Five Reasons Rescue Animals Make You Happier; And Can Make You a Better Person

Posted on June 5th, 2012 in ASPCA, Pet Adoption, Pet Charity, Pet Information, Rescue Pets

So many of us pet-lovers rescue an animal (or foster them, or take a whole handful, or ten!) in our lifetimes… They offer so much, as I’ve said many times: affection, love, companionship, and loyalty – just to name a few.

I am urging anyone who is reading this to research your local shelters, and, if it’s in the cards for you right now, get a rescue an animal this year instead of paying big bucks for a purebred.

There is a saying in the rescue world – and in the pet blogosphere, and in the world of pets:

“Adopt DON’T shop!”


Well rescue animals, like I have said a million times, need homes a heck of a lot more than an animal coming from a breeder (unless it’s a disreputable breeder).

In 2011, according to the ASPCA,

Tater Tot, Rescued first from the wild, then from neglect

approximately five million to seven million animals entered animal shelters across the country. Approximately three to four million are euthanized (60% of dogs and 70% of cats) of those…

So, aside from the obvious, this is why and/or how rescue animals can make you happier; and why they make life better:

  1. A rescue animal has suffered isolation, starvation, and desolation. They remember – in their little heads that hold big old minds – what their previous lives were like. So when you take them home and become a companion to them; they are in love with you. You are their savior. You took them out of that dirty cage or cold cement enclosure and gave them a soft blanket or couch or bed that’s theirs forever; their own food bowls filled to the brim at meal times; petting and love at all times, and more. If you talk to them like many owners do – they listen. You can’t

    Maxwell, Rescued from a Downtown Parking Garage

    understand them, but they hear you. They are showing their gratefulness and love- this makes you appreciate things more although you might not realize it right away.

  2. Rescue animals have a sixth sense – all animals do. They can tell when you are sad, emotional, angry, frustrated, tired and more. They will adapt to this situation to give you what you need: a head-butt, a few purrs with a rub of the ears, etc. You are happier when your pets acclimate to your attitude and it makes you a better person because you calm down – even though you might not realize it…
  3. Rescue animals are as strong as oak trees – although they might not show it. They will teach you to be the same.
  4. Rescue animals are not raised like puppies or kittens from a breeder. When they start to explore your house and understand things, their reactions are hilarious and will make you laugh heartily!
  5. Animal activity is scientifically proven to be therapeutic. For example, petting a cat for longer than two minutes lowers blood pressure and heart rates and can lower stress. This will make you a person who is easier to be around because, due to obvious factors, you will be easier to be around!


5 Responses to “Five Reasons Rescue Animals Make You Happier; And Can Make You a Better Person”

  1. Matty says:

    So true and a great article!

    • Asya says:

      ManCityResident, yes, you are correct that the deck is skatced 4 volunteer votes against 2 career votes. The only way the career chief can get a policy approved is to hope one volunteer department will turn on the other. Now that the volunteer rescue squad has abandoned their support of the career chief and are standing with the volunteer fire company, we know how impossible it will be to split their votes on anything but really trivial issues.How exactly does this system breed teamwork and cooperation? I think it will only further strain the volunteer and career relations.

  2. Jeff says:

    Awesome, so true. I love the way you invoke the emotion

  3. Lisa says:

    This is so sweet! And so true! Ihave a rescue cat from local SPCA and i swear he knows when I am sick and not feeling well…

  4. Our dream would be that one day all dogs and cats have a loving forever home.

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