Pillars of Strength, A Special Day for K — and Dogs/Cats Who Battle or Lost a Battle w/ Cancer

Living in the Front Range of Colorado is a special thing. I know: I did it from 1997-2001 in Fort Collins and from 2004-2005 in Denver.

In this very special area of the country is a very special family. And K is their very special animal. His people are beautiful people.

If you don’t know of K’s blog, Romping and Rolling in the Rockies, K is a faithful canine companion on all of her owner’s adventures.

Unfortunately, today K is now facing some extremely challenging health issues… her next round of chemotherapy is this Friday, February 17. 

K belongs to KB, a blogger who does amazing work chronicling her life in the Rocky Mountains. KB posts videos and pictures of mountain lions, bobcats, elk, my personal fave – the Canadian Lynx (which I worked tirelessly to re-introduce to the area when I lived there with NRDC), and other Rocky Mountain wildlife, plus some of the most amazing mountain views we’ve ever seen. If you have never found her blog, we strongly recommend going to visit it.

Any animal lover who has faced cancer or a similar situation knows what a difficult time it is. It’s a time you can’t even put into words really…

So a group of us bloggers have “conspired” (not my words but those of one of my fave pet bloggers who is ALWAYS helping others…) to be “KB’s Pillars of Strength” — as her family goes through this tough time.

We hope you all – whether readers, writers, media or fellow blogger can join us in a BlogHop there.

Do any of you have any experience with how awful cancer is?

Have you had experience with a successful recovery in a pet (or person)? What about your dog?

Please join us in offering prayers or tell us what your fave part of KB’s blog is. Please offer some pleasant form of prayer or wish or banter – or another pillar of strength — to offer strength to KB – thus the name of our trek and the KB Pillars of Strength BlogHop.




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  1. We forgot to post about the KB Pillars of Strength, but definitely offer our purrs. Mom Paula remembers Sweet Praline suffering with the cancer, but it was too late once her cancer was diagnosed.

    Truffle and Brulee

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