Missouri’s Puppy Mill Dogs Still Sentenced to Life in Mills; Sign the Pledge

We all are aware of the tragic turn of events in Missouri that resulted in Prop B being essentially stipped of everything that would stop the millers and bad breeders. Here’s a little something from the Humane Society (I realize everyone has their own opinions about HSUS) that should be spread around…

“Missouri’s dogs are suffering in thousands of large-scale puppy mills, and last year Missouri voters approved a ballot measure to turn around the state’s reputation as the puppy mill capital of America. But a handful of career politicians in Jefferson City substituted their judgment for the wisdom of nearly one million Missouri voters, and they gutted the new puppy mill standards before they were even allowed to take effect.

Mill Dogs Courtesy HSUS


It was unfair and undemocratic. It was an arrogant power grab. Dogs are still suffering, and people are losing faith in government and elected officials.

We vow not to turn away from this shameful step backwards, but to keep up the fight for Missouri’s dogs and against animal cruelty everywhere. That’s why we signed on to the “Your Vote Counts” campaign in Missouri. We want to make sure that future citizen initiatives — and the voices of Missouri voters — can’t be simply ignored when it doesn’t sit well with powerful special interests and a small group of legislators.

Let’s support this effort to protect Missourians’ right to a fair ballot initiative process and democracy — sign the pledge and join the campaign.

If passed, the Your Vote Counts Act would require a three-fourths vote of each chamber of the Legislature or another vote of the people in order to change or overturn a voter-approved ballot initiative. Right now, it only takes a simple majority in the legislature to overturn a citizen initiative — and that’s all that was needed when they gutted Prop B earlier this year. Several states, including Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska, and Arkansas have all implemented similar measures to protect the will of the people — let’s join them and turn around our reputation as the state whose lawmakers are most willing to ignore the voters.

Click here to sign the pledge and show your support for reining in Missouri’s out-of-control legislature and helping protect dogs from future legislative malfeasance.”

2 Responses to “Missouri’s Puppy Mill Dogs Still Sentenced to Life in Mills; Sign the Pledge”

  1. I think it’s high time we began to accept that if we’re going to win this fight we’re going to have to play by the political rules. That means we will all have to work together, even if it means partnering with big names like PETA and HSUS. It’s the only way we’ll have sufficient lobbying power to let all our voices be heard.

    • JL Smith says:

      Rumpy, I actually agree with you. I think that in order to make a GREAT move for the animals, we are goingto have to join ALL forces — in all states, with all supporters ready and waiting to do whatever it takes. We also need more people to be contacting their legislators to let them know that animal welfare legislation is an important issue that CANNOT be overlooked. It cannnot just die on the Senate floor like our Puppy Mill Bill did for the past two years.

      We’re going to have to work together and create a HUGE, unyielding front, I totally agree… and I reailze that everyone has differnt feelings about PETA and HSUS and ASPCA but we need to put them aside for the sake of getting animal welfare lesiglation passed.

      Thanks for you insightful comment and for visting.

      Jaime L Smith

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