Small Dog vs. Little Dog – Pet Care Comparison

Dogs, big and small… well, you have to love them all!

However, when it comes to their care and needs, there is a lot to consider.

For that matter, there is a lot to think about in general when contemplating the prospect of dog ownership. Size is definitely one of them.

All Puppies are Cute 

Many prospective owners don’t even consider the adult size of the dog while being overwhelmed by puppy cuteness. Don’t make that mistake. Many adult dogs wind up in shelters when they turn out to be more than the owner can handle. Make sure when you purchase your cute pup that you find out what his approximate adult size will be.

Big Vs. Small Dogs

Large Dogs

If you decide a large dog is more your style, here are some things to consider:

• They cost more to feed
• More exercise is required over a smaller dog – do you have the time to exercise a
large dog
• Will your home accommodate a large dog – A large fenced yard is necessary
• Large dogs can do some serious damage to lawn/home if not trained properly
• Can you transport a large dog comfortably in the car you own
• Vet bills are higher – worm and tick medications cost more for larger dogs
• Do you have the personality to control a large dog
• Large dogs make great watchdogs or guide dogs
• And just for fun, large dogs wag their tails and knock things off your coffee table

Small Dogs

Smaller dogs are not necessarily easier to manage, though they are in some ways. Here are some small dog facts:

• They are more tolerable on your furniture or in your bed
• They make great lap dogs
• Easier to handle physically
• Smaller dogs are more fragile; when underfoot they can easily be stepped on
• Small dogs and small children don’t always mix well
• They require less exercises, though all dogs should be walked
• Some have big dog attitude in small dog body – aggressiveness can be a problem
• Doesn’t cost as much to feed them
• Vet bills are less, including spaying and neutering
• Small yard or no yard needed
• Traveling is easier with smaller dogs; most hotels have weight restrictions on their
pet guests
• And just for fun, they are so darn cute

Other Considerations

Who will care for your dog when you are away or on vacation? This is something that should be considered before you get a dog. If friends or family also have dogs, you will have to consider their sizes as well. It can be hectic handling big and small dogs in the same space. They can be separated/caged if necessary, but that’s no fun for the visiting dog. Otherwise, kenneling may be a better option.

Big or small, your dog deserves the best you have to offer. Size aside, all dogs need plenty of love and affection. Don’t even consider a dog of any size if you don’t have the time or funds to take care of them properly. There is nothing sadder to see than a neglected dog kept and ignored in a back yard.

Bottom line, size is important. Use your head as well as your heart when choosing your dog.


Lauren Colman serves as the digital marketer for the dog boarding and dog sitting community at and is a true dog lover at heart. Lauren spends her days at the office with her dogs Squish and Brando by her side. For more dog tips, you can follow on Twitter @roverdotcom or on their blog, Dog Boarding News.  

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