Instinct® Raw Boost Bites™ Offer Benson Nutrition and Happiness: Pet Product of the Week

Forgive us for being behind please…we have a couple reviews to do still that included Benson’s opinion and very impawtant input…

When Benson was still with us, a while back (at least 5 months ago), we tried the Nature’s Variety® Instinct® Raw Boost Bites™ in Lamb flavor. We apologize for taking so long to do the review to everyone.

Benny, in his senior semi-stubborn state, loved these things like no other cookie or treat we had EVER given him.

He welcomed them into his watering mouth with open paws (or he would have if he could lift them all up at the same time) and he followed Dad around with the bag after he had just two of the Lamb treats – a feat considering that at the end there Benny couldn’t really move off the couch too well.

With their perfect shape and size, and freeze-dried consistency, Benson wolfed these things down and would often trick us into taking him outside to potty just so he could get one! We, of course, obliged, and let him have as many as he wanted, and he never got diarrhea or any stomach problems from them.

Benson liked the Instinct® Raw Boost Bites™ SO much that we went on a wild goose chase trying to find them at pet stores around here. After three unsuccessful attempts, I reached out to the PR guru who first sent me a package and asked for help. His response was to send me another bag – a bag of the Chicken flavor for Benny to try in his last days on this Earth… very generous company if you ask me. Not just any company would do that for a dying dog. I emailed him this:

“Our senior Golden, Benson, who has SEVERE lymphangiectasia (Google it – it’s bad) and can’t really have a whole lot – LOVES the treats. He loves them so much that I just got off the website and printed Dad a $3 coupon for the kibble and a location map to find more Raw Boost Treats!!! We tried the lamb and Benny ate them right up — but want to get beef and chicken because Benny loves those flavors (of other things.) Benson is 12 and can hardly keep anything “down.” We have found only about three treats/chewies in the past 6 months that he likes and can keep down.”

So here are the takeaways:

  • Nature’s Variety® is an extremely generous company!
  • Benson loved the easily digestible treats that come in Lamb, Venison, Beef and Chicken.
  • Benson kept the treats down though his disease caused him to throw up many other treats we tried.
  • Instinct® Raw Boost Bites™ are convenient, freeze-dried bites that offer nutritional benefits and help with increased energy, digestive health, and lean muscle. They’re ideal for traveling, training and treating!
  • Instinct® Raw Boost Bites™ are made for dogs and cats!
  • Find Nature’s Variety® on Facebook and Twitter!

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