Wherein the World is the Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Pet Café Truck?

The Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Pet Café Truck is on tour of the US and coming to a location near you!

Food trucks may be reminiscent of ice cream or tasty food on the go. This summer, the Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Pet Café Truck tours the country to bring this experience to dogs and cats across the US!

Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ treats and pet food feature 100% all-natural ingredients: real beef, chicken, fruits and vegetables. Additionally, all Ideal Balance™ products have no corn, artificial flavors, color or preservatives.

“Ideal Balance™ provides a tasty, natural pet food choice while still delivering the right balance of high-quality ingredients pet owners have come to expect from Science Diet,” said Mark Champ, Product Manager at Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

While touring the U.S., the Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ Pet Café will give away free samples of both its Ideal Balance™ dog and cat foods.

In addition to the tasty samples for your pet, join them for fun photo opportunities and friendly contests.

There will also be opportunities for dog owners to sample Ideal Balance canned food and new Ideal Balance™ all-natural treats.

For tour updates and more on Hill’s® Science Diet® Ideal Balance™ at Facebook.com/HillsPetUS.

Dates that are coming up super-quick include the Taste of Colorado (August 31-Sept 3), Minnesota State Fair (August 23 – Sept 3) and various events in NYC on September 12-15 and 26-28.

Check the Facebook page for a full schedule or leave a comment on this post.

Other cities being visited include Santa Monica, New Orleans, San Diego, Phoenix, Baltimore and San Fran (Half Moon Bay and lots more TBD!

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