Pets Add Life, Laughter and Love – Especially When You Aren’t Looking!

Pets Add Life. Period.

That’s all you need to say.

They add life, meaning, love, laughter and so much more to your home, so I’m sharing with you how Pets Add Life in my home!

However, I first want to alert you to the wonderful things that PAL is doing recently.

  1. First, don’t forget about the PAL poetry contest for kids, sponsored by PAL and the American Pet Products Association. Your child could win a monetary prize for himself or the classroom!
  2. Second, remember the National Get a PAL for Your Pet Day, which is November 19th. Check the Facebook page for information about this.
  3. Finally, The Facebook voting for a shelter to win a $10k donation ends soon so get your vote in!

So now back to how pets add life in my household.

Well let me tell you about the funniest thing Maxwell (aka Maxxy, aka Mad Max, aka Swelly-Belly) has done when I wasn’t looking in as long as I can remember

(Although last night he did steal a raw green bean from the counter to play with that had absolutely vanished 15 seconds later…. And a few nights before that he stole a ring of mine that was on the table and I haven’t seen it since {it’s a very large flower ring that cannot be swallowed} – this is the funniest thing). (My point is that I think he has a hiding spot for his “treasures” that none of us can find.)

So what’s this first-mentioned funniest thing that he did?

He took over my laptop.

I can just imagine him saying to me as he looked up and keys were being hit all over the place “Tis very warm for snuggling Mom… thanks”

This is not the only funny thing that Mad Maxwell does.

He has what we call his “baby.” It’s a very large gray mouse (as big as his acorn head) that I found at a pet store in Kanab, Utah near Best Friends Animal Sanctuary when I volunteered there this summer.

Max apparently has some nights when he doesn’t want to come up and go to bed with Mommie so he takes his gray mousie, his baby, but ONLY after midnight, and makes this God-awful cat-calling noise with it IN HIS MOUTH. So he is meowing hella’ loud while the toy is lodged in his mouth.

IT’S HYSTERICAL. A few times I’ve come into the hallway to call him and he goes racing up the stairs WITH THE TOY still in his mouth, still cat-calling.

Another funny thing that Mad Maxwell, the swelly-belly Cat does? Well, considering he is food-obsessed…

(Last Thanksgiving he sat and guarded the turkey like it was the most important thing he had ever seen in his life and like it was going to stand up and walk off on its wobbly-hobbly dead legs….) (see picture to left…)

He will sit in the kitchen and meow fanatically until someone comes in at dinner time (or ten minutes before) to feed him.  He has an internal clock, I swear, that tells him that it’s 5:00 pm. Some days I start dealing with this at 4 pm while I’m trying to work still in the family room at my laptop. He will stand on the couch behind me and stand up and put his paws on my back and drag them down; or he’ll paw at my head until I take note of and mentally record his presence.

Max also loves cardboard boxes. So what could be more perfect than one that carries food in it? (See picture to right. It’s Max laying on a pizza box!)

Max is a blessing in my life and I couldn’t imagine it without him. He adds energy, life, dash and all those other good syllables like vim and vigor that none of us use on a regular basis but would if they were in our everyday vocabulary…!


This post is sponsored by the Pets Add Life Campaign and the American Pet Products Association. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the benefits and joys of pet ownership. Please follow Pets Add Life on their website, Facebook page, Twitter account and hilarious YouTube page.

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  1. Alyssa says:

    OMG the turkey pic is sesriously the funniest thing ive ever seen – you should copyright that shit so no one steals it

  2. Andy Uhl says:

    So true. I try and tell my friends who are not pet owners this all the time and they simply say, “pets take time to take care of. I don’t have that time.” Well we do get back the value that spend on taking care of them.

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