Pro Treat® Raw Naturals™ Freeze-Dried Turkey Flavor Dog Treats Review

Pro-Treat® Raw Naturals™ are remarkable.

How do I know this?

Because I was lucky enough to get a sample bag or two of the freeze-dried dog treats from the generous maker, Stewart®, to try a few weeks back with Ramsey and Franklin. Boy did these go over well – with the humans and the dogs!

I can tell you for sure that these raw freeze-fried treats are healthy, do not disrupt stool patterns, and are a great crunchy small treat that our dogs can have a bit bigger portion of since they are just that – small (and healthy).

Stewart® Raw Naturals™ raw freeze dried dog treats combine the goodness of whole meats, fruits and vegetables into a healthy, all natural food that any dog is certain to love.

The Pro-Treat® Raw Naturals™:

-          Are all-natural

-          Are grain- and gluten-free

-          Have high-quality meat protein

-          Have Omega-3 & 6 Rich Flaxseed Meal

-          Are antioxidant-rich with blueberries and cranberries in the recipes

-          Are freeze-dried to retain full flavor and nutritional value

-          Are preservative-free

The company uses only the best ingredients at the topmost freshness and never uses fillers or artificial ingredients. All ingredients are carefully selected, blended and free-dried, locking in the nutrition of a raw canine treat with the convenience of dried.

With Pro-Treat® Raw Naturals™, you can be confident that you’re providing yourself with the quality you need and want, and the taste that your dog wants and desires.

Thanks Pro-Treat® Raw Naturals™ for the treats – the boys thought they were lip- and tongue-smacking good and followed me around the house while I had the bag in my hands!

Four paws up and a woof-woof-woof to Stewart®!

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  1. Jessica Sala says:

    May have to try these! My pups are on a grain free diet and love trying out new grain free treats :)

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