Pawalla™ Cat-Themed Subscription Boxes Offer Fun, Functional Fillings for Felines

About three or four weeks ago, we received the Pawalla™ Sample Box filled to the brim with goodies for our kitties, Sasha-12, Maxwell-2.5 and Tater-2.5.

I can honestly say that the guys enjoyed every morsel in it. Sasha is a bit pickier so she wasn’t as partial to the treats but she doesn’t eat regular crunchies either really, so that’s not saying much.

Anyways, the Pawalla box came filled with:

–          Precise Feline Foundation Formula (5.5-ounce can)

–          Petite Cuisine™ Gourmet Cat Food (3-ounce can)

–          Weruva Mack and Jack (3-ounce can)

–          Petite Cuisine™ All-Natural Grilled Tuna (4.2-ounce pouch)

–          Petite Cuisine™ Natural Appetizers (5.7-ounce box)

–          Cloud Star® Buddy Biscuits for Cats (3-ounce)

–          Pet Naturals of Vermont – Hip & Joint for Cats (2.22-ounce pouch)

–          TropiClean Fresh Breath (2 fluid ounce)

–          Kong Refillables Pajama Buddy Toy (SO cute-it’s a teeny tiny kitty toy rabbit in PJs)

Out of EVERYTHING in here, and this is an awful lot, I must admit that, surprise surprise, my kitties enjoyed the Petite Cuisine the most. Max and Tate absolutely inhaled the All-Natural Tuna, which were three big fat strips of natural hand cut grilled tuna filets soaked in water, and downed the Appetizers at dinnertime. Tater was partial to the Salmon and Whitefish while Sasha preferred the Light Tuna and Swordfish. Max polished it off by eating the Light Tuna, Salmon and Egg Whites. None of them wasted any time sniffing or messing around – they got right down to the business of eating it! After this, the other can, the one that came separate from the three-pack, the Red Snapper 3-ounce can got eaten up real damn quick… Tater got this one all to himself… Lucky!

After the Petite Cuisine, I think the Kong Refillable Pajama Buddy Toy was the next favored item. Of course it came with a vial of catnip to fill it with so we had to do that the same exact night we opened the box. Max insisted. Sasha and Tate now argue over this toy and who gets to bat it around and get it caught under the couch the most – so funny and so cute! They both put it in special hiding places!

We tried the TropiClean and what can I say, it didn’t work out… Cats are tough creatures to do anything with in terms of opening their mouths (pill-giving or medication-dosing, teeth-brushing) unless you start them from kitten-hood and we didn’t… Needless to say, the TropiClean incident in the Smith house won’t soon be forgotten and didn’t go over too well…. Thanks anyways Pawalla™!

Weruva Mack and Jack feast

The Weruva Mack and Jack can of food is next up after that – again, this chunky meal looked more like something you’d see in a human fish stew than on a cat’s plate. (See picture to right.) I like this feast because it’s grain-free and is real skipjack tuna and mackerel. Plus, it’s dolphin-safe, which is SUPER-IMPORTANT to me. It says right in the pamphlet on the Weruva, that “By flaking the meat off the bone, ash and mineral levels are kept low because they are found in bones.” This gourmet feast is made in a USDA approved human food facility and is packaged in BPA-free cans that are approved for use in human food.

The other products, Precise Feline Foundation Formula, Pet Naturals of Vermont – Hip & Joint for Cats and the Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits for Cats are used in moderation and we still haven’t gotten through all of them. Maxwell would like for us too, however. (He is our little 16-pounder and I keep saying he isn’t overweight, he’s under-tall, no one believes me.)

I prefer the Precise Feline Formula for its formulation: it’s made with whole meats and contains no by-products. The amino acid chelated minerals make these important nutrients more available for the body to use. Low ash content = happy peer.

I also like the Buddy Biscuits; these are all-natural too and are made from high-quality ingredients with no grains and no artificial flavors.

Seeing as I:

1. Put Sasha on a grain-free diet recently

2. Put Max on an overall diet recently

3. And am trying to find something to fill finicky feline Tater’s belly

– this Pawalla™ box came at the perfect time.

I now will be a repeat customer.

If you sign up for Pawalla™, because of the nature of the program you won’t necessarily get the same exact box as me. But check out Pawalla™ for information on joining the program; it’s well-worth every dime ($26 a month with free shipping).

Each subscription (monthly or annual) box gets you different types of wet food, different types of cat treats, plus supplements and accessories. Basically how it works is you fill out your plan, fill out your profile and then enjoy! Cool website too!

For more information about Pawalla™, check them out on Twitter (@PawallaBox) and Facebook too!


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  1. Our Percy received one of those boxes. He shared it with us and all us kitties enjoyed it.

  2. PetsWeekly says:

    We would love to check out Pawellas! Sounds like a neat program!

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