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Puppy Pictures

Posted on October 31st, 2008

Okay so my friend Joan (over at the dog blog Lab Tails) has a Yellow Lab who just had nine puppies. I have been vigorously following her blog to watch the progress of the pups and they are simply adorable. They are absolutely irresistable. I could never breed dogs because I would never want to give up the puppies! They are too cute and snuggly! (Plus, there are so many homeless animals out there who need homes but that’s a whole different post and I must note here before posting these that Joan is a responsible, professional, reputable breeder.)

So here are some of my favorite puppy pictures thus far… (today is their six-weeks birthday!)

I would love nothing more than to be smack dab in the middle of this wonderfully yellow puppy pile. I can think of no better place!

This little guy has a little froggy leg hanging out (that’s what we call it when our Golden Retrievers do this…)

To see more adorable yellow lab puppy pictures, and to follow the progress of the puppies before they get adopted, visit the LabTails blog.