IAMS Play Young Stay Young Honorable Mention Winner: Enter the Facebook Contest

Look at those white-gloved paws and that fuzzy belly… this kitty is Klondike. He is 11-years-young and lives with his mom, Brianna in Minong, Wisconsin.

They are the winners of Honorable Mention in the Iams Senior Plus, Play Young, Stay Young Contest which is happening on Facebook right now!

Isn’t Klondike a cutie? Here is the essay that won then the Honorable Mention:

“He loves to run after his little brother Jack. When I put my hand under a blanket he goes nuts. Whenever I open the door to go outside he thinks he can run outside. He is a baby at heart too. He goes nuts on feathers. I have a bird feeder outside the window and his big blue eyes just light up when he sees a bird. He thinks he can get them. After he uses the bathroom he runs around the house and makes weird noises. He is one big weirdo. And that is how my cat Klondike stays young.”

Do you have a cat or dog who refuses to act his age? If you do, enter him/her in the Iams contest!! It’s awesome and you can win premium pet food!

IAMS started the contest recently, and it goes ‘til June 3rd. It’s on their Facebook page.

“Play Young, Stay Young” goes as follows:

* Each week, for 8 weeks, the team at Iams will pick one cat and one dog winner (11 years or older – “super senior pets”) based on a photo and a 100-word essay submission from pet parents.

1. It’s super easy to enter! They’re seeking pets that essentially refuse to act their age – pets who are older but still act younger. For example, Benny is 12 but still roaches around on his back like a puppy after he gets his dinner every night!

2. Each winning animal will receive a year’s supply of Iams Senior Plus dog food! That is a lot of dog food!!

3. So are you stoked about this contest or what? Are you reading this, saying I MUST enter this contest … so how do I do it?

4. It’s easy-go here to the IAMS Facebook page


3 Responses to “IAMS Play Young Stay Young Honorable Mention Winner: Enter the Facebook Contest”

  1. If Sweet Praline were still with me, I would have entered her. UP until the last two months of her life, she always played like a kitten, even at 15 years of age. I miss Sweet Praline.


  2. jennifer says:

    Klondike is a work of art:), like all kittehs

  3. jason s says:

    Awesome contest, adorable cat!

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