Dog Book Review: Caline Conspiracy Offers Entertainment, Mystery to Readers & Dog Lovers

In a society where it seems dogs are like humans and humans are like dogs… where canines are “calines…” a thoughtful murder mystery begins and will have your tongue and tail wagging the whole way through its 203 pages.

Calines are the supposed perfect pet. They’ve been genetically engineered to be everything a pet owner would want; smarter than a border collie, as frisky and spirited as an otter, as graceful as a cat. They are, quite simply, the ideal mix of all animals and have the brains and brawn to prove it.

But there’s a chance that one of them could be a murderer.

The world is stunned and near speechless when a famed geneticist is slayed, and his own pet caline, Madeline, is the main suspect. Is this an isolated case, a flaw in the calines’ design? Or is it something more? The widow of the geneticist doesn’t believe her darling could kill, and hires Private Investigator Aidra Scott to prove Madeline’s innocence.

The PI reminds me of the Chet and Bernie dog and PI mysteries a la Spencer Quinn in a way that’s she’s so smart – plus there’s fantastic writing throughout The Caline Conspiracy just like a Quinn novel. Just as suspenseful, too.

Anyhow, Ms. Scott wants nothing to do with animals… She lost her cherished Doberman and was so hurt and full of grief for so long that she swore off pet ownership for the rest of her life. But the more she investigates, the more Ms. Scott becomes convinced an innocent caline is being framed.

And murder is only the beginning of the conspiracy…

The technological & political “novelties” in this story are not totally unnerving; they’re advanced – made to make a point. The Caline Conspiracy is written with twists and turns by two clearly talented people, Margaret Yang and Harry Campion, writing together as MH Mead. With its ultramodern and political themes, The Caline Conspiracy was engaging and I got lost in the story line ASAP. The uncommon two-author team has a good thing going as the writing is superior and delightfully free of mistakes.

The Caline Conspiracy is apparently the second book in the series, but with zero knowledge of the prior one I still found it easy to understand and quite enchanting.

I enjoyed The Caline Conspiracy; the perficats scene on its own is “worth the price of admission,” another review said and I must agree — and the sinister revelation manages to lend enough weight to the final chapters to offer readers fulfillment.

I highly recommend The Caline Conspiracy to mystery lovers, futuristic novella lovers, dog lovers and animal fans.

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