Cat-Lovers Will Relish in Delight Reading New “Simon’s Cat” Book, “Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos”

It’s funny, it’s enthralling, it’s entertaining, and it’s all about cats. Need I say more?

Well if you’re intrigued then you must pick up a copy of “Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” by award-winning British animator Simon Tofield.

“Simon” started out as a YouTube phenomenon and now has over 280 million views! But he evolved into a “novel’ sensation soon after…! Like all great cartoon creations, from Peanuts to Garfield, “Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” continues to evolve by introducing new characters and new storylines much to my delight!Simons Cat

“Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” is one of the funniest, most perceptive outtakes on cats and cat behavior that I’ve ever seen. Tofield humorously and honestly illustrates Simon’s life and what happens when he meets his match—an adorable new kitten who is half the size of Simon’s Cat, but double the trouble! When Simon finds the kitten in a cardboard box and takes him home, the new cuddly arrival turns everything upside down—literally. The kitten looks sweet and perfectly harmless but is actually trouble with a capital “T.” Tofield’s superb illustrations and sense of humor shines through on every page.

The riotous power struggles between the felines will resonate with anyone who has brought a new kitten (or any pet) into the mix at home. (Tofield has several cats in real life and bases the book’s believable personalities on his first-hand feline observations.)

“Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” is illustrated with a collection of elegant, simple, black-and-white drawings that depict the cats’ interactions with great imagination and humor on every page. Tofield’s ability to present the actions of these cats in a few well-chosen lines is perfectly on point. As he does so skillfully with his online videos, Tofield captures the idiosyncrasies of these creatures that cat lovers know all too well.

No dialogue or words are needed.

Simon CartoonThere are no language barriers in Simon’s Cat. It’s all about subtle gestures, body language, and posturing (tails up! eyes wide! paws out!) as they go about their daily existence, vying for food, attention, and a good place to nap. But it’s also about relationships, love, camaraderie, animals, humor, play—and the fleeting, funny moments in life.

As a bonus, there’s a section in the back of the book where Tofield teaches readers how to draw all of his characters, including Simon’s Cat, Kitten, Hedgehog, Simon, and more. This awesome edition also contains an exclusive removable sticker sheet featuring the adorable feline that will put a smile on the faces of all readers!

You can catch Simon’s lovable antics in two previous books as well: try “Simon’s Cat: In His Very Own Book” and “Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence.”

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