Pets Add Life Videos Are Funny and Offer Heart-Warming Stories; Take the PAL Pet Pledge

Pets Add Life (or PAL) has come out with some new videos on their YouTube channel that I think you all will find quite amusing… I certainly did!

They are pet interviews – one with a guinea pig like the one on the ad on my site, one with a talking cat, dog and bird, one called Cat Banter, another called Dog Banter and a last one called Lizard Banter.

The videos on Pets Add Life YouTube channel are hysterical – my fave is the one with the guinea pig. He is so cute and teeny and he pops his head in and out of his little towel with a wet head…. He answers questions like “what is it like being an only pet” as a segway into the Pets Add Life message of ‘get more than one pet or ‘have a multiple pet home!’

There’s also the Pet Pledge happening on the Pets Add Life Facebook Page. This pet pledge allows you to pledge that you will A.) Adopt Your Next Pet, B.) Volunteer At a Shelter, C.) Take a Photo of a Homeless Pet and Share It.

The Pet Pledge Page for Pets Add Life says “Across the country there are millions of homeless pets who need your help.  From puppies and kittens to senior cats and dogs (and everywhere in between). Furry, scaly, big or small, all homeless pets deserve a second chance. So take the pledge and concede at least one resolution…”

Now that’s something I think we can all get behind. It’s simple and it promises a changed world if enough of us do it.

Imagine if 25,000 of us signed up to adopt our next pet. That’s 25,000 saved lives. So take the PAL Pet Pledge now!

Pets Add Life is a non-profit PSA campaign dedicated to promoting the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership. These videos are meant to demonstrate that pets enjoy the companionship of others in a light-hearted, fun and non-literal manner. PAL encourages you to research before introducing a new pet into the home to ensure it’s an appropriate fit for existing pets and your family.

More information and tips on adding a new pet to the home and pet care can be found on


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