Royal Canin’s New Cat Food: Spay/Neuter Formula Treats Special Needs of “Fixed” Kitties

Much to the delight of many a cat owner, Royal Canin has created a quite inventive new Spay/Neuter wet and dry formula for kitties. Royal Canin formulas are now the most comprehensive health nutrition solutions for spayed and neutered cats at every life stage.

Spay/Neuter (to be shortened to SN for this post) are common procedures that have the potential to change a cat’s life. Besides eradicating pet overpopulation and a million other pet issues that I won’t get started on, these simple operations have been linked to several life-changing benefits, including:

–          Longer life expectancy

–          Preventing unwanted litters

–          Friendlier demeanor toward other cats/pets and humans

–          Less fighting and marking among male cats

However, the same hormonal changes that lead to all of these benefits for SN cats can also cause energy requirements to drop by 30% and appetite to increase by 20% within the first 48 hours after surgery and well into the cat’s life.

In other words, SN cats have big appetites, but no so big energy needs…

This combo has a tendency to lead to weight gain obviously. In fact, SN cats are 3.4 times more likely than other cats to be overweight.

Luckily, Royal Canin created the complete line of spay/neuter cat foods to help you raise a healthy spayed or neutered cat.

There are formulas for every life stage:

–          Kitten: Controlled fat levels help maintain a healthy weight while added protein, antioxidants and prebiotics help growing cats thrive.

–          Adult: A unique blend of fibers helps spayed and neutered cats feel fuller longer, and donut-shaped kibble slows ingestion.

–          Adult 7+: This reduced fat formula features a unique fiber blend to help cats feel fuller longer, added antioxidants for increased vitality and low phosphorous levels to support healthy kidneys.

–          Adult 12+ (Senior): With increased antioxidants, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint support and even lower phosphorous levels to help support healthy kidneys, this formula is ideal for helping your cat age gracefully.
In addition, or to review:

–          The new line features four dry formulas and one canned formula.

–          The four dry SPAYED/NEUTERED formulas contain controlled fat levels and a unique blend of fibers to support the decreased energy and increased appetite of spayed and neutered cats.

–          The foods also include added antioxidants to promote health in growing and aging cats.

–          The SPAYED/NEUTERED formulas are available starting in August at pet specialty retail stores, including PetSmart, PETCO and independent pet stores nationwide.

About Royal Canin
Founded by a veterinarian in 1967, Royal Canin is a leader in the scientific advancement of pet nutrition. With more than 40 years of experience in the animal health and nutrition industry, the company prides itself on putting the pet first. Through partnerships with pet nutritionists, veterinarians, and breeders, Royal Canin places cats and dogs at the central point of the innovation process to ensure they receive the best nutrition. ROYAL CANIN® brand diets are available at veterinary hospitals and pet specialty stores nationwide. ROYAL CANIN® is a subsidiary of Mars, Inc.

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  1. We wish they had had this when Scylla was spayed she really packed on the pounds.

  2. Sweet Praline ate Royal Canin dry food. She was also spayed but never weighed over 8 pounds. We’re very small kitties and we also eat Royal Canin. We may try this food.

  3. They utilize this extremely effectively to become tolerant
    to antibiotics that are fresh as well as the procedure that is
    same is probably for new meals.

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