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Royal Canin X-Small Breed Dog Food Launches; ThoughtsFurPaws Hosts Dog Food & “Super-Spa Giveaway”

Posted on April 5th, 2012

The Royal Canin dog food team, like many others, attended the mega-pet conference Global Pet Expo in Orlando in late February.

There, in celebration, the generous dog food company partnered with a local Orlando rescue organization, Florida Little Dog Rescue featuring its small, adoptable dogs, to launch a new product,  Royal Canin X-SMALL BREED dog food formula.

Florida Little Dog Rescue helped Royal Canin at the show by bringing attention to them and their new X-SMALL Breed dog food, made for dogs under eight pounds; Royal Canin, in turn, helped the group by featuring their dogs for adoption.

* If you’re interested, you can see pix (and read about the seven rescue dogs adopted at the Expo) on their Facebook page. * (Here is the Royal Canin USA Facebook page.)

1. Global Pet Expo attendees were asked to participate in short five-minute trainings to learn about the innovation and nutrition behind these new foods.
2. For each training session completed, Royal Canin donated a bag of food to Florida Little Dogs Rescue.
3. The result? In three days, attendees raised a donation of more than 2,500 bowls of food for the rescue! Cool, huh?

So why am I telling you this, besides the facts that this kind-hearted pet food brand is so helpful and generous, and that they’ve launched a new dog food product?

Well, to celebrate the launch of the new X-SMALL dog foods (formulated specifically for dogs weighing less than eight pounds), is hosting a super-valuable giveaway with them. I’m giving away two “Doggy Day Spa” gift packs specialized, like the brand’s new food, for little dogs.

Each, including the last item that ThoughtsFurPaws added itself, is valued at over $100 and contains:

– A small bag of Royal Canin’s new X-SMALL dog food
– Oatmeal and baking soda shampoo
– Grooming lead (for easier bathing sessions)
– Natural grooming wipes
– Microfiber Pet Towels (pack of 5)
– Grooming brush
– Toothbrush and toothpaste combo pack
– Nail trimmer
… And for good measure and since I’m a proud supporter of PetArmor® and since this fits with the theme, I’m throwing in a pack of PetArmor® so you can properly arm your pet’s cute little rear end (and whole body!) against fleas and ticks this season.

So how do you enter and win?

Well, I’d like you to tell me in the comments below why you think your dog would benefit from this interior and exterior makeover, and/or why he/she needs it most.

You can also write about it on your blog and then come back and leave me a link to your link in the comments…

… Or you can Tweet about it and leave me a link to your Tweet in the comments.

Don’t forget to support Royal Canin!

Results will be posted on in three weeks on Friday, April 27th.