A Pit Bull’s Prayer

I think this should be posted in every shelter, pound, city council building, police station, dog park, pet store, pet rescue, library, and utility pole across the country.

This for sure puts BSL in its place…

A Pit Bull’s Prayer

Spirit in the sky, who watches over all animals: it is my prayer and my request that you grant greater understanding, and acceptance to humans; those who love us, and those who hate us.

That they will know how loyal we are, how brave we are, and how loving we are.  Help them to accept us as a breed in whole and not let the few tragedies shine brighter then the many great traits that we have.

And those who would kill me, let them know, I forgive them even though I don’t understand their hatred.  And those who would beat me, let them know I still love them, even though it is not the honorable way (to treat me).

Thank you for all the strong traits that you have given to me and my breed.  Help those to know that I stand for courage, strength, loyalty, and bravery, and as my master already knows, let those who would come against my family know that I would surely die defending them.

And just one thing that I would ask: let my master know, that if you should call me away, that I will wait patiently at those pearly gates until the one who chose me comes home.



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  1. Khyra says:

    Tank woo fur sharing this!

  2. Bethany says:

    Okay, seriously teared up a little bit here. We have so many pits and pit mixes at my shelter and so many people have the wrong idea about them. I’m hopeful that we can turn the breed’s negative image around, they’re such amazing dogs.

  3. That made us have the leaky eyes.

  4. Micheal says:

    Wow, this is awesome. Totally forwarding this. It even made me tear up as my city enforces BSL and I know many APBT owners…

  5. Big Clyde says:

    people who are prejudice against my breed should google “hero Pit Bull” woof! and lost of big sloppy pit bull kisses.

    thank you,
    clyde the pit bull

  6. Lauie says:

    I am going to have to use this on my site. This made me cry.

    Thank you for this find!

  7. Lizzybean says:

    I’m with Denis the Vizsla: Amen. This made me teary too.

  8. ladydread says:

    This is a wonderful prayer and should be shared with each and everyone who ownes, sells, or just love that breed. It touched me in the most overcoming way and I hope that each and everyone who reads this feel the same. If we all pray for this breed then everything that happens in their situation will be already taken care of. Prayer changes things…….love all of you..peace…..

  9. Thanks for sharing this the mayor of Ocean Springs has recently called for a ban on pit bulls. I hope you don’t mind, I plan to copy the poem and send it in to our local paper.

  10. ignacio says:

    as i read this poem i hugged our pit-bull as we have had him since he was a small pup would not give him up for anything thank you.

  11. ignacio says:

    Pit Bulls Don’t Cry
    I see the children in the lane
    They look like friends, we’ll have a game
    They’ve got a stick, oh boy, what fun
    They’ll throw it for me and I’ll run

    But someone stops me,
    I wonder why their mother screams?
    Don’t go near those horrid dogs, come here, come close
    They’re dangerous – I’ll tell you why
    They bite children and they die!

    All I can do is watch and sigh
    Cause now I know that Pit Bulls don’t cry

    Mom cuddles me up and says
    “My pet, We love you dearly so don’t you fret”
    But I love everyone out there
    Why can’t they love me? I do care

    I wish they weren’t made to pass me by
    I’m a Pit Bull, I don’t cry

    I sit behind my padlocked gate
    From early morn til quite late
    When I go out it’s on a lead
    Is mine the only heart to bleed?

    I’m held in check as the world goes by
    I wish the Pit Bull heart could cry

    There are some dogs, and also men
    Who cannot tell a foe from a friend
    So all of us must bear the blame
    Expected to live a life of shame
    Condemned, alas and we know not why

    All we know is we will not cry!

    Author Unknown found this one also

    • Bridget says:

      this is awesome thanks for sharing, our family is teh prowd owner of a Pit Bull = the other evening she was hit by a hit and run driver while out walking with one of the kids. The person who did just drove off and didnt even stop to see if she was ok.. It was touch and go for a while at the Vet he didnt think that he could save her, thought she was going to have a heart attack. Thank God that our Vet is one exceptional and caring person he helped her through the trauma. I am happy to say that she is home now resting, still a bit sore but she is on the mend.

      • Monica says:

        Totally awesome! I am so ieipsrnd to get motivated and chunk out our old cracked patio. Your backyard really turned out great, and is a perfect oasis for you and SW. BTW, we ended up booking our snorkel adventure with SeaQuest for this upcoming Monday, per your recommendation. We decided to go for the longer trip 5 hours to 3 spots. We can’t wait to finally get to Kona on Friday to start our adventure. Thanks for posting the finished’ photo.

  12. Maggie says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem.

  13. Davila says:

    I’m afraid that the Pit bull requires a exclusive sort of owner…these pet dogs, no matter how ‘adoring’ still have teeth, are nevertheless animals with no moral concepts and if they DO bite, won’t let go. As in all animals…some tend to be much more suseptable to instinctual behavior and time and time once again, this breed tends to do just that.

    • Tracie says:

      Well Davila, I do agree that Pit Bulls do require an exclusive sort of owmer. An owner that understands love and loyalty. I also agree they have teeth, but in case you missed it all breeds of dogs have teeth.

    • Leah says:

      What were You BREAD for? What did your history reveal? Were your ansestors as ignorant as you? You should research the history of the pitbull that was always bread to fight… they were much more.. ones capability should not be judged that way..if I’m black and tall in flint MI..does that make me a murderer or rapist? No I’m white..I’m a professional that if I was working in my field of Nursing..you shurly wouldn’t want me to judge you before I came near you to help..that would make me a monster

  14. Susie says:

    That poem is awesome. NOBODY should have any say as to what breed should be banned. I have rescued close to 100 Pits and Pit mixes in my life and will continue to do so.

  15. mike slagle says:

    What a joy to read such input! keep up the movement for their sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kila and ozone…..we love you and will never 4get you…….spot is in good hands……tissue please.

  16. CATHY says:


  17. KYLE says:


  18. MaRiVeL says:

    I have been touched by these poems for my babies and from our babies. GOD, has blessed us with these babies and nobody can stop GOD!!!! For those who go against him are never gonna make it to the pearly white gates. Murder is one of the ten commandments. How dare the government try to lead this world and forgot where they came from.( we come from the same place our pitbulls come from) I love my four babies and always will. Including all of my fallen babies. They speak to us with their hearts.

  19. Mary says:

    This made me cry, and think abut my pit bull Cindy. She is so amazing and a wonderful pet. She loves anyone! These dogs are misunderstood! I’m sure the editors of all those news reports haven’t owned a Pitbull to understand thier love and loyalty!

  20. jen says:

    People tend to always want to make known all the bad things with pit bulls but never the good… It’s a shame because they also do good tings also quite often it’s just people aren’t as willing to shae those things we recently had our house burn to the ground and if our pit bull hadnot been there then my fiance’ would of never made it out our blue pit bull came back to him 5 times until he led him out of the house WOW talk about a loyal dog that is it.

  21. Cheyenne Pulliam says:

    Its so sad that animals are treated like that. I had a dog once and we had to sell it because we couldn’t afford to keep it. Later I learned that is was killed because the person that we had given Porky to, had gotten tired of the dog’s whining for his former family and shot him. I miss him and can’t believe someone would do that.

    *Let the records show Porky was a Pit Bull*

  22. Diesel the Pit says:

    omg who would do that? they shot one of my friends 🙁 R.I.P porky. i dont understand why people are so afraid of us. we are what the bad humans make us. none of its our faults REFUSE PITBULL BREED BANNING!!!! please? we would die for you and would like you to do this one thing for our breed

  23. josh says:

    Thank you for postin this poem, i own three pitbulls myself and dont understand why people hate or fear the breed when all they want to do is love and bathe u with kisses, when i get home from work they are the first to greet me, i love them with all my heart n wish people would look past the negetivity that irresponsilble owners have caused for the breed and see how much love and loyalty they really have inside of them, SAW, CHOOGIE BOY, N BOSSY (my dogs-kids) as well as myself

    Thank you,

  24. Pits says:

    I LOVE that poem ignacio it made me cry i also love the one that started this 😀 my sister owns 2 pit bulls and i love them 🙂 when i was younger i was scared of the oldest one because it looked scary but now that i am older i relize that i love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. ~!~Kaite Bug~!~ says:

    In the 70’s they blamed the Dobermans, in the 80’s they blamed the German Sherpherds in the 90’s they blamed the Rottweiler, now they blame the Pit Bull…..


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