5 Important Considerations When Choosing A Kennel Or Cattery

We all love our dogs and cats, but everyone needs a holiday now and then. Of course there’s the option of leaving Snuggles the cat or Rover the dog with your aunt Julie, but that isn’t usually ideal. Boarding kennels and catteries are the port of call for thousands of pet owners nationwide who fancy a bit of variation on the holiday scene.

Outlined below are 5 tips to take into account when selecting the right place to accommodate your pet.

Make an appointment to visit in advance

Making the effort to visit each individual boarding facility before you go away is always important. Quality really does vary hugely, with some companies offering only cage facilities and falsely advertising perks, to others including snazzy doggy treatments such as hydrotherapy. Get a feel for the place and the people that work there – many facilities let the animals run wild or over feed them – you don’t want to return home to an unruly dog!

Ask about exercise arrangements

Exercise is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. Improved circulation gained through taking part in aerobic exercise can have untold benefits for your pets body. In addition, exercise is also widely considered to be an effective preventative measure against heart and joint conditions in animals, as cardiovascular fitness can quicken recovery and aid the speed of blood clotting when external injuries occur.

Bed time – separate sleeping quarter?

Although not essential, having a separate sleeping and living quarter to a kennel for your pet can be hugely beneficial as conditions are less cramped and allow much more freedom. Also, it’s a good idea to check whether the boarding provider allows owners to supply their own basket/bedding so that your pet can feel more at home.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner…No?

A pet’s dietary requirements can vary significantly between breeds and of course species. If your animal requires daily medication then be sure that the staff members are trained to administer it. Also, you should be allowed to specify the feeding time of your pet, whether that is one, two or three meals a day. Most companies offering boarding services will ask whether the owner wishes to provide their own food if their pet is particularly fussy.  However, if this option isn’t available in your local boarding kennel then it’s not something to worry too much about – just inquire as to the food used and make take things from there.


Whilst away, you are leaving your animal in the hands of a stranger. Therefore one of the most important points which we should stress is that the kennels which you select are comprehensively insured against Veterinarian bills in the case of any mishap. Accidents in kennels are exceedingly rare, as violent animals are usually kept away from the more docile animals, but they can happen. So make sure that there is a vet onsite, or an existing arrangement in place with a local one that can respond quickly to emergencies.


Article is provided courtesy of mypetstop, who have boarding kennels throughout the UK, including Leeds, Manchester and Sunderland. 

6 Responses to “5 Important Considerations When Choosing A Kennel Or Cattery”

  1. We have a pet sitter to avoid the stress of staying in a strange place.

  2. I want to play in the POOL!!!!


  3. jessica says:

    We too use a pet sitter 🙂 We have one friend that both of our dogs and cats love. He is like the best and pet sits, house sits, brings in the mail, and waters the plants when we are gone and his only fee is a fridge stocked with all his favorites 🙂

  4. kittyluv says:

    Nice tips! my cousin has always been our pet sitter whenever we have to go on travel.

  5. Roger J. says:

    I sure wish I had have known about pet insurance ten years ago. My Shepherd ate something she wasn’t suppose to and I had to rush her to the vet. Well considering it was at night that would cost more. You all know the out come $1200.00 later I was told that she would pull through but would have to be on a special diet for the rest of her life yes more money. I now urge everyone to get pet insurance it could mean the difference between life or death for your beloved pet.

  6. Vugar says:

    well brands like puirna and iams have diet food i would look in to that b/c i have diest food for my cats but it isnt really helping i thinks it b/c they eat to much hope i helped

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