“I am an Animal, Not a Thing” Pet Poem



I am an animal, not an object.  You can’t kick me around like a pair of old used shoes…

You know, I have super-sensitive feelings too.

And a sixth sense to boot – so I know when you’re feeling down in the dumps and blue.


I am an animal; I am not something you “just have”. I feel mental, emotional and physical pain.

Don’t tread on me; don’t be too hard on me, because the spirited spree from me you’ll immediately drain.


I am a “who,” not a “that; “you can’t starve me because you can’t or won’t buy food,

Just take me to a shelter where they can make some arrangements, and stick me with a bunch of like-minded friendly broods.


I am an animal, I am not a thing. I have emotions; I feel sensations, love, anger, and fear.

If you don’t love me, I can definitely tell, but I’ll still greet you every day with a smile from ear to ear.


I am a beloved pet; I am not a thing, I have a beating heart, I have working organs and lungs.

You simply cannot ignore me or neglect me… If you do, I’ll simply come undone… Ill unravel ‘til I’m on the last wrung.


I am an animal, not a thing. And that means it’s hard for me to take care of myself.

I really depend on you to help me out, to care for me, So don’t scream at me when I have an accident or deserve a small pat on the butt, that makes everything worse and I’ll only want to cower about.


I am an animal not a thing; you can’t just dump me when work and life become too bustled.

I don’t deserve to be taken on just a quick three-minute walk at night where I’m constantly being hurried and hustled.


I am an animal with natural instincts; I like to smell the grass and flowers and bushes and trees.

I was born of the same nature that I am sniffing so give me time to work my way through the pee-mails and the lovely scents in the breeze.


I am an animal; I have a big warm beating heart- the same as that child you just had.

Don’t forget me when there’s a new addition–I love her too, but if you suddenly ignore me I’ll become extremely depressed and sad.


I am a best friend, not just something you own, I speak with my eyes, my ears and my tail,

Look deeply into me and show me your love please because that’s what the very best part of my day entails.


I am your animal, not your thing – I breathe the same air and live in the same super nice or crappy area as you do,

So be good to it, and be good to me, because I promise right now all I know is to be good to you too.


I am your animal; I am part of your beating heart, and I show unconditional love…

Animals Sent To Earth to Bring Love

Show me how to grow, how to learn, how to be and you won’t be let down,

because all we animals,

you see, like white flying peace doves,

We’re on special missions sent directly from Heaven above.


We’re here to fill the Earth with much-needed Compassion, Devotion and Love.


5 Responses to ““I am an Animal, Not a Thing” Pet Poem”

  1. Sam says:

    Beautiful poem!


    • JL Smith says:

      Thank you Sam, took me a bit to get all my thoughts together on this one.. glad you liked it and hope you can share it 🙂

  2. Roger J. says:

    You are so right I get very upset when people say well thats just a dog, cat or bird. I trully wish we could put some people through the same things they put their pets through. Great poem

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