Contest Entries Thus Far

So I wanted to start sharing some of the contest entries I’ve been getting for the October cat toy giveaway. Some of the pictures I’ve gotten are simply adorable! Here is just a handful of them (more to come next week). If you want to enter your cat in the contest, email your best cat pictures to me at

This is Bob, the 18-pound Manx cat from my friend Sharon at Chasing Squirrels with Rusty. I’m pretty sure this cat is twice the size of sweet little Rusty! I LOVE this picture because number 1, I LOVE fat cats, and number 2, I also have a pudgy cat who loves to squeeze into boxes smaller than he is, and I think it is so funny.

Bob the 18-Pounder

Bob the 18-Pounder

Next up we have another big sweetie, the always-precious Daisy the Curly Cat. I LOVE Daisy (I visit her blog regularly also) because she is the epitome of feminine feline: frisky, playful, curious, sweet, loving, and totally in control. Daisy is always so good when her Mommie dresses her up, and I can never handle how good she is at posing for pictures. It’s simply amazing how tame she is! Here is a sweet picture of little Daisy:

Daisy the Curly Cat

Daisy the Curly Cat

Finally today, we have a photo contest entry from our other good friend Mr. Hendrix. We adore Hendrix because he is sassy, sweet, and smart and sometimes snarky. We also have a special place in our hearts for black cats because of our little love, Sasha. Hendrix’s blog posts always make us laugh out loud. Here is a great picture of Mr. Hendrix watching TV. (We can’t believe he watches TV, we think it’s hilarious!) His beans bought him a “cat sitter video!”

Hendrix Watching TV

Hendrix Watching TV

I’ll be back next week with some reader entries. Stay tuned!

8 Responses to “Contest Entries Thus Far”

  1. Lynn says:

    All those pictures are adorable! How do you decide who wins out of those? It would be a tough call!

  2. Thanks for including my picture! I think the reason I do not mind posing is because I get treats during my modeling session.

  3. What cute photos! Bob is handsome and looks comfy.

    Daisy looks dainty and pretty, as always.

    And Mr. Hendrix? He sure looks enthralled. Must be a good video.

  4. AnimalLuvr says:

    These are so cute! Im going to have to go visit all these blogs now to see more pictures!

  5. Rusty says:

    Well, it looks as if Bob is up against some pretty strong compitation! They are all cute!


  6. Jesse says:

    Wow, how do you decide who wins? They are all SO cute and handsome!

  7. Hendrix says:

    that is such a great picture of Bob. boxes are so fun! I joined the Chasing Squirrels group with Rusty.

    Daisy always looks so pretty. Mommy wishes I would pose better for her. but no way!

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