New Tangle-Free Zeke Leash is Amazing! Pet Product of the Week!

Posted on November 18th, 2012 in Dogs, Pet Lover Gifts, Pet Product of the Week, Pet Supplies

A few months ago we were lucky enough to have received a free Zeke Leash to review on the blog.

What’s a Zeke Leash you ask?

Well it’s a really cool leash that’s kind like a retractable but kinda not – and the best part is – IT DOESN’T TANGLE! EVER!

We are so happy that we got one to review — this thing is unbelievable! Thank you Zeke Leash for making walking the boys SO much easier and so much more fun!

Ramsey is known for zigging and zagging all over the place on his walks and the Zeke Leash has really ensured that there are no knots and tangles to undo thereafter… Ramsey is also very much a low-rider as you know – his little Basset body isn’t’ very high – he’s more stout. So it’s easy for the leash to get caught underneath his big ol’ under-belly. Not anymore! The Zeke Leash has made walking – one of Ramsey’s favorite activities – a hell of a lot easier I tell you…

Zeke Leash’s unique design features a traffic handle and signature LeashMinder™ technology, the automatic leash control system that combines the strength and safety of a traditional leash with the ease and flexibility of a retractable.

The LeashMinder™ system applies a consistent light pressure to prevent dragging and tangling, while promoting safety and control.

Standard leashes tend to get trapped beneath the dog, right? And while retractable leashes sometimes prevent tangles, they pose a danger to users… According to a Consumer Reports, there were over 16,500 hospital-treated leash-related injuries in 2007 involving cord burns, falls and even finger amputations.

A press release from Zeke Leash said, “This was the first time I was able to walk my client’s lab without the leash catching under his leg. They got it down – added control with the traffic handle, it’s retractable but safe, and it’s well made…” said Genevieve DeTrude, a professional dog walker in Minneapolis.

You can get your own Zeke Leash at Currently selling products there, beyond offering the Leash with LeashMinder™ technology, the company also sells collars and a Zeke Leash and collar set for juts $14.95 plus free shipping. The Zeke Leashes on-site range from $12.95 to $14.95…


I’m telling you, it really has made walking the dogs so much easier and enjoyable because we aren’t constantly stopping to untangle the boys.

We enjoyed this leash so much that we immediately ordered a second one for Franklin so he could have one too, although he doesn’t zig and zag as much as Ramsey, he still gets tangled since he’s so short! BOL!

Thank you Zeke Leash!

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  1. Jessica Sala says:

    What a great idea! totally getting one of these!

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