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Ohio HB 70 – 2011 Update: Help Pass Nitro’s Law and Make Animal Cruelty a Felony

Posted on January 14th, 2011

This is serious.

This Bill desperately needs to pass in 2011. I have no idea why it didn’t, and I’m astonished that it didn’t, that it fizzled in the Senate in 2010 after passing in the House.

Nitro’s owner is an internet friend of mine, and I will do anything in my power to assist in the passage of this Bill.

In October 2008, law enforcement authorities found dead and starving dogs locked inside filthy kennels at Steve Croley’s High Caliber K-9 “training facility” in Youngstown. Seven dogs had died from starvation, and 12 others were discovered alive but severely emaciated and neglected. And this guy ran a “training facility” right?

And unfortunately, it’s not just Steve Croley. It’s everywhere. It’s the guy who dumped three starving puppies into a trash bin behind a 7-11 in Brecksville. It’s the woman who says she runs a rescue in southern Ohio yet has been arrested TWO times for animal cruelty and still remains a rescue owner. It’s the Ohio dairy farm worker who beat his cows and got off the hook.

It’s the assholes like this who oppose it and send gobs of money to officials to vote against it.

The current Ohio felony anti-cruelty law is applicable only on second and subsequent offenses.

With no felony provision available to them, prosecutors charged Croley with misdemeanor animal cruelty. Croley pleaded no contest, and in January 2009 he was sentenced to four months in jail with credit for 13 days served. He got out early and went back to his training facility.

Nitro, The Sweet Catalyst

This guy is walking around freely after he killed seven people’s beloved precious dogs. How is that right? How is that justice? What in THE HELL is wrong with the government officials, no names being named here, who let this go? Or those who voted against it? For Christ’s sake it’s the third go-round for HB 70 in the House. Someone please tell me what their argument or logic was because I’ve been trying to understand and constructing plausible anti-positions in my head and I just can’t think of any that are applicable or appropriate.

The Croley case illustrates the complete inadequacy of Ohio law in terms of animal welfare as well as the government’s inability to get anything done these days.

Ohio is only 1 of 5 states where animal abuse and cruelty is not yet a felony. In 45 states animal abuse is considered a serious felony crime.

We cannot allow this bill to die in committee or House or Senate again. We cannot allow animal abuse to continue and with little to no punishment to those who commit such horrific crimes to our companion animals and the people who love them.

Ohio continues to rank at the bottom on animal protection legislation and this is unacceptable.

Therefore, I’m requesting, with your help, that HB 70 Nitro’s Law passes. Pass House Bill 70 to bring Ohio into the 21st century on animal welfare legislation.

Only through legislation that allows for prosecution of animal cruelty with stronger penalties imposed on those found guilty, will Ohio be a just and compassionate State

To join the movement, go here:

Please write to your State Representatives in support of House Bill 70 – a list of Representatives can be found here:

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