’s 4th Annual Pet‘Net Event Coming Up Nov. 16th: Bloggers Raising Awareness of Adoption

♥This Year’s Event to Shine a Light on Pet Adoption!

On November 16, 2011,, the premier site for pet owners and pet enthusiasts, will host its 4th Annual Pet ‘Net Event to

raise awareness of pet adoption.

Check out my 2010 Pet Net post here, my 2009 0ne here, and the first one in 2008 here... to read ALL past blog posts for Pet ‘Net Events, click here!

I’ve been a part of this esteemed group since the first year! I have great respect and admiration for not only the folks over at, but also for my fellow Pet Net bloggers. I’ve been lucky enough to write beside and in partnership with such beloved and leading bloggers as Caroline G. of Romeo the Cat. We’ve written about pet safety, pet rescue and more. This year we’re going back to our roots and posting about pet adoption we all know this is a topic that cannot be publicized, featured on TV, written about, talked about, or blogged about enough:)

But this year’s event is bigger than ever, and features:

– a comprehensive hub page of adoption-related articles from the web’s very best pet-bloggers

– a social media donation campaign to engage the pet community at large

– a blogger competition with the winner receiving a $500 donation from Petside to the shelter of their choice’s Pet ‘Net Event maintains its commitment to educate people and honor the pets who love them. While revisiting its inaugural topic from 2008, The 2011 Pet ‘Net Adoption Event marks the first in a partnership with IAMS on a social media donation campaign.

Calls to action on Twitter this year will yield food donations as part of Iams Home 4 the Holidays Bags 4 Bowls initiative. For all information related to the social media donation campaign, please visit IAMS has been holding Home for the Holidays for decades and has made such a huge imprint on the issues of homeless animal populations, shelter donations, food donations and more. The program is championed by Helen Woodward Animal Center President, Mike Arms, my personal hero. is ranked among the top 5 Pet Websites & offers unique editorial features, expert Q&A’s, tools and how-to videos. And, they are a great resource for all types of information on all types of animals. carefully and personally (or corporate-ly??? lol) chooses the bloggers who represent their quest to inform the animal-loving public about related issues, and thus, participate in each yearly event, so please be sure to stop by and check it out next Wednesday 🙂

Don’t forget:

Franklin Smith, from Ohio Basset Rescue, survived appalling conditions at a puppy mill before his rescue.

WHEN:       Wednesday, November 16, 2011                    

WHERE: and

Next Wednesday when I post, I will give you a list of the other bloggers involved! 

And…. just as a little teaser, on my blog, you will be hearing a very special adoption story — and an adoption angle not often taken. I will be telling, at length, the story of Franklin Smith, the rescue Basset Hound who is a former puppy mill stud. My sister and I (and her man at the time) drove three hours to go visit him & ended up taking him home after he got along with our other Basset, Henry the Horrible.(You gotta’ click on that link and read about Henry– he is a devil dog, counter-surfer, howler, squawker dog!)

Franklin went from surviving day to day in a hellish cage not even big enough for him to stand in — to living in my sister’s free, fun and fabulous, no-rules home environment where he is wholly loved and absolutely cherished…for the first year-and-a-half I was the dog-sitter, coming about twice a week spending about 5 hours a night.

Franklin, though so happy that you would think he actually forgot his atrocious beginnings (!!), still faces a long road, and big bumps (for sure) and debilitating detours may still remain…


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  1. Liz says:

    I have followed your blog for so long that I know what you are talking about and I remember when you first started posting about Franklin. I cant wait to read an update about him and see how he is hanging in! Of course Petside chose you to be a part this year again… although I gotta say some of the blogs in the past years are no where near the level of yours in terms of writing and just overall knowledge and legitimacy and everything…

    Love Liz

  2. Allison says:

    Great blog! Please consider adding mine to your blogroll:

  3. Wow, this blog is full of information. I’m looking forward to read more of your post. thanks a lot for sharing.

  4. Rachel says:

    Awesome! This is so cool, I remember Franklin from years ago and cant wait to see how he is!!! Thanks for all you do for homeless animals Jaime and sister!

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