are new developments there.

This license is also really subject to strict conditions. The casinos have to disclose money flows, fight manipulation proactively, and edit the theme of gambling addiction.

In the meantime, however, it was possible to agree on the new gambling state contract in the middle of the year 2021. From then on, players will no longer be able to pay more than 1,000 euros per month. In addition, a lock file is created. Both measures are intended to promote the protection of players.

If the provider page's data is not found on the website of the above-mentioned state gambling authority, you should not be playing for real money in this casino.

There are hundreds of online casinos in the internet where you can play with real money. Under this sheer mass, however, there are some who are less interested in making you feel really comfortable here in the long run. Not alone a lush casino bonus is crucial, but rather that time and again little attentions, laced in an all-round carefree package, you can keep in the mood. That's why in the best online casinos, even after your first deposits, there are always great offers such as a reload bonus, a cashback to secure possible losses or even from and to even a few free games for once. For particularly loyal customers, these TOP Online Casinos also offer you VIP programs or reward your long-standing loyalty with personal offers, to which not every player gets access. All of this, along with the welcome bonus at the beginning, decide whether you will actually feel good in a new virtual game hall for a long time. Aside from this, the best online casinos also feature tournaments in slot machines or live roulette, as well as sweepstakes where cash, casino bonuses or even exciting prizes can be won. For this reason, it is worth taking a look at the operator's wide range of services in advance.

While classic casinos have not been able to show any growth, online providers have been experiencing strong growth in recent years. The decision of the government to allow foreign operators to be particularly profitable has proved to be particularly profitable. These operators are also subject to the 20% tax on gambling establishments.

Which online casino is the best for me?

There is a matching game bench in the net for every player type. Which is best suited to you depends on many things: what are you looking for? What games do you want to play? Do you want to play for fun, or prefer to win high prices? If you would like to learn more about the game in the online casino, you should read our Casino Wiki. Here, new players can gain information and train their expertise in the individual casino games. If you prefer to play risk-free, then you can simply play out at Roulette Online or Blackjack Online-without thinking about bankroll and money. So you can get used to the game, try basic strategies and check the most popular games in the online casino on your heart and kidneys before you can play with real money and real self-confidence.

While some internet casinos pay out within a few hours, other gambling providers need several days or even weeks for the money to run out to the player.

This is perhaps not enough for an enthusiastic casino gamer. That's why the idea was created with the game echips. Here it is nevertheless about the use and the win, but without risk. In addition, the different prices that are to be won are intended to provide for thrills. Some social casinos regularly offer different prizes to Jackpot winners. Here, for example, there are game consoles, cars or bicycles to win.

As you can see, the deposit in an online casino is straightforward. You should only note that some payment services require a bank account with cooperating banks. Also, there are minimum limits on payment. However, this can be found when you enter the amount. Fees are charged only very rarely. If you do, you can find all the information transparent at the Casino website during the payment process.

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At our site, many free and safe deposit and withdrawal methods are used, which means high flexibility for you. Also unique is the possibility to send a payout as a cheque.