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Let’s Name February 13th #ValentinesforDogs Day

Posted on February 12th, 2015

Special Dog Treats, Doggie Valentine Cards and More from Big Heart Pet Brands Will Make an Extra Special Heart-Filled Holiday for You & Your Pooch

Psst, hey you! You with the heart-shaped basket chockfull o’ Valentine gifts and cards – I have an idea for you!

Big Heart Pet Brands, the dog-lovers and canine-connoisseurs behind other big brands including Milk-Bone™, Pup-Peroni®, Milo’s Kitchen® and Canine Carryouts®, has some special things in store for you and your pooch this happy heart day.

First of all, let’s all declare tomorrow, February 13th, Valentine’s for Dogs Day! Why? Because we all love our dogs more than life and because our cute canines deserve all the affection in the world (every day actually) on this special day devoted to all things love.

You can even send a doggie Valentine card with BHPB’s #ValentinesforDogs! Why not include your dogs in special occasions and share a special moment with them? After all, Valentine’s treats and cards are not only for people, but also for our beloved pets!

Now check out the cool dog Valentine infographic. It tells you the five ways you can have a dog-loving Valentine’s Day; how to print out and personalize your

Extracted from main Big Heart Pet Brands doggie Valentines infographic.

Extracted from main Big Heart Pet Brands doggie Valentines infographic.

own dog Valentine cards (they are really cool – you can insert a Milk-Bone or other BHPB dog treat into them!); how dogs help enhance our daily lives (not a tough one to answer for me), and lots more.

The doggy Valentines are especially cool if you ask me. And it’s simple to use them. All you do is print and cut out your chosen cards, insert a special dog treat, hand the special doggy Valentines to all the special pooches in your life, and finally, share your #ValentinesforDogs photos and moments on Twitter and Instagram!

It’s never been easier to say “I Love You” than it is now –canine-style!

Valentine’s Day Goes to the Dogs: Dog Basket Giveaway + Fun Survey!

Posted on February 1st, 2015

Plato Pet Treats National Survey Rates Celebrity Dogs, Measures Dog Owner Gift-Giving

Okay, so I have a serious question for all of you dog-lovers out there: are you getting Brutus or Buffy a Valentine treat or gift? If so, what? Have you thought about it? Do you ever wonder if you are going overboard? Do you ever go overboard? (BOL – silly question to be asking you guys, he he!)

I don’t wonder – I just go. And yes, I am getting my sweet yet wily Cricket a few Valentine’s dog treats actually… lucky dog. (Stick with me – I have a point, I promise.)

A recent national survey* conducted by Plato Pet Treats concluded that, among American dog owners, almost half polled plan to give their dog a treat this Valentine’s Day.  So I want to poll you guys (check the poll on left sidebar or leave me a comment): I want to know if you’re giving a Valentine dog treat this year, and I want to know where we, as humble and intelligent pet-lovers and blog-readers, stand up against other pet-lovers that are in the national survey that Plato did! So answer away please! (More details below under “Contest.”)

This national poll, conducted in end of January this year, found all sorts of interesting facts, in fact. Overall, 47 percent of Americans with dogs plan to gift their four-legged friend a treat for Valentine’s Day. This figure increases for dog owners ages 18-34 where six in 10 will get their dog a treat.

Plato Pet TreatsAnd what do dog owners think their pets want the most this Valentine’s Day? Treats, of course! Responses reveal that 62 percent of American dog owners think a treat would top their pup’s wish list this Valentine’s Day if they could ask for a gift!

In addition to treats, dog owners shared which celebrity’s dog their pooch would have a crush on (if they were to have a crush on a celebrity’s dog of course). Among female dog owners ages 18-34, Bradley Cooper’s dog, Charlotte, gets the top spot with one in five females ages 18-34 (22 percent), while close behind is Dali, Hugh Jackman’s dog (18 percent). Rounding out the pack among female dog owners ages 18-34 is Lupo, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog (11 percent).

“Americans truly love their dogs, and what better way to show that love than with a treat?” said Aaron Merrell, co-founder and co-owner of Plato Pet Treats. “The act of giving a treat allows us to give something special back to our pets as a reward, an act of love or simply just because. Our dogs treat us every day; let’s treat them in return with the best treats possible.”

Plato Pet Treats was founded on the premise that dogs are family members and pet parents should feel good about what they give their dogs. Because of this philosophy, Plato treats ensures all treats are “wag worthy” – made only with natural ingredients. All treats are slow-baked in-house, unlike other treats that are loaded with fillers and packed with calories, sugar, molasses, maple syrup, corn or wheat. Each Plato Pet ingredient can be traced back to its original source. And, dogs love the taste of Plato!

(Check out Plato Pet Treats’ animal charity/welfare efforts here – pretty neat stuff this company does to give back to our furry friends I gotta tell ya’…)

Plato Pet Treats: Love in Treat Form


Plato Pet Treats “Made with Love” Survey Bites

The responsibly sourced pet treat maker piloted this national survey to reveal the love and devotion that pet parents have for their dogs. Highlights include:


  • Paws Up for the Northeast – Dogs in the Northeast are some of the luckiest since that region topped the list with 54 percent of dog owners planning to gift a treat.
  • What Dogs Would Really Want – While treats top the list for what pet parents think their dogs would want more for Valentine’s Day (62 percent), a toy comes in second with 17 percent, and in third is a tie between a trip to the groomer (4 percent) or a dog bed (4 percent).
  • Hollywood’s “Hot” Dogs – When asked which celebrity pooch their dog would have a crush on, respondents ages 18-34 (19 percent) said their dog’s first choice would be Bradley Cooper’s dog, Charlotte, whereas Americans 65 and older said Anne Hathaway’s adorable dog, Edward, would capture the heart of their pup.

*Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Plato Pet Treats from Jan. 9-13, 2015 among 3,006 adults ages 18 and older with 1,386 dog owners. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact blog administrator.


So to celebrate this season of love, and Plato Pet Treats are giving away one major doggie-themed prize basket to a lucky winner!

To enter, I would like for you to not only share this post on Twitter (please tag @ThoughtsFurPaws), but also, please tell me in the comments the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done for your dog as a gift, OR tell me what your outrageous Valentine’s Day plans are for your pet this year! I will choose one lucky winner to get a Plato Pet Treat Basket filled to the brim with wholesome canine goodness and goodies!


You may enter as soon as you see this post appear on the blog; entries will be accepted until Sunday, February 8th at 6 pm EST. Please note, it is absolutely necessary to leave a valid comment (which means a real name and email address) in order to be considered for the drawing. Winner will be announced Monday, February 9th via email. US residents only please.

More information on the Plato Pet Treat product line can be found at or

Temptations® Cat Treats Launches #PackAttack: Real Cats, Real Treats, Real Videos, Real Fun!

Posted on January 23rd, 2015

User-Generated Content Inspires Cat Video Campaign; Users Encouraged to Submit Their Own #PackAttack Temptations® Video

How many of us absolutely adore the antics of our furry felines? How many of us get a total kick out of said feline furballs flying and flinging themselves around the house after toys, nip and treats? (Raise your hand. Mine are both up.)

Right – exactly.

So leave it to that Temptations Logotantalizing and tasty kitty-cat treat brand, Temptations® to share with us an awesomely enjoyable and ultimately enterable video campaign, the #PackAttack. They’re hoping to convey and emote just how humorous, cute, endearing, etc. it is that our kittehs will go to any lengths for their fave treats…

Temptations® brand started #PackAttack because they noticed a pattern of user-generated photos and videos of undeniably destroyed packs of cat treats uploaded by consumers. (MOL, MOL) Inspired by these stories of real cats going to extremes to tear into packs of delicious treats, Temptations® launched #PackAttack, which showcases this real cat behavior that’s been entertaining us for years– and encourages consumers to share their own #PackAttack experiences. So just how far will your cats go to get to those tantalizing scrumptious treats? (I know my Mad Max will actually open the pantry door, abscond with the bag, and drag it out of the kitchen into privacy if its within reach, MOL.)



Here’s the original #PackAttack video:

This funny cat video, comprised of user-generated videos, is evidence (like we really needed it…) that our sweet kittehs just can’t keep their pitter-pattering paws (or, more appropriately, their teeth) off of Temptations®; you can see all sorts of cats of all ages on the video tearing up the treat packages to pieces, ripping them to shreds, dragging them around, sniffing and pawing intently and more! It’s very amusing!

The #PackAttack campaign definitely demonstrates the irresistibility of Temptations® cat treats, of which I was already acutely aware, thank you very much Maxwell Anderson Smith (and Sasha, too!).  In addition to the finished video cut, a reel of the making-of the video highlights real cats’ indisputable affection for the treats and demonstrates what happens when cats are introduced to Temptations® treats, proven by the oh-so-many visuals of torn-open treat packages.

And guess what? The Temptations® brand wants to keep hearing from genuine, real-world cat lovers about their #PackAttack experiences! Brand fans and cat-lovers are encouraged to share their cat stories, photos or videos on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #PackAttack! If your cat goes to extremes to get his paws on Temptations® treats, join the brand’s campaign by posting your #PackAttack photos!

For more information on Temptations® treats, the #PackAttack campaign or to check out the video, visit

Your Happy, Yappy 2014 Holiday Pet Gift Guide

Posted on December 10th, 2014

Deck Their “Jawls” and Paws with Dog Toys, Cat Treats & Other Jolly Pet Supplies

Of all things holiday on your mind, particularly shopping (but let’s not leave out wrapping, cooking, baking, etc.), sometimes the last “person” to get crossed off that famous holiday gift list is the family pet (or pets). (This is definitely not the case in my house BTW. The pets each get their own sizable box!). Some people choose to spoil their animals during the holiday season, some don’t celebrate, and some do but just don’t overdo it like we do here in the Smith household…  (@#$#! B/MOL) 

So no matter what type of holiday pet shopper and gifter you are, I’ve compiled a pretty darn sweet list of dog Christmas gifts, holiday cat gifts, and holiday-themed pet-lover gifts just for you to make it easier for you to be choosy and safe. From PetSafe® to Kyjen®, I present a thorough and well-rounded pet holiday gift guide for you! Feel free to leave me any feedback in the comments if you wish!

 ThoughtsFurPaws Pet Holiday Gift Guide

Big Heart Pet Brands Offers Big Fall Fun for Pets This Holiday Season

Posted on November 14th, 2014

DIY Pet Projects, Seasonal, Creative Dog Craft Ideas & Videos Help Your Dog Give Thanks


∗Disclosure∗: Post sponsored by lunchbox™, but all opinions herein are those of the Author and Administrator of this blog, JL Smith. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the circulation of misinformation.

I don’t know abou#TreatThePups Dog Treat Gift Ideast you all, but in our fur-baby-run-household, Frankie Fancy-Face is getting on board for his second Thanksgiving (he was only 3 months old his first). And thanks to the kind folks at Walmart, who provide us dog devotees with safe and reliable pet products from Big Heart Pet Brands for #TreatThePups like Milk-Bone™ and more in their stores as well as online, this holiday season will be super furry and fun!

How so?

And what is #TreatThePups?

Dog Treat Gift Ideas

First things first. The first answer will have pet- and craft-lovers everywhere rejoicing – I have some seriously exciting dog craft ideas for Fido, thanks to Big Heart Pet Brands (which, BTW, entirely includes Milk-Bone™, Pup-Peroni® and Milo’s Kitchen®). This tempting and tantalizing trio of treats is ideal for any gifting you might be thinking of doing around this time period of first snows, giving thanks, and enjoying turkey-time and togetherness. BOL! A perfect dog treat basket may be the “Cornucopia of Treats” or the “Thanksgiving Treat Jar” as seen on the Walmart #TreatThePups webpage, or it could include what Frankie and I put together in his basket for Taco, his teeny-tiny doggie best friend who lives across the street. (Sometimes they stare out the windows through the blinds at each other longingly – it’s quite comical!) The homemade dog gift included Frankie’s faves…

Homemade Dog Treat gift

Tie a ribbon around a mason jar of treats with some other special enhancements! Voila!

Taco weighs about 8 pounds soaking wet so we got him itty-bitty things where we could, including the mouth-watering Milk-Bone Mini’s Flavor Snacks®. We also threw in some other must-haves: Milk-Bone Brushing Chews® Daily Dental Treats (these things are imperative for clean canine chompers), Original Beef Flavor Pup-Peroni® ($.50 an ounce = AWESOME!) and finally some Milo’s Kitchen® Chicken Grillers Dog Treats (yummo says Husky boss Frankie Four Paws…). We then took a few of each out of the box and put them into separate jars, then tied different color fall ribbons around the different jars of treats. Now Taco has four treat jars! (Okay, he got two and we gave two to other friends!)

Anyhow, with the amazing and mouth-watering variety of affordable treats available from Big Heart Pet Brands, you can make any dog’s day more worthwhile this Thanksgiving (he may need motivation from all the nap-inducing tryptophan in the turkey, BOL!). Plus, all the pet gift items are quite affordable! So who knows? Crafting tasty treats for special furry friends could turn into a new Thanksgiving/fall holiday tradition for you and your dog! Kinda like making Christmas cookies!

What’s the Deal with #TreatThePups?

Frankie Four-Paws, aka Frankie Fancy-Face or Fancy-Face Frank gives four-paws up to Big Heart Pet Brands and Mishka's video!

Frankie Four-Paws, aka Frankie Fancy-Face or Fancy-Face Frank gives four-paws up to Big Heart Pet Brands and Mishka’s video!

#TreatThePups is like the newest pet related hash tag that you need to pay attention to!  Created to nurture the bond between pets and people, the #TreatThePups page on Walmart offers so much for pets and their peeps. You can find the coolest crafts and all kinds of other ideas and fun content to help you include your pet in festivities this fall. Check it out for seasonal, DIY pet project ideas that are and totally reasonable in both effort and expense. (And, of course, rewarding in love and QT.)

On the #TreatThePups page, you can also watch funny videos (I mean, the Husky, c’mon… how cute can you be?) and read about tips and tricks for pet safety around the totally turkey-mongering holiday coming up (aka Thanksgiving). Personally, I found two articles to be helpful: one on pet manners when company is over and one about why dogs and decorations don’t mix.

P.S. for the hoomans, and a secret pee-mail to our canine companions: Frankie Fancy-Face advises that you absolutely watch the funny Husky video on the #TreatThePups page; it’s super cute and will give you a good chuckle. It’s called “Mishka’s Thanksgiving Day.” And he’s not biased. At all…