Valentine’s Day Dog Pictures: Contest Update

Hi all! I know you’re dying to know:

6. Ubi and Kiah

Here are the current leaders before we move on with the Valentine’s Day Dog Contest entrants!

  1. Bailey/ChanceMAJOR TIE – we’re talking neck to neck EVERY SINGLE DAY to the point that I had to triple-count and start emailing back voters and commenters — I think these guys are sharing prizes with rescues locally
  2. Calvin/ScoutTIE – Don’t forget that Calvin said he is SHARING his “winnings” with other rescue dogs, too, if he places 🙂

A close third is Scout.. there will be an Honorable Mention for 2nd place if the tie for 1st and 2nd  isn’t broken before voting ends (see RULES); otherwise we are still having two winners. Don’t forget, there are pet brands generously sponsoring this contest like Spring Naturals, Stella and Chewy’s, etc. Plus I’m throwing toys in and stuff from PetSmart, & a few surprises.

Here are the most recent entries to the Valentine’s Day Dog Photo Contest on!

If you do not see an accompanying story, it’s because you did not send one! You are NOT required to, but if you would like to tell voters/readers why to vote for your Valentine-pooch, please do share some info about the picture and/or the pup!

Please remember the rules: the rules for the Valentine’s Day Dog Photo Contest MUST BE followed or you will bedisqualified (I’m accusing no one of anything; however,  people HAVE tried to take advantage in the past b/c is known for its CRAZY-GOOD prizes:))

7. Rusty Riley and Roxy

  1. CONTEST RUNS NOW thru Feb. 13th, 6 pm EST. Please send a dog picture accompanied by a brief story about the dog, explaining why he/she should win, why you chose this particular photo, etc. It should obviously be one of your funnier/cuter dog photos ♥
  2. No more than two votes per person (per email address if you email your vote and per name/email if you “comment in” your vote). *** If you leave a fake email address on your comment and/or otherwise attempt to comment-stuff the voting process, your votes will be completely discounted entirely.
  3. No more than three persons PER IP ADDRESS – and we HAVE BEEN and will CONTINUE TO test emails for replies.
  4. NEW RULE: Due to extenuating circumstances over the past 7 days, if you do not just hit reply and say “okay” or “yes”, etc., to our email reply, your email vote may not be counted. People, again, may be trying to “email stuff” the voting.


6. YOU MUST ENTER A DOG! (Kitty contest coming this Spring!)


7. Send your readers HERE to vote in their comments; you, of course, are free to post your dog’s featured pic on Facebook, but any votes on Facebook are not counted. Again, votes must be left in comments section on the actual post or emailed to

See original Announcement post from a couple days ago here.

♥ Get your entries in fast — contest is ending early next week ♥

1. Sooby [Sic] Doo and Mom: Comment: Not sure if you meant Scooby Doo…!


2. Kate and Viper the Autism Assistance Dog: Kate is 11 and has Autism.  Viper is Kate’s Autism Assistance Dog Guide; he is 2 yrs old.  They have been a team now for 1 year.  Before Kate received Viper… Kate would repeatedly hurt herself when the world around her was too hard to understand.  She would sneak out to play in the middle of the night while others were sleeping.  She would bolt from us towards water and into the roads and was hit by a car. She would jump out of our vehicle at stop signs into the traffic.  She would hide under tables or in SMALL areas under things when noises were too loud.  When people would talk to her she would withdraw, cover her eyes, cover her ears and scream.  She was on the maximum amount of Anti-Psychotic drugs and sleeping pills.  After she received Viper within 3 months all this behavior came to an end. When hurt or upset she seeks Vipers attention calmly.  When noises scare her she seeks Vipers attention.  She is calmed by his presence and is now on the min. amount of drugs and no more sleeping pills.  One night she got out of our house despite having audible alarms on the doors and Viper alerted us to her leaving the house and she was found immediately.  Via a special harness attached to Viper while we are out Viper stopped her multiple times from running in the road as he is trained

2. Viper the Autism Assistance Dog

to lie down when Kate bolts.  Viper has definitely saved Kate’s life and given us our little girl back.  He has helped her come out of her locked in world.


3. Ziggy: This is Ziggy and the picture is titled “I need a hug.” Ziggy is a Lhasa-Poodle mix and we adopted him from PAWS Animal Shelter in Atlanta last August. He was dropped off at PAWS with such long matted hair that he had to be shaved.  We love his short coat and his wonderful personality! This picture was taken after a rain & Ziggy likes to play in the dirt! Needless to say he has had a few baths since he has come to live with us.

3. Ziggy


4. Unnamed Shih-Tzus: My five little Shih Tzu (dogs) are unbelievable in what they will do for me! People can’t believe that the’ll pose like this for photos. I’m not a photographer & I don’t know anything about photo shop [sic]. I just pose, point, and shoot. I love this picture because it shows how willing and patient my “Tzu Kids” are to happily have their photo taken, & how well they have learned to get along with each other. They love to do this, and get real excited when I say we are going to take their picture. They are so much fun, and make life so much better. They are always happy, willing, fun little dogs.


4. Unnamed Shi Tzus

5. Simba: This picture is of Simba with his best ‘stuffed’ friend. He’s in love with this lion and travels everywhere with it! Simba even looks like him!


6. Ubi the Xoloizcuintle and Kiah the Chinese-Crested:My name is Eidel Ricano and I think my picture is perfect for Valentines because it shows [that] LOVE exists everywhere at any time and is shared in the simplest ways which, in the case, is by my dogs during their sleeping time. The black one is Ubi, a Xoloizcuintle, and the white one is Kiah, a Chinese Crested. [The picture] also shows how love has no moment, no race, no gender nor color….it’s for everyone ALL the time. They both are wearing a red robe since they usually get cold because they are hairless, even in Miami, and by accident are creating the shape of the heart with their bodies. Thanks and a have a great day!

5. Simba and Best Friend


7. Rusty, Riley and Roxi: You can hear from these guys at Chasing Squirrels With Rusty, which is hilarious and beloved by many in the doggie blog world!

♥ Good luck to all and everyone get your votes in 🙂 ♥

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  1. Marg says:

    We vote for Bailey.

  2. meowmeowmans says:

    I vote for Bailey! 🙂

  3. Jo, Stella and Zkhat says:

    We Vote for Bailey!

  4. Terri McClure says:

    I vote for Bailey.

  5. asta says:

    I vote for Bailey!

  6. Dora says:

    My vote is for Bailey

  7. Jed & Abby in MerryLand says:

    We cast TWO votes – one each – for BAILEY.

  8. Ginger says:

    I vote for Bailey, too!

  9. linda says:

    I vote for Bailey

  10. Cathy says:

    I vote for Bailey

  11. Brian says:

    I vote for Bailey too!!!

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