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New Cat Photo Contest – Purina Sponsors “Special Occasion” Cat Picture Competition

Posted on July 8th, 2013

purina21695_PhotoContest_logo_v2.jpg (2)Your cat is a special member of your family, so it’s only natural to include him/her in special occasions – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, really just about any occasion that is considered to be special…

(*BTW – check out the most recent issue of Purina PURR for some tips on how to incorporate your kitty into your wedding.)Wedding

Inspired by this notion, I, along with Purina and a select few other bloggers, would like to announce a cat photo contest – and you don’t have much time to enter so read on now!

I want you to submit your pictures to me; pictures of cats enjoying a special occasion – it can be any of the aforementioned events – I’m completely open-ended as to what a “special occasion” means.

You can send a picture of kitty at your birthday, on your wedding day, at Christmas, at Halloween, etc. Get CREATIVE!


Because the winners get AWESOME prizes!!!!

Winners will receive 4 free individual packs which include a can of Fancy Feast Chicken Feast in Gravy as well as a “buy 3, get 1 free” coupon redeemable at Petco.

Purina will feature at least three photos from all winners in the Fall issue of PURR.

FFAdditionally, Petco will feature at least one photo winner from each blog in a photo album on their Facebook page!!! Their page currently has 2,245,586 fans!

The kicker is that you only have one week, starting today, to get your photos to me so I can post them and get them to Purina.


Please send photos to Please put “Special Occasion Cat Photo Contest” in the subject line so I know right away to post your cat pic.

I will be putting up these photos as I receive them. There is no audience voting being taken into consideration here but feel free to comment on your fave cat pics!

Again, this contest runs from today, July 8, through next Monday, July 15 at 6 pm EST.

Good luck and GET CREATIVE!


Winners of Fancy Feast Mornings Cat Photo Contest

Posted on August 1st, 2012

We have two winners of the Fancy Feast Mornings™ Giveaway:

1. Leonardo

2. Miss Meowmers (unnamed morning kitty)


Leonardo will get a case of Fancy Feast Mornings and Miss Meowmers will get a small prize package from the Administrators of



Miss Meowmers

Fancy Feast Mornings Giveaway Entries: Cute Cat Photos

Posted on July 23rd, 2012

Check out the entries we’ve received for the Fancy Feast Fancy Feast Mornings™ giveaway! They are too cute! You can vote for a kitty if you want, in the comments! Final winner will be drawn at random by the administrators of the blog, however. The winner receives a case of Fancy Feast Mornings™ and – new announcement – the second place winner receives a small runner-up kitty gift! 😉

To enter the Fancy Feast Giveaway on ThoughtsFurPaws: simply send me a picture of your kitty in the morning. It must be a morning picture and you can even dress him/her up if you’d like. It’s a cat picture contest in honor of fabulous, fantastic, Smith-feline-approved Fancy Feast Mornings!

We’ll be reviewing pictures from now until August 1. Winners will be announced August 1. Deadline to enter is July 31st at 7 pm EST.

So email your best kitty photos to and put “Fancy Feast Mornings Contest” in the Subject Line please.

Don’t forget — people can vote for their favorites in the comments but Admins will make the final decision as to the winner (unless there is an uprising or coup in/from the CB and we decide otherwise halfway through…) Let us know what you think!



Unnamed morning kitty






Socks in the morning


Lily Getting Ready to Yawn


Leonardo in a Stagnant Slumber




Tile and Skipper




Skipper Ghostcat




NOT AN ENTRANT – Our Maxxy in the morning sunshine…


Get your votes in NOW for your favorite morning kitty! You can share this on your blog too if you’d like or share your opinion on the voting. Should we judge the contest or let the votes sway it? Weigh in in the comments section below please!

And don’t forget to send your morning cat pictures to us at today!

Annual Halloween Pet Photo Contest Winners!

Posted on November 7th, 2011

The results are in!

Here are the winners of the Annual Halloween Photo Contest!

I’m offering up two Honorable Mentions after third place because it was so contentious!

1. Hobbs the Confederate Soldier

2. Brulee

3. Petey Honors Fallen Soldiers

Honorable Mentions:  Dakota, “Wolfie in Sheep’s Clothing”

See all pictures (in a row) below…

Hobbs the Confederate Soldier




Petey Honors Fallen Heroes




Wolfie in Sheep's Clothing


LAST Entries for Halloween Pet Photo Contest… Part II: Voting Ends NEXT SUNDAY!

Posted on October 29th, 2011

Okay, so this is the REAL last update… (please be patient if this page takes a bit to load)

♥ These are THEE FINAL ENTRIES for the Annual Halloween Pet Photo Contest! This is the second part of the last post of entries. I had too many pics to post at once and didn’t want to slow down load-time. So please be sure to check out these photos AND the ones below, in addition to other, previous posts with “Halloween Pet Photo Contest Entries”

If you sent me a photo after 8 pm EST last night, it has automatically been filed for inclusion in the next pet photo contest, a “Funny Pets Picture” Contest to start end-of-November. Of course, I will announce the start of the contest-as well as personally email each late entrant (from this month) a notice that their photo is going up.

◊Voting for the Halloween Pet Photo Contest, because of the delay in posting these final entries, is extended to NEXT Sunday, November 5th at 10 pm EST.

** PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE ACTUAL PET’S PHOTO TO VOTE; click on the Responses/Comments section and leave your name and email address please. If you do not vote this way (or by emailing me at, your vote MAY NOT BE RECEIVED due to technical issues on the back end that arose this week. *** I cannot stress the importance of this…

And finally, at last count, here are the current leaders for the contest — in order — as of yesterday at noon EST:

1. TIE between Dakota and Angel (see 10/10 post for picture)

2. “Petey Honors Fallen Heroes” (see 10/10 post for picture)Petey needs only 3 more votes to TAKE first place!

3. Brulee – who, to clarify, is a foster kitty and sib to the late Sweet Praline, not a “rescue kitten” as I previously mis-wrote (see 10/26 post for picture) – Brulee needs only two votes to tie for 2nd!

4. “Clyde the Native American” (Honorable Mention – but still gets a prize package) (see 10/22 post for picture)

5. “Wolfie in Sheep’s Clothing” (Honorable Mention – but still gets a prize package) (see 10/26 post for picture)

So, on to the final entries. Please be patient and scroll all the way down, there are about 15 photos in this post!

Juno the Good Witch Great Dane


Lady Edwards




Luna the Geisha


Lyndi Lou as Lady Gaga


Lyndi Lou as Lady Gaga II


Nimrod the Cat as a Sock Monkey


Ozzy the Vampire


Ozzy the Vampire II


"Know Where I Can Find Some 'Booty?'"


Rally as a Squirrel Cardinals Fan


Remy the Sprinkled Donut!


Rufus the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Great Dane!


Simba the Pomapoo Pumpkin


Spot the Witch


DON’T FORGET: Please scroll all the way down to “Responses” to vote; DO NOT click on the pet’s photo or I may not receive the vote due to tech issues. You can also email two votes per email to me at

Don’t forget also to check out ALL the Halloween Pet Photo Contest Entries that have been posted over the last three weeks or so. There are about 100 or so!