Gets Dog Blogging Award From

We won a dog blog award! Hooray!

From the Pamper Your Dog website, “At Pamper Your Dog it’s fairly obvious how much we love dogs of all shapes and sizes. Over the past few years as we’ve grown online, we’ve had the chance to follow a lot of great bloggers who love their own dogs, and spend part of their day sharing with us their stories of being a doggie moms and dads with the rest of us. We have laughed, learned, and sometimes even cried at some of the heartwarming stories these writers share every day.”

“To thank these bloggers and honor all of their hard work we have decided to create a list of the top 25 blogs that we follow on a regular basis. We’ve decided to call these the Top Dog Awards and are looking forward to reading even more great stories and advice from them in the coming months. Without further adieu, here are our top 25 favorite dog blogs of 2012.”

And yay, ThoughtsFurPaws was listed in alphabetical order!

The Logo!

This is what they had to say about us: “Besides its delightfully clever name, there are many reasons to love this blog. Blogger JL Smith thinks of herself as an “animaniac,” and loves to share personal anecdotes with anyone willing to stop by her blog. She is actively interested in animal welfare causes, legislation and pet charities, as well, she provides many humorous glimpses into her own personal experiences with pets.”

Oh how true it is…

I am an Animaniac, self-proclaimed, and I am extremely interested in animal welfare, specifically stopping BSL, dog auctions, puppy mills, animal cruelty, hoarding, and LOTS more – WAY too much to mention in an awards post.

We have always loved Pamper Your Dog – and you guys should definitely stop on by there if you need any dog supplies or dog beds or anything.

They have everything from dog bowls to dog collars to clothing, which, by the way, includes formal-wear, dresses, tee-shirts, sweaters, costumes and more! They also have supplements, and a popular Spa & Bath section.

They, of course, have a really cool blog and a section on sizing, too in case you need help!


This is our second award this month!

The first was from Bel-Rea Vet Tech for Top 25 Cat Bloggers. Thank you so so much to them too!

YAY ThoughtsFurPaws!


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  1. Congratulations on your award and recognition. We are proud of you.

  2. jessica says:

    Congrats! You deserve it! This is a great blog!!

  3. Congratulations!!!! Well deserved!

    • Yukari says:

      Anonymous – It was a very special day. Everyone has cotmenmed on how fun they had. Great photos. Glad that Bassem was able to capture many special moments.Mom

  4. Marks Dorcel says:

    It is great news that you have won the Dog blogging awards. It show how you are serious about this passion. Which is very nice for you.

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