PetsAddLife.Org Shows Me How Multiple Cats Add Silliness, Joie de Verve and Love to my Life

Pets Add Life’s Message Rings Loud and Clear With This Blogger

I want to share with my readers how Pets Add Life to my household and to my life, courtesy the Pets Add Life Facebook and PAL Twitter accounts that so brilliantly put into words how our precious, precocious animals add so much to our lives. PAL says that pets increase happiness, and I whole-heartedly agree. They say therapeutic (and happiness!) benefits have been proven by doctors and scientists, another point we agree on, and I have so taken the time to talk about this.

And of course I want to take any chance I have at bragging about my therapy cat, and complaining about my overweight, over-stimulated Max the terrorist cat and underweight, underwhelmed Tate the lightweight. JK –

Plus I like showing off my photos of their cuteness – I’m like my own personal paw-parazzi sometimes I think…!

My rescue cats, Sasha the Persian mix (12), Maxwell the orange tabby (2.5) and Tater Tot the Abyssinian mix (2.5) do more for me and my well-being than I could ever put into words.

They are powerful little creatures, these pint-size purring furballs, I tell you. They really are. With their four furry paws, forbearing and forgiving hearts, endless love for us, and lion-sized hearts, these cats could outlive most humans I know simply based on good graces and paying it forward.

With their sometimes weird, sometimes whacky and sometimes wild ways, I can’t help but to love, cherish and adore each and every one for his/her individuality, verve, love of life, sense of humor, and dedication to ME – their luckiest of lucky owners, aka Mom or Mommy Jaime – special note: I co-own the aforementioned two with my mother as I live at home – which brings me to one of my main points and pets adding life and why I cannot live without them…*

Sasha is a therapy cat for a neighbor down the street with cancer. (Link is to original story from 2009 – updated story link is next one down.) She happily trots down there every morning to check in on her Laura to see how she is progressing, which isn’t well at this point I’m heart-broken to report L

Sasha will sit at the end of the bed and size her up; if Laura seems well in the morning and is sitting up, or more active, Sasha will politely excuse herself to go outside and enjoy the summer months, chasing chipmunks, harnessing baby hares or pouncing on dragonflies and butterflies (she doesn’t kill anything, just teases the poor things). She’ll come in and go out a million times to make sure

Sasha Outside Lounging

her precious Laura is still all right – in fact, I’ve just recently written about this in further depth. If she sees that she isn’t, Sasha will cuddle in right next to or directly on top of Laura, earning pets and purring away, helping to decrease Laura’s blood pressure and heart rate, and helping to melt some of the stress away of the evil C-monster away.

If Sasha goes in to see Laura in the morning and she is NOT okay, Sasha will, no matter how impolite, wedge herself between Laura and her husband Dave to lay right next to Laura’s within arm’s reach and start to purr loudly. In fact, on one very recent occasion, Laura wasn’t doing well… she was asleep in bed and Dave was next to her holding her hand. Little sweet Sasha came up and laid down in the middle like she had done so many times before, only this time, SHE PUT HER FRONT PAW ON TOP OF THEIR HELD HANDS AND THEN PUT HER HEAD DOWN TO TAKE A NAP. How sweet is that?

Sasha sleeps next to my head every night and often helps me melt the stress of the day away as well; rubbing her teeny ears and head (she weighs only about 9 pounds but its ALL fur as you can see from her picture). She is a good girl about getting her eye boogers removed, although we still have a ways to go when it comes to getting mattes cut off of her rear end!

*Sasha is also helpful to me with a disease… (and this explains my above point about the co-parenting).

In April of 2011, just about six months after we rescued Max and Tate, I was diagnosed with a life-altering and dangerous disease: Multiple Sclerosis. I have had to learn its ups and downs, get used to my relapses or outbreaks, and adjust to doing a daily injection (which I constantly bitch about to my doctor or anyone who will listen). I am not permitted to live alone so, although I would rather not, I live with my Mom and stepdad.

Sasha frequently takes to laying in my lap – and it’s ALWAYS on my bad days. She rarely just lays there for no reason, it’s always the MS relapse days that she does it. She also tends to stay near the house when I have a migraine, going in and out as she pleases but checking on me in the process.

Sasha is like the Little Engine That Could and is as healthy as a horse at almost 12 years of age (in December). Her biggest problem is her finicky feline eating habits and keeping her coat clear of pine sap at this point in time. And she has one AWFUL habit that drives us all right up the wall  – she me-yells…. No, not “me-ow,” “me-yell.” It’s so loud that we call it me-yelling instead of meowing.

She does this at night when she wants to go back out but her curfew is 10 in the summer. Many nights I have to take her to my room and we lay together while I read or watch my shows and she’ll calm down. I recently also found that PetSmart’s Sentry Pheromone Spray works wonders on the me-yelling habit… Thank you once again for an amazing product PetSmart!

On another note, Maxwell and Tater Tot are our precious “Autumn of 2010 rescues.” They came to us less than a month apart, and originally it was thought that Tater would be mine and Maxwell would be my mother’s. She rescued Max, after all, and I rescued Tater.

Maxwell is a constant source of entertainment whereas Tater is a consistent source of contentment with life. Max is always batting toys around, getting into mischief and doing things he shouldn’t be doing where Tate is the “good cat.”

We call Maxwell the terrorist because of things like this:

–          He steals raw chicken legs (yes he actually dragged it into the other room)

–          He beats up Tate sometimes (gently – not hard — but we do have to stop it every once in a while)

Max in a famous stretch

–          He harasses Sasha

–          He steals things that aren’t cat toys and makes them cat toys, i.e., pen caps, milk carton rings, flower stems, vegetables

–          He eats my Mom’s flowers and plants inside the house

–          He wakes everyone up at 1 am meowing loudly for someone to play with him

–          He wakes only me or stepdad up at 5 am purring and walking on your chest because he wants to cuddle

–          He sleeps all day and wants to play all night

–          He harasses Tater

–          He harasses insects in the garage, pawing them until death takes over

–          He steals raw broccoli

–          He steals chicken wings

–          He tried to steal a whole Thanksgiving turkey! (He sufficed with just licking it from head to toe before we caught him…)

Anyways, we love our “Mad Max,” which is what I call his alternate personality since he has two – the sweet one at 5 am and the silly, annoying, LOUD one at 1 am. Really, Maxxy is a big old love baby.

Max with the Christmas Turkey! Wishing….

We call him the “snake-charmer-bee-charmer” because when you talk to him he rolls over like a dog onto his back to show his belly and gives you a blinky face like “pet me please and I love you.”

It’s A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E and has even gotten my stepdad enamored; he is NOT a cat person by any means yet even he has fallen in love with Maxwell. Mad Max, despite being mad as a hatter, is, as such, a snake-charmer as he could easily charm any person, animal or other thing and persuade it to do whatever he wishes. Give him treats, go to sleep, pet him, give him treats…

Tater Tot is the opposite of Max. Don’t get me wrong – he initiates as much of the play-fighting and pounces on Max just as much, but he is this demure, sweet-mannered kitty who seemingly weighs six ounces. (He really weighs about six pounds.)

Tater takes to lounging in the sunshine ALL DAY LONG. He has a favorite windowsill (pictured) and he loves to watch the chippies, birds and bugs take to their feeding here. (We throw food out there for them to keep Tate entertained while he naps on and off!) Tater Tot is called our teeny-tiny mini-Abyssinian because he is so itty-bitty (read my poem about him here).

Tater in his fave windowsill

I’ll be back with more adorable PAL cat stories lickety-split, but in the mean time, you guys really oughtta’ check out Pets Add Life on their website, and on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

They really are an amazing organization and that’s why I’m sharing this. They are “dedicated to pets – from spreading the joys and benefits they give us to increasing adoptions to responsible ownership.”

They’re a genuine, good-hearted, non-profit organization that deserves more attention and more clout and that’s reason #2 I’m sharing this.

They simply want people to share in their joy of having pets and of pet ownership in general – things which could help save more animals nationwide if you ask me – hence, reason #3.

Head on over to their Facebook page and put your funny story or cute pet photo on their wall to brag about your pets! And be sure you check their Twitter feed!

Back soon, JL

This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership.

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  1. Lisa says:

    What an awesome post, I am hyterical laughing at Maxwell, aka, Mad Max! What a funny cat he sounds like, lol!!

    We want to send prayers to you for Benson and are glad you can write something so joyous the next day and love the pets you still have!

    Lisa and Ken

    • Irene says:

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  2. Nettie says:

    Awesome! Ive never heard of PAL but if you say they are awesome then they must be so we will go check them out! Thanks for the rec JL!

    Nettie and P

  3. Mike Iann says:

    This is hysterically funnny, a cat and a Thanksgiving turkey? I hope you won a contest or something with that shot and that story! That is one funny ass cat you’ve got!

  4. Amanda says:

    Sasha looks almost exactly like one of my kitties! What a beautiful cat, and Maxwell sounds adorable and so quirky! I’ve never had an orange cat before but I’ve always wanted one — they seem to be so lively and full of personality!

  5. Hi PetsAddLife and JL,

    PAL sounds like a wonderful group – promoting the joys and benefits of pet ownership. My own life has been very much enriched from the experience of being a pet parent in a multiple cat household. I also feel good about providing a good home for a good number of cats over the years.

    Wonderful story and joyful cat family you have there.

    Having multiple cats in the house adds quite a bit of happiness and dimension to a person’s life. They all have such a unique and special personality and their interaction with each other is fun to experience.

    What I like best is their gratitude, their daily greetings and snuggling with me, and how they love me unconditionally without judgement. I love the way they show how much they value me.

    Thanx for the article,

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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