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Happy Holidays 2015 Doggie Gift Guide – the Ultimate Dog Holiday Guide (for Their Persons, too!)

Posted on December 9th, 2015

Hi all!

Holiday Dog Gift Guide

Studious Howard helping me write reviews…! BOL!

It’s that time of year…The time where we spend countless hard-earned dollars on our furry friends at home for the holidays – oh yeah – and their persons, too!

Considering that in 2014, $58.04 billion was spent on pets in the U.S., I thought you guys could use a heads-up as to some of the newer, more original dog products and supplies out there this giving season. So we studied very hard (you’ll notice Howard’s studious face in the pic above!) to compile you a handy gift guide with some of our favorite dog products from the past few months. 

From yummy dog treats to grooming necessities and cleaning products that actually work, here’s the best of the best in pet dog products for the holidays this year.

Here’s a handy T4P 2015 Doggie Holiday Gift Guide PDF so I can avoid taking three hours to post graphics and copy here and you can avoid having to maneuver my annoying wide sidebars! XO! Happy Holidays to you and yours! 

New Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats: American-Made, Meaty Goodies for Pooches

Posted on October 22nd, 2015
*All opinions herein are of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats, and the Administrator received a trial product. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

Cricket rarely savors the flavor of his dog treats. When he gets them after a walk or a potty-break, he chews them right up in the laundry room where he receives them before resuming normal activity.

Not so with new Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats…!

Nudges dog treats

Jiminy Cricket smiles then freaks out for Nudges dog treats.

Cricket anxiously runs to his favorite spot in the family room with the generously sized Nudges® Sizzlers in jaws, a bit of drool hanging from his jowls in anticipation of what’s to come. He then takes his precious time chewing through the Sizzlers Chicken Bacon variety that the brand sent to us for review recently. And as he chews, I can just tell by his face and his gentle bites that he is thoroughly enjoying the treat.

He then proceeds to freak out with excitement. We assume this is because he enjoys the treats so much. He will fling himself around from room to room throwing toys in the air, chasing his tail or ball, and sounding like a bull in a china shop because he gets so pumped up from the Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats. It’s absolutely one of my new favorite rituals to do with him after walk time. (Yes, I realize a dog is supposed to calm down after a walk – not so with Cricky. And not so with these paw-some meaty dog treats that make him bonkers.)

But it’s no wonder that Crick loves them so much.New dog treats

New Nudges® Wholesome Dog Treats are made from proteins that are 100% sourced (and raised) right here in the USA. The tender, all-natural treats contain real farm-raised meats with beef, chicken or duck as the #1 ingredient. They’re made from natural ingredients and have no artifical preservatives – just the good stuff that dogs like Cricket appreciate, need and love. And apparently savor, too. And go bonkers for – and from. They’re grain-free, too, although some varieties contain ground rice.

Right now you can save $1.50 on a bag when you print this coupon from the site!

So obviously, overall, I highly recommend, and Cricket gives four paws up to and a happily drooling assessment of Nudges® Sizzlers, the big and tasty, mighty, meaty dog treats. I’ll also mention that this is actually a new dog treat that I will seek out and purchase either at the pet store or online because Cricket loves them so much.

For further details or to follow this new brand for updates and more, check out their Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages, or go to

Purina® Debuts Tasty New Waggin’ Train® Dog Treats; Win a Prize Package!

Posted on September 30th, 2015

Let Your Pooches Relish in the New Delightful Varieties from the Pet-People at Purina®

Real Meat and Chicken Jerky Create the Ultimate in Adult Dog Snacks

Dog Treat Giveaway for Three Lucky Readers

The Purina® Waggin’ Train® brand recently introduced three new jerky treat varieties for dog owners – Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Minis, Waggin’ Train Waggin Train LogoHomestyle Chicken Jerky Tenders, and Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Curls. We test-drove these puppies thanks to samples from the brand and boy did the Basset boys and canine Cricket savor the flavors! (Cricket decided to baste his first one to death, only finally biting into it after he licked it to really appreciate the delicious chicken flavor for nearly 10 minutes!)

Waggin’ Train’s new selections are real meat chicken jerky dog treats that are made with simple, high-quality ingredients. Did you all know that there’s consumer demand for more variety in satisfying dog treats that are properly priced and simply created? Yep. They did the research…So thanks Waggin’ Train for filing the gap! The new Waggin’ Train dog snacks are made with only the highest-quality ingredients and Purina uses perfectionist-style safety protocols; in addition, they’re reasonably priced, something I wasn’t expecting to be honest. For a 3-ounce package, you’ll find them from $3.49-$3.99. For the bigger 11-ounce bag, you’ll shell out less than $12. Remember, when fed according to the feeding guidelines on the back of each bag (which take your dog’s weight into consideration), your dog will get his worth as the bags will last quite a while.

Waggin Train Dog Treats

The New Varieties of Waggin’ Train Dog Treats

Curious at all? Well Cricket and the Basset brothers enjoyed all three new flavors and here is my breakdown as well as their opinions. Read on for the lowdown, so to speak (bark?), on these fantastically flavorful chicken jerky dog treats:

Waggin’ Train Jerky Minis – Made with just two simple ingredients! No way, Jose – cool! These paw-some pooch perfections are made with real white meat chicken and no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives are added. They’re also sliced in fun-size pieces, perfect for little to medium sized dogs.

Franklin Lamar Smith’s perspective: I may be slow and low, and I may have feeding issues, but wow, this is the bestest jerky treat Mom or Aunt Jaime has ever given me. I took it outside and just watched it for a while; then I licked it three times and turned it all around, then I devoured it with gusto. I love these Basset-sized Waggin’ Train Jerky Minis and that’s sayin’ a lot; I am a very picky eater and often won’t even take any treats at all (especially if they are guilt-treats because my mother or Aunt Jaime has to leave the house). BTW, these are the ideal size for smaller to medium dogs like Bichon and Basset (of normal size, not under-tall like me), etc.!

Waggin’ Train Homestyle Chicken Jerky Tenders – Made with real chicken that is slow-cooked and then covered in mini jerky bits of chicken so the dog treat is both crunchy and chewy. Neato! Again, these bad boys are made with real white meat chicken and no added artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Cricket’s opinion: Perfect for bigger dogs, these meaty and chewy treats last me longer than most chew snacks. I like the aroma and enjoy savoring the flavors. I think I should get at least three more Waggin’ Train Homestyle Chicken Jerky Tenders a day! The best part? It’s like chicken times two! Whose brill idea was that? (I am an English Cream Golden Retriever so I can say “brill!” BOL!)

Waggin Train New Dog Treats

Cricket Inspects the Packages… BOL!

Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Curls – These 100% real treats are also made with just two simple ingredients and are then twisted into fun shapes that you can toss, flip or toss for fetch to your dog’s heart’s content! No artificial flavors or preservatives.

Boom-Boom’s basis for blessing: Perfect for medium to large dogs, these robust doggie treats are ideal for stubborn Bassets like me because they are chewy and delicious, fulfilling my chewing needs (I drool a lot after I finish one, too! Yummo!)! I like treats that take me a bit to get through – more than I like treats that I can devour and swallow whole. That’s why these are perfect!

*It’s a GIVEAWAY! Win Your Own Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Dog Treats!*

The fine folks at Purina have offered me the opportunity to do a wonderful giveaway with my readers here! If you’d like to be entered to win three free bags of the new Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, please enter by doing the following:

  1. Leave me a comment on this post telling me about your dog(s) and why you want to try the new Waggin’ Train treats. (Creativity is a plus on this one…)
  2. Tweet this post and please tag @ThoughtsFurPaws and use hashtag #WagginTreats
  3. Three winners will be chosen at random by Administrators and announced on Friday, October 9th at noon.
  4. Winners will be notified via email and Twitter; please do not use a fake email or spam Twitter account when commenting. You will be disqualified.
  5. Approximate value of prize package is $40.

Real Dogs. Real Treats.

For more information on or to interact with this awesome brand, visit Waggin’ Train on Twitter or check out the Waggin’ Train Facebook page.

*All opinions herein are of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with Nestle Purina Pet Care, and the Administrator received trial product. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

Plato Pet Treats Launches “Plato Wags Back” Program to Support Homeless Dogs & Veterans

Posted on July 18th, 2015

Program Provides Treats & Financial Assistance to Rescues & Adoption Centers Throughout U.S.

As part of its mission to provide health and safety for dogs through nutrition, California-based wholesome dog treat maker Plato Pet Treats announced its first-ever Plato Wags Back program recently.

Now this is cool…Plato Wags Back

With the purchase of a bag of Plato Pet Treats, Plato will provide meaningful financial and product donations to rescues and shelters across the U.S. to help ensure that dogs are treated with love until they find their forever home. Additionally, throughout 2015, Plato Wags Back will directly aid three California rescue-based organizations – Shelter to Soldier, Fresno Bully Rescue and – that either feed and care for homeless dogs or help enhance the lives of veterans who need assistance animals.

Plato Wags Back’s mission is to champion the love and bond between dogs and people by treating every dog with kindness while enabling them to live a safe and healthy life. To make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs, supporters can participate in the program in the following ways:

-With the purchase of Plato Pet Treats, a donation will be made to animal rescues.

-Through Dec. 31, 2015, for every new Like on the Plato Pet Treats Facebook page, $1 will be donated to support veterans post deployment. Follow the page to learn about other ways to help homeless animals.

There are close to 7 million homeless pets in the U.S., with nearly 2.7 million animals likely to be euthanized this year alone. Compelled by these staggering statistics, Plato Pet Treats formalized Plato Wags Back to encourage Americans to help homeless pets and consider adoption.

Aaron Merrill, co-founder of Plato, with a female employee and canine friend!

Aaron Merrill, co-founder of Plato, with a female employee and canine friend!

“Dogs give us so much love and we want to return that love to dogs who need it most,” said Aaron Merrell, co-founder and co-owner of Plato Pet Treats. “From sponsoring dog runs to adopting our first “Plato” canine to be trained as a service companion for a U.S. veteran, we are ecstatic to provide a voice to homeless animals through Plato Wags Back. Our goal is to continue to grow our program year over year to make a significant impact on the pet homelessness epidemic in our country.”

Plato Wags Back Partner Organizations

Shelter to Solider – A non-profit organization that rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be psychiatric service companions for wounded combat veterans. Every 63 minutes a U.S. veteran commits suicide and every 11 seconds an animal is euthanized. Shelter to Soldier works to aid and partner together two- and four-legged friends. Through the Wags Back program, Plato will fund the complete training of one dog (named Plato) at the San Diego-based training school. In addition, every Shelter to Soldier dog adopted will go home with wholesome, all natural Plato treats.

Fresno Bully Rescue (FBR) – A volunteer-based, non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing Bully breed dogs in the Central Valley of Calif. Because of foreclosures in the state, an overwhelming amount of dogs are being surrendered and Bully breeds are typically the first to be euthanized if no one adopts or rescues them. Plato Wags Back will support FBR’s spay and neuter program. – An organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Labrador retrievers and their “friends” in the greater Los Angeles area. The group’s goal is to find the right family for every animal they rescue by providing education and compassion. is run completely by volunteers, so all donations go toward helping animals in need. Plato Wags Back will be sponsoring one of the Lab runs located at Best Friends Animal Society’s NKLA Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles.

For more information on Plato Wags Back, visit or

About Plato Pet Treats

To meet the need for a truly healthy and safe treat alternative for dogs, Plato Pet Treats formulated a series of all-natural treats and supplements, including Plato Pet Treats Small Bites®, Plato Pet Treats Real Strips®, Plato Pet Treats Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil® and Plato Pet Treats Thinker Sticks®. Family-owned and -operated, all Plato Pet Treats are slow-roasted in-house in Fresno, Calif. Unlike most pet treats, each ingredient can be traced back to its original source. Only fresh vegetables and meat ingredients are baked in the organic-certified facility – the Plato Way.

More information on the entire Plato Pet Treat product line can be found at or

illustration copy

illustration copy

Bengal Babies Break in Temptations Snacky Mouse™ Cat Treat Toy

Posted on June 10th, 2015

No Holds Barred as Bengal Buddies Beat the Treats out of Their New Fave Cat Toy

It’s round. It rolls. It has holes. It has treats. Hmmmnn.Temptations-SnackyMouse

So it’s ‘rollable,’ things fall out of those holes, and those things happen to be Temptations® cat treats???

As they say in the LEGO® movie, “Everything is awesome!”

This is kitten heaven – are you kidding me?

What the heck am I talking about? Well Mars Petcare’s Temptations® brand, known for the treats that cats simply cannot resist (and those hilarious cat commercials), recently introduced a new, first-of-its-kind cat toy, the Temptations® Snacky Mouse™.

Snacky Mouse™ gives kitties an interactive, bottom-weighted, mouse-shaped wobble toy designed to dispense tantalizing Temptations cat treats. The kitties I tested this awesome new cat toy on went crazy batting, bobbling, jumping, pouncing, hiding, preying upon/spying, and playing with the Snacky Mouse™.

Nala Knocks Around the Snacky Mouse cat treat toy.

Nala Knocks Around the Snacky Mouse cat treat toy.

I tried out my gratis* Temptations® Snacky Mouse™ on Simba and Nala, the 4-month old Bengal kittens that I cat-sit (they’re my best friends’ kid-cats so I am Aunt Jaime). These guys had a blast for over an hour straight batting at the thing like a heavy bag trying to get the treats out, biting it to see if that would work, rolling it, which did work, and just frolicking in general with the enjoyable bottom-weighted toy. At one point, Simba (the bigger Bengal of the two) grabbed the whimsical Snacky Mouse™ by the nose and walked right out of the room with it as if to say, “This is mine now!” HA!

The only fault we found in the mouse toy is that it just might have been a bit too easy for the kittens to get the treats out, so you might want to consider that before you load it up depending on how many cats are partaking! (Then again, these are extremely intelligent and intuitive purebred Bengal kittens so that might be sayin’ somethin’ too!)

Further bringing to life the classic cat and mouse tale, the Temptations® brand released a video online of live action cat-boxing, MOL! You should really check this out if you have a minute…No really, it’s cats boxing against animated opponents, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Simba, Nala and older brother Apollo play with the Temptations cat toy.

Simba, Nala and older brother Apollo play with the Temptations cat toy.

For more deets or product information on the Temptations® Snacky Mouse™ Toy, or if you’re thinking of getting one for those fuzzy felines in your household, head on over to

The Temptations Snacky Mouse™ Toy comes with a 0.42 oz. pack of irresistible TEMPTATIONS® cat treats in Tasty Chicken Flavor. The Snacky Mouse™ Toy is available nationwide at mass retail, grocery and pet stores for an MSRP of $6.

Simba and Nala give the Snacky Mouse four paws up (Simba still has a penchant for carrying it around in his mouth, MOL!); and I give it an A+ all around!


*All opinions herein are those of the Administrator, JL Smith, and her best friends’ Bengal cats, Simba and Nala. This post was written in conjunction with Temptations®, and the Administrator was compensated with trial product. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.