Ohio Voters: Take Action on House Bill 70

Posted on May 19th, 2009 in Animal Welfare, Canine Corner, Dogs, Pets in the News

Thanks to my friend Liz, who lost a dog to this jerk, for this article:

House Bill 70 was recently introduced to increase the penalty for mistreatment of companion animals from a misdemeanor to a felony. Representative Gerberry introduced this bill at the request of Prosecutor Jay Macejko and the outcry of people demanding justice for the High Caliber K9 Steve Croley horrific case in Youngstown, Ohio and all abused companion animals. 

In October of 2008, this kennel owner starved 7 dogs to death and 12 more dogs were found barely alive on his property. This man received a slap on the wrist, only 4 months jail, plus fines for starving 7 dogs to death and abusing 12.

Ohio is only 1 of 5 states in which abuse to companion animals is not a felony. In 45 states animal abuse is considered a serious felony crime. 

On May 13, 2009 there was a hearing for HB 70, and without the support of the people, this bill could die in Committee.  We cannot allow this bill to die. We cannot allow animal abuse to continue with little to no punishment to those who commit such horrific crimes to our companion animals and the people who love them.

Every day we say we’re going to do something to help animals – today is our chance – We are their voices and every voice makes a difference! If we do nothing, nothing ever changes.

Please write to your State Representatives in support of House Bill 70 – a list of Representatives can be found here.

Please start a petition in your community, your rescue, your organization, etc. – please get signatures along with full name and address.
Please feel free to email thoughtsfurpaws@gmail.com should you require petition forms, sample letters, etc.

On behalf of the dogs who suffered and those who died at High Caliber K9, all abused animals, and on behalf of all companion animals and animal lovers we thank you for your support.
Please take action now. Thank you.

For additional information on Steve Croley and how his case proceeded, click here , here or here.

6 Responses to “Ohio Voters: Take Action on House Bill 70”

  1. Tim from Columbus says:

    Ohio is one of the worst states in passing fair and just laws to protect animals.

    As an example, take a look at at the backyard breeders and puppy mills in our state. Legislation was introduced three years ago and yet legislators do nothing! Same for H.B. 55, which would revise the penalties and sentencing provisions regarding violations of the cruelty to animals statutes and to include the protection of companion animals in temporary protection orders, domestic violence protection orders, anti-stalking protection orders, and related protection orders. That was introduced over a year ago and still it is awaiting additional discussion in Committee!

    (Personally, I feel H.B. 70 and 55 should be combined into one bill.)

    The voters in this state need to flood the telephone and fax lines of their elected officials and request they support legislation that protects innocent animals like Nitro from the hands of sadist criminals!

  2. I hope they pass the bill. I will see about who I can send a letter to about this on your list of state reps.

  3. Brian says:

    This is really important, thanks for posting. This guy deserves so much worse, those poor people who lost animals to this whackjob. Wow. OHIO WAKE UP

  4. Dawn Mroz says:

    Why can’t animals get any justice in this world. What more can we do to ensure this bill passes? If these are elected officials and they care about their precious positions in the state government then i think we need to inform them under no uncertain terms that they will be voted out unless they fight for this bill and for the animals in our state. Enough is enough, do these ppl not own a dog or cat? any of them?

  5. 59-36 in favor of HB 70 NITRO’S LAW. The bill passes the House and moves to the Senate for consideration.

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