CNN Investigation Into SPCA International

Posted on July 20th, 2012 in Animal Welfare, International Animal Welfare

I want to bring to your attention a CNN Investigation into the non-profit organization SPCA International.

We’ve all heard of them. In fact, I just posted about the MSPCA in Mauritius two weeks ago and the horrors that are going on there.

I’m not quite sure what the hell is wrong with these international SPCA groups but they are nothing like the ASPCA that we know and love here in the USA.

Last month, CNN Anderson Cooper 360 reported on SPCA International and uncovered that the non-profit misrepresented one of its programs called “Baghdad Pups” on its tax filings and millions of dollars are unaccounted for.

Recently, CNN filed another story, this time focused on SPCA International employee and former Noah’s Wish president Terri Crisp.

That story may be viewed here:

In 2007, Terri Crisp made headlines when she was fired from Noah’s Wish, a non-profit she founded. Crisp and Noah’s Wish raised $8 million during Katrina.

The California Attorney General’s office investigated the non-profit for misuse of funds raised during Katrina and settled the case against Noah’s Wish in 2007.The AG stipulated that $4M of the $8M raised go back to the state of Louisiana where donors had intended for the funds to be used.

Additionally, the founder of the non-profit, Terri Crisp, was fired from the organization and the settlement agreement was banned from having a fiduciary role with another non-profit for a period of five years.

This is the settlement agreement with Noah’s Wish:

According to the CNN story, Ms. Crisp is once again being looked at by the California Attorney General’s office. SPCA International is also being investigated.

Millions of Americans love animals and there are so many good organizations helping to make a difference. It’s sad to see such corruption.

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