Temptations NEW Mix-Ups Cat Treats Contest Entries

Temptations, the tasty and delicious, delectable kitty treats we all know and love have come up with new flavors…fantastic new flavors called Mix-Ups. They include Surfer’s Delight, a yummy blend of tuna, shrimp and salmon, and Backyard Cookout, a succulent mix of chicken, liver and beef.

Mix-Ups are actually made to help your kitty develop; they’re 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for growth and maintenance, and they have only two calories per treat.

The contest to win two bags of the new treats plus other cat and pet things that I am contributing is running to July 9th!

You’d better get your cat or dog funny picture entries in before 5 pm EST that day!

You can send two entries per email and vote in the comments or by emailing thougthsfurpaws@gmail.com.

Commenters will vote for their favorite photos as I post them. If not enough comments are received, the Administrator of this blog will make the decision based on the funniest pet picture.

Here are the first few entries:

Becky Young Dogs




Sophie II



Zannie II

3 Responses to “Temptations NEW Mix-Ups Cat Treats Contest Entries”

  1. ‘Becky Young Dogs’ are the cutest pics!.. I would love to know where i could buy some clothes like that!!~

  2. Craigslisthunter says:

    Entering Smoothie the USA Astronaut Dog into the contest. Emailing you now. Thanks!

  3. Ariel says:

    Becky Young Dogs…so cute & patriotic!

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