Herding Breeds Are Not Your Average Dogs! Happy Tails Books Releases New Dog Breed Books, Stationery

I received this email from Kyla Duffy, Founder of Up for Pups, and Happy Tails Books; see how you can contribute by purchasing a new book on Herding Breeds! Here goes… ( I made a few additions…)

Add dog breeds are different. Most owners of specific breeds know that, and cherish the particulars of their own dog breed.

In honor of Happy Tails Books’ latest products to promote rescue and adoption, I wrote this headline somewhat in jest, but I do mean to make a point.

At our local shelter, we are inundated with herding-breed dogs. Why? Because they are generally extremely intelligent and driven; this may also mean ‘destructive’ in the wrong household…

Scroll down to see how you can make the money you spend on your Happy Tails Books herding-breed item purchase go even further this month! It’s double-donation days!

Now, we have a very good local shelter, and I’m sure the volunteers eye people down carefully when they say they want to adopt a herding-breed dog, but this is not the case everywhere, thus, causing many herding-breed dogs to be adopted and returned multiple times before they eventually find someone who understands them and can provide them with what they need, or they meet an untimely end simply for being misunderstood.

What’s a herding-breed dog? Here are some examples: Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Shepherd, Border Collie, Collie, Corgi, Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog), etc.

It is our hope that our new book, t-shirts, and stationery will help educate people on herding breed dogs’ unique needs in order to reduce the number who find themselves displaced or on death row. These dogs make wonderful companions for people who are looking to participate in dog sports or who can at least provide their dogs with a significant amount of daily exercise and mental stimulation, but they are not for everyone.

If you are one of the aforementioned people, please consider adopting a herding-breed dog; you, too, are a unique breed, and these guys need you!

In addition to a great book, Happy Tails Books has developed select herding-breed stationery and  T-shirts to help you start the conversation about rescue and adoption!

For any stationery purchased before May 1st, we’ll double our donation to your rescue of choice.

So head on over to HappyTailsBooks.com and check out the selection; it’s going to a good cause!

3 Responses to “Herding Breeds Are Not Your Average Dogs! Happy Tails Books Releases New Dog Breed Books, Stationery”

  1. Mike Ianna says:

    Cool! We have a dog who tries to herd the passers-by in our neighborhood. Every time you take a walk he paces the fence and goes in circles barking at you, its hilarious!

  2. Our mom grew up with a collie and loved him dearly!

    Truffle and Brulee

  3. Ashley says:

    Absolutely true about their intelligence. Our Australian Shepherd was too smart for its (and our) own good!

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