Plato Pet Treats are Perfectly Pleasant and Palatable for Dogs

What’s the best dog cookie? What’s a good dog treat for Fido? What should I give my dog for a treat when he is a good boy or just to reward him? What kind of dog treat or dog cookie should I allow my pet to have all the time that won’t hurt him….?

These are all logical questions that dog owners ask themselves. Trust me – I Googled it.

So a while back we were sent two packages of Plato Pet Treats (Original Plato Meat Treats – Organic Chicken Flavor and Organic Duck Flavor) to review with Benson.

Benson LOVED these. He gobbled them up after savoring the flavors of the first three or four. After that he just wolfed them down!

And while I can’t say they are necessarily cookies due to the consistency, he loved them so much that we ended up going to find more on the Internet for purchase like a week after we got the bags because Daddy spoiled him and so we went through the bags in a week….! We couldn’t find them in the stores so we had to turn to the good old ‘net. 🙂

Plato Pet Treats, made right here in the USA, are made with the highest quality ingredients for the best tasting pet treats. They have Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil in them for glossier coats and stronger immune systems. Other good things about Original Plato Meat Treats, the line we tried:

–          They come in three flavors – Chicken, Salmon and Duck

–          They have all natural ingredients, fortified with antioxidant vitamins, and zinc

–          There are no artificial colors, flavors, synthetic preservatives, or GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)

–          They have antioxidant vitamins E and C

–          There are no meat by-products or meals

Plato Pet Treats also has a Farmer’s Market line – it’s grain-free and all natural, made from ingredients grown right here, and “as fresh as if you’d hand-picked them yourself at the local farmers market” according to one blogger who reviewed them after tasting. The Farmer’s Market brand has no mystery meat, no meal or meat by-products and no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or GMO’s (short for genetically modified organisms). These are the perfect treat to reward your dog with!

The brand was even smart enough to create a Thinkers line of treats. What is that? Well on the site it says they are called that because, “because we know that you put a lot of thought into what you feed your pet.” Good point, eh? Because we all do, right? We want our pets to be healthy and happy for as long as possible. Plato Pet Treats extends that mantra by making some of the most healthy, all-natural treats around… and I mean in all their brands. Thinkers, however, use only the best all-natural and organic ingredients that assist in your pets nutritional needs. There are no artificial preservatives, meat by-products or meals. This really makes THINKERS the intelligent treat for a dog, and it has taste to boot!

They are available online for various prices on various sites. You can go right to Plato Pet Treats to find a store near you, or go online to Amazon and find them for anywhere from $9 (for Original) to over $20 (for the Thinkers brand).


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  1. Abbie says:

    Those sound awesome – I’m always looking for good natural treats!

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