Loews Hotel in Florida Removes Outdoor Cats—Let Them Know You Don’t Support Their Inhumane, Hypocritical Decision

I was just alerted to this situation by Ally Cat Allies. Please spread the word.

Yesterday, the “pet-friendly” hotel Loews Portofino Bay in Orlando announced that 23 cats living in a model TNR colony on the property will be “relocated” to a local animal shelter.

The hotel failed to mention that just like all feral cats entering shelters, these cats will likely be killed unless other arrangements can be found for them.

Don’t fall for this fairy tale. Loews is sending these cats to their deaths.

Contact Loews now and tell them you don’t support their decision and won’t support their business in the future.

Loews is marketing themselves as “pet-friendly” while uprooting healthy, neutered and vaccinated, happy cats from the only home they have ever known and taking them to local animal control. The hotel made this hypocritical decision in the face of repeated offers from Alley Cat Allies and others to help work out a humane solution, as well as thousands of pleas from compassionate vacationers.

Don’t let Loews Portofino Bay in Orlando off the hook.

(This is such bullsh**. This hotel needs to know how we feel guys.)

Contact Loews to let them know you won’t support a business that claims to be pet-friendly while handing cats a death sentence.

Tell them that if the cats can’t stay, neither will you.


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