Introducing My New Favorite App – the Oh Kitty App

I’ve got great news… another awesome new app just hit the market and it’s totally going to dominate the pet app market I bet… It’s called Oh Kitty and it is bundles of fun, just like your kitties themselves.

Released with perfect timing for holiday cat pictures to be taken, Oh, Kitty! is a fun free app for cat owners and their friends that provides tons of amusement. It allows you to virtually dress-up and accessorize your cat! MOL! How neat! After sending some family members some creations they are all asking me about it!

With Oh, Kitty! you can:

  • Magically bring your kitty into the App using the eraser tool.
  • Virtually dress your cat with over 400 items such as wigs, hats, glasses and more.
  • Place your kitty in backgrounds ranging from The Eiffel Tower to the beach and more.
  • Give your kitty a voice using text bubbles.
  • Share your creations with family and friends using Facebook and email.

For more information and to download, head over to right now!

Available on the App Store (Link to App Store Download ) Oh, Kitty! is bound to be a hit with cat-lovers the world over.

This kewl Oh, Kitty! YouTube video shows a great reel of how it’s done and how customizations can be made to a cat picture using the App and your phone. MOL again!

Furthermore – coming soon, you’ll be able to purchase keepsakes of the creations you’ve made on items such as iPhone and iPad cases, mugs, t-shirts, posters and more. How cool is that?

I highly encourage you to download Oh, Kitty today. I have it and it’s so much fun. I can’t’ stop sending my sister and cousin and best friend my silly cat pictures.

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  1. Fisher says:

    Thanks for the information. I am definitely going to give it a look after New Years. (“going to do after New Years” has become a standard answer lately, but I do mean it. It looks like a lot of fun!

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