Cleansing Pawtizer™ Pet Wipes: Perfectly Pleasant if Your Pooch Needs a Pat-Down

Did you know that there are as many germs on paws that there are on hands? Yeah, gross.

Plus, when you walk or run your dog, he walks through God-only-knows-what on the grass. Yeah, gross times ten.

All American Pet Brands’ Pawtizer™ Antibacterial Wipes are the perfect solution – as we recently discovered on multiple occasions.

I guess I never really started to think about just how dirty Benson’s feet were until we got the Pawtizer Wipes. There are three things I really like about them.

First – these alcohol-free topical sanitizers are much easier than the standard wet rag that we had been using to wipe mud off Benny’s feet when he went potty in the rain (or after the rain).

Second – they kill germs and bacteria and are considered a 99% alcohol-free hypoallergenic that’s recommended by vets. We have no guarantee that our standard wet rags (which we used as a pet grooming product) did or were any of those things!

Third – they reduce our need to keep re-using rags, which reduces the need to launder them, which saves on detergent and water!

Pawtizer Wipes are fantastic for wiping your dogs’ feet when he comes in from potty, after he goes for a walk, if you have children around the house, and more.

We also try to use them on the cats feet at least once a day – particularly if we catch one coming out of the litter box or coming in from carousing around on the icky garage floor.

You can read all kinds of information about the Pawtizer Wipes and the science behind them here.

We give the Pawtizer Wipes four paws up for cleaning Benson’s feet and the kittehs’ tootsies and for keeping them clean. We even noticed that Benson had less of a need to clean his own feet when we were using these – he seemed less concerned with it… That’s gotta’ count for something, too, right?

Pawtizer Wipes are available on, so they are very reasonably priced (about $10 for a 100-count container). Visit them to find out more at . You can also find them on Twitter at @Pawtizer.

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