Healthy, Tasty Cat Treats for the Holiday

New reports indicate that cat treating is more widespread than one might think, according to a story on  The American Pet Products Association, known to be the authority on all-things-pet even weighed in. Their reports indicate that in the last 10 years, the growth of cat-owning households that give treats is more than double the growth of dog households that treat. Today, more than two-thirds of cat owners give treats!


You too can get in on the cat-treating trend you know; and you can keep Fluffy healthy while doing it. Natural Pet Store offers tasty cat treats this holiday season that are:

-          Made in the USA

-          Grain-Free

-          Allergy Formula

-          Training

-          Free Range

-          Organic

-          Weight Control

There are many places to get healthy cat treats and to get them for a discount! At just MyDeals you can get up to 15% off of Natural Pet Store products for cats like supplements and treats or any product!

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