“Lie Down” Puppy Sleeping Rules from Day One…

When you first bring your puppy home, it’s so small and so reliant on you for love and attention that your heart melts and you let it sleep with you that first night.

This is where the problems start… Before you know it, you have a fully grown large dog that takes up most of the bed each night.

It is so important, no matter how heart-breaking, to set down the ground rules from day one on where your puppy sleeps and whether he is allowed on furniture or not. You may want to start with a crate or have a look at dog beds available, place the dog bed in the area you wish your puppy to sleep, this could be the kitchen or utility room, and this is your choice.

On the first night home, place the puppy in his or her brand new and comfortable dog bed and turn off the lights and walk away. It’s understandable to feel guilty when you start to hear some whining and want to run over, scoop them up and take them to bed with you, but this will not help with training in the future.

After the first night or two your puppy will snuggle down in his dog bedding as soon as you leave the room, understanding that this is where he sleeps and that you will be back in the morning. The advantage to this is that once your puppy knows his or her dog bed, you can place the dog bedding in any room and your dog will sleep on it!

Dog beds also offer your puppy comfort. He will know that it’s his own space, his own safe haven, and somewhere he can go knowing he will be safe and sound during the night. It’s a place he can escape to and have quiet time and be comfortable.

Buying more than one dog bed also works well; placing one where the dog will sleep at night and another in the living area.

This enables the dog to be with you in the evening but not on the furniture, still offering him a comfortable space of his own with the family.

Why is it important to enforce this?

If you don’t “lie down” the rules from word go so to speak, you can be in for a long ride.

Also, if you don’t intend on allowing your dog on the furniture when he’s an adult, don’t allow him to do it as a puppy. When he grows into a large dog and you don’t have space on the sofa, it’s too late to start throwing him off; he will not understand where he is going wrong and why he can’t do it anymore.

This applies to your bed as well. If you don’t have any intentions of sharing your bed with a dog later on, then don’t allow it on the first few days.

Training your puppy straight away is the best option. They start learning from as young as six to eight weeks and you know the saying “you can’t teach old dog new tricks.”

While this isn’t exactly true, it will take a lot longer to get your dog out of the habit of being on your bed or on furniture later in his life.

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