IAMS Senior Plus Giveaway on Facebook Celebrates Pets Who Just Won’t Act Their Age!

Last Monday, Iams announced their AWESOME new Facebook contest: “Play Young, Stay Young!”

Each week, for eight weeks, the team at Iams will pick one cat and one dog winner based on a photo and 100-word essay submission from pet parents. It’s super-simple to enter!

They’re basically looking for pets that essentially refuse to act their age…!

Each winning animal will receive a year’s supply of Iams Senior Plus! They’ll have a total of 16 winners by June 3!

So to help Iams get their contest started, as an official Iams blogger, I wanted to ask you, my devoted readers, for some help.

–  Do you have tips on how to keep YOUR super-senior (11+) pets staying and feeling young? What do you do to ensure the ongoing health of your super-senior pets?

Please read below for the full press release details of the contest; and look forward to more posts from me on Iams throughout April, May and June! Every couple of Saturdays, I’ll be posting the Honorable Mention photo/essay contest winners for you all to see!

“In honor of their newest formula, Senior Plus, today, IAMS is launching a national contest on its Facebook page (www.facebook.com/IAMS) calling all pet parents of dogs and cats age 11 and older to put their animal’s best paw forward for the chance to win a year’s supply of food. With as many as 33 million pets in the U.S. in the double-digit age bracket, IAMS created this contest as a fun and playful way to shine a spot light on those pets who don’t allow age to get in the way of the games they play, while educating consumers about the unique nutritional needs for pets 11 and older.

Starting today through June 3, each week, based on a photo and brief essay, the team at IAMS will select a dog and cat that exemplify how 11+ pets can play young, to stay young. Interested pet parents should visit www.facebook.com/IAMS to enter their cat or dog into the contest. A total of 16 pets (eight dogs and eight cats) will receive a year’s supply of IAMS Senior Plus and be featured on the IAMS Facebook page.

“On the heels of introducing our new Senior Plus formula, we launched the ‘Play Young, Stay Young’ contest to offer pet parents a fun and unique opportunity to celebrate their 11 and older four-legged family members with the chance to win free food for a year,” said Laura Lewis, external relations manager, IAMS. “We’re all looking forward to reading the many entries that bring to life how cats and dogs can really benefit from a proper diet and active lifestyle.”

 Stay Young, Play Young Contest

Iams Senior Pets Photo Montage

Consumers can enter the contest on the IAMS’ Facebook page April 9 through June 3, 2012 by submitting a current photo of their dog or cat and explaining in 100 words or less how their pet refuses to act his or her age. Each week, IAMS will select and announce a winning cat and dog who will receive a free year’s supply of Senior Plus food. At the end of the eight weeks, a total of 16 pets will be featured on the IAMS Facebook page and all will receive food for a year! For more information, including contest rules and regulations, entry form and more, please visit Facebook.com/IAMS.

Finding the Right Formula for 11+ Pets

It’s more important than ever to ensure pet owners make smart nutritional choices throughout every stage of a dog’s and cat’s life. With this in mind, IAMS introduced Senior Plus diets to specifically address the unique needs of pets age 11 and older.

IAMS Senior Plus is available in the brand’s ProActive Health and Premium Protection formulas for cats and small to medium breed dogs age 11 and older, and ProActive Health for large breed dogs age 9 and older, at pet specialty stores, mass retailers and grocers.

To learn more about IAMS Senior Plus, visit www.IAMS.com.

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    This is such a great idea and so many people are looking for ways to save on premium dog food, and cat food too I guess (i only have a dog so I dont know about cats, but I assume).


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