Sponsored Video: Fresh Step Catdance Festival – Check Out Cat Videos & Lots More

The Fresh Step Catdance Film Festival has become an awfully popular online event this year… and a fun one to boot. You get to review some ferociously funny and fervent cat videos and give them a rating of “Fresh” or “Smelly,” – MOL! (Get it? Fresh or smelly, like the litter box??) Thanks to the Feline Arts Council (FAC), which is simply celebrating “creative cat culture,” people may submit their own and/or simply vote on these sensationally silly cat videos.

Fresh StepAccording to the Fresh Step site, The Feline Arts Council celebrates the fact that cats are smart, loveable companions – and that cat owners are an “altogether superior group of people.” (Exactly what Maxwell says, how ironic…) Represented by leaders in the fields of fashion, fine arts, design and other creative fields, the FAC’s goal is to ensure that cats serve as a creative muse for all forms of pop and high culture.

There is much else to be done on this enjoyable and sense-stimulating site as well…

You can also customize a movie poster starring your own cat! There’s awesome templates available for you to add your cat’s name and face too so he can be a movie star in his own right (exactly how it should be if you ask Maxwell).

You can take a trip through “Cat World,” where you’ll find the opportunity to read up on Cat World, Cat Box, It’s a Cat’s Galaxy and the organization’s ASPCA partnership, and/or you can interact with a veterinarian or other cat-owners in the Kitty Photobooth or playing Cat Chess.

Also, you can learn a ton about cat litter. For example, who knew that Fresh Step uses advanced science to create their litter formulation? It’s made up of plant extracts to trap odors before they leave the box, activated carbon to trap odors instead of masking them, absorbent clay, and anti-microbial ingredients to stop ammonia and inhibit bacteria growth. Fresh Step also, neatly enough, has a paw-activated fragrance!

Lastly, I encourage you to check out the “It’s a Cat’s Galaxy” section of this fun site. The video there was “made by cats for cats and humans,” and thoroughly depicts that the new formula of Fresh Step helps one “Mr. Stinkbomb” blossom into a fresh, footloose and fancy-free “Mr. Daisy!”

This post is sponsored by Fresh Step. All opinions in this post are of the Administrator and Author of ThoughtsFurPaws.com.

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  1. Cathy M says:

    Congratulations to the winner of the Catdance Film Festival, A Change of Heart..

  2. Mearney says:

    Great post! Cat dance festival 2013 is Also.
    All information about Cat World.

  3. Sarah says:

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