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Animal Welfare Org.s Respond To Superstorm Hurricane Sandy; Find Pet Help Post-Sandy

Posted on November 2nd, 2012

Animal welfare organizations around the country have rallied to help lost animals and pets in peril post-Sandy.

From the ASPCA to PetFinder to the North Shore Animal League, you can find valuable information right here on what you can do to help and on where you can find further critical information. If you are looking for more information than what you see here, simply Google the name of the animal welfare charity followed by “Hurricane Sandy” for updates. has put out this lost pet infographic first of all, not specific to Sandy but still very helpful. They also are providing daily updates on shelters in need and how you can help them.

All of Petfinder’s Hurricane Sandy coverage can be seen here. It is thorough, organized, and easy to understand. I encourage you to visit the links above.


The ASPCA is also lending two hands (and multiple feet).

‘Whether you were coping with Hurricane Sandy in your own backyard or simply watching the amazing coverage of the devastation in another part of the US, you know it took lives and caused incomprehensible, incalculable damage along the East Coast. As an animal lover, you may be concerned about pets of evacuees and victims of the storm,” the organization stated earlier this week.

Here’s how the ASPCA is taking action to support pets affected by Sandy and how you can help.

Also from the ASPCA:

All New York City storm shelters allow families to bring pets, and since before the storm the ASPCA has been working closely with them to ensure they have everything they need for the hundreds of animals in their care.
• ASPCA is playing a key role in coordinating animal response efforts in the area, and their responders are keeping animal water-rescue and land-rescue units at the ready to deploy around the region at a moment’s notice.
• With the Animal Planning Task Force, ASPCA has set up a hotline for pet parents who evacuated their homes and left their animals behind to ensure these animals are rescued immediately.
• ASPCA distribution center in Syracuse, NY, has enough crates, food, litter and other supplies to serve at least 4,000 animals, and their responders are preparing to deploy them throughout the region.
• ASPCA staff members rode out the storm at work, taking days-long shifts and catching naps on cots, to keep their animals safe, healthy and comfortable. That work continues on through right now.

“Recovery from Superstorm Sandy will be long and arduous. As families who have lost everything begin to put their lives back together, the ASPCA will be there to help them care for their pets. The need is sure to be great,” the ASPCA said.

If you would like to help the ASPCA serve animals, you can donate to the ASPCA now. Your support will provide immediate relief for animals.


The North Shore Animal League (NSAL) America announced on Monday that it would be providing pre-emptive emergency rescue services to several Long Island shelters to ensure the safety of as many animals as possible.

The Animal League’s famed Emergency Response Team was on round-the-clock call throughout the storm, and Mobile Rescue Units are now being used in designated Long Island locations to provide safe havens for dogs and cats.

Animal League America deployed two Mobile Rescue Units to Nassau Community College in Uniondale, NY. The mobile units, which have space for 30-35 animals and have their own power generators, arrived Sunday to house animals whose owners are staying at the emergency shelter set up at Nassau Community College, which does not permit pets inside the facility. The units are stocked with dog and cat food and pet parents are able to visit and walk their animals.

Photo Courtesy NSAL

A second Animal League Mobile Rescue Unit took 35 dogs and cats from Bobbi and the Strays in Freeport. They are currently being housed at Animal League America’s headquarters in Port Washington.


“Our heartfelt sympathies go out to everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Sandy. We are deeply saddened to hear that people lost their lives, and experienced severe damage to their homes and property.

Although Animal League America has been at the forefront of rescue efforts when natural disasters struck around the country, we have never seen such devastation and carnage take place in our own backyard. Over the years, we were on the ground before, during, and after many major hurricanes, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Isaac this past summer, rescuing hundreds of homeless animals and doing everything in our power to reunite them with their families. We were there this summer to rescue animals and support their families during the wildfires that affected so many in Colorado.

These hands-on experiences, though heartbreaking in many ways, have given us the knowledge and expertise to respond at a moment’s notice when tragedy strikes, working tirelessly to provide shelter, food, medical treatment, and any other essential services to keep animals safe. But our rescue efforts for Hurricane Sandy posed many new challenges–and we’re proud to say that every member of the Animal League America staff has risen to the call and not only met but exceeded expectations.

Hundreds of our employees–in fact, virtually our entire staff–were personally affected by this unprecedented storm, losing power, losing homes and property, and sadly, even losing loved ones. But despite their own suffering, they persevered, working as diligently and compassionately as ever to make sure animals at risk were saved.

That’s the level of dedication given every day from our Rescue Associates and Volunteers.”

During this extraordinary, unprecedented event, the nationwide NSAL rescue work is ongoing. They continued to take in animals rescued from partners in rescue in Tennessee. Closer to home, they are also housing animals from Bobby and the Strays, a local rescue group whose shelter is underwater.

They currently have over 650 animals in their care at their shelter in Port Washington, and another 100 animals are safe aboard our Mobile Rescue Units at Mitchel Field. Their Medical Team is providing treatment and comfort to all animals that need attention and special care.

In order to care for so many, the animals in our Mobile Rescue Units will be relocated to a much larger location in close proximity. This shelter will be able to house up to 500 animals for as long as the community needs our services.

They are working closely with Nassau County of Emergency Management along with Pet Safe Coalition to ensure the well-being and safety of all.

“We have read your well wishes on our Facebook page, and we appreciate your support for the animals. Animal League America is able to save 20,000 animals each year because of your generosity. Please continue to assist animals in need by making a donation to our rescue efforts. We–and the animals in harm’s way–are deeply grateful.

You can also help us in this time of need if you are local to our Pet Adoption Center (Port Washington, NY) and interested in adopting a pet. If you know someone who is interested in adoption, you can help by forwarding this message to them.”

Update from NSAL TODAY.

“Many people staying with family have come to check on their pets at our emergency rescue operation at Mitchel Field. All pets remain safe and are receiving the care and attention they need.

In order to care for the many animals in our Mobile Rescue Units, will be relocated soon to a much larger location in close proximity. This location will be able to house up to 500 animals for as long as the community needs our services.

We are working closely with Nassau County of Emergency Management along with Pet Safe Coalition to ensure the well-being and safety of all.

We will continue to keep you posted on our operation. Please check back (on the website) or our Facebook page for updates.”

Pet Product of the Week:

Posted on January 5th, 2012

The new and fun pet food, pet supply and many-things-pet-related website, is a FAN-FUR-TASTIC site chock-full of pet goodies!

We were invited to try it out by spending a generous $50 gift card using a Promo Code, so of course we got some essentials: cat litter (for a steal – we use Ever Clean and that stuff is SERIOUSLY expensive), Greenies tuna-flavor kitty crunchies, some Nutro Large Breed Dog Biscuits for big’ ol’ Benson’s super-sensitive belly (they are the only kind he can have besides what the vet prescribes), and a case of Eukanuba wet dog food (Chicken/Beef) for the Bassets!

All in all, the ease of ordering was totally smooth. I was not overwhelmed by a million different choices, and the left navigation makes it simple to find the product you are looking for by brand name or type. Mr. Chewy has a great selection of all the essentials and isn’t one of those sites that is constantly sending you pop-ups or asking to send you to different pages… maybe some people like that based on preferences but I don’t.

You can find every brand of food from super premium like Halo and IAMS/Eukanuba to Pro Plan, Wellness, Pedigree and Friskies here…

Anyhow, I highly recommend if you need to order:

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Plus they have these really funny headers at the top of all the pages, ie, the cat litter one says “Princess Stinky needs some cat litter… everybody’s favorite subject…” (I laughed anyhow.)

To order, visit or call (800) 672-4399, which is (800) Mr –Chewy!

UPDATE: Ohio Governor Kasich Signs Exotic Pets Bill; Too Little, Too Late?

Posted on October 24th, 2011

On Friday, October 21st, after much prodding from not only animal welfare/animal rights groups, but from his own constituents, supporters and non-supporters, Ohio’s much contested Governor John Kasich signed an Exotic Pets Bill into law.

This was only days after the Zanesville, Ohio massacre (which made national news) of almost 60 wild animals, including rare big cats, bears, monkeys, and more.

Is it too late?

I say yes.

** Previous Governor Ted Strickland noted in an article that he had created legislation for the ban, but was quick to note that the new Governor had let it slide — not uncommon in Ohio, which ranks near last in the US for animal protection/animal welfare laws and legislation. **

Want to see the REAL track record of ALL of Ohio’s lawmakers in helping animals?

Check out this video from the amazing folks at Nitro’s Law… (grab a BOX of Kleenex first)

Parts of the new law are explained here:

ALL EXISTING NATIVE WILD ANIMAL PERMITS WILL BE REVIEWED: The Ohio Department of Natural Resources regulates ownership of dangerous wild animals native to Ohio. ODNR will review existing permits to ensure proper compliance and perform onsite inspections to the fullest extent possible with existing resources, and additional resource needs will be identified for future enforcement efforts.

WILD ANIMAL AUCTIONS WILL BE RESTRICTED AND ANY UNLICENSED AUCTIONS WILL BE SHUT DOWN: The Ohio Department of Agriculture will use its existing authority to regulate auctions to pursue agreements with auction houses that trade in dangerous wild animals to impose a temporary moratorium on their sale. Additionally, the Department will work with the US Department of Agriculture, local law enforcement, veterinarians and humane societies to enforce existing laws and to identify and shut down unlicensed auctions.

OHIO WILL WORK WITH ZOOS TO IDENTIFY SAFE PLACES TO KEEP CONFISCATED OR IMPOUNDED DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS: A safe and appropriate location to house confiscated or impounded dangerous wild animals is essential to enforcing existing animal cruelty and public health laws, as well as future Ohio laws regulating these animals. Ohio will work with zoos to identify their ability to accept animals that are confiscated or impounded and help meet their needs.

NEW LEGAL POWERS WILL BE PROPOSED BY NOVEMBER 30: A task force including representatives of the Humane Society of the United States, county prosecutors, and veterinarians—led by the Department of Natural Resources—has been crafting a new legal framework for the General Assembly’s consideration that would give Ohio the authority to regulate dangerous wild animals. That task force will complete its work and submit its report by November 30.

OHIO WILL WORK WITH LOCAL AUTHORITIES TO IDENTIFY THE LOCATION OF POTENTIAL PROBLEMS: Ohio will establish toll-free hotline and website and work with local law enforcement agencies, veterinarians, county humane societies, and other stakeholders to identify potential problem locations where dangerous wild animals are kept so that the appropriate authorities can ensure all existing laws and regulations are being followed and enforced.


I personally called the Governor’s office to voice my opinion (Ohio’s legislators are on my speed-dial I swear…) last Thursday and was told a solution was being “worked up.”

But while I had a secretary or office drone on the line, I did pose the question: “will this make the Governor more aware and hence, more apt to voice his support to law-makers on OTHER CRUCIAL pieces of animal welfare legislation for Ohio, i.e. Nitro’s Law (HB 108)?”

The worker bee replied with, “with who’s Law?”


It took EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF SANITY AND GRACE I have to not jump through the phone and strangle this person. Instead, I politely explained Nitro’s Law and was told that the Governor does support the passage of important laws to protect animals, but needs to “focus on unemployment and bringing jobs to Ohio right now.” Also, he “does not have the power necessary to PASS the actual law.” Is this guy a first-year intern or what??

This guy is so fired.

I quickly wrote up and fired off a personal letter — NOT an email — to the Governor. Please email me if you would like to follow suit. I will email you the Word document.

So what do you think? Are Ohio’s politicians playing ostrich when it comes to passing important animal welfare legistation?

Not only on Nitro’s Law, but a Puppy Mill Bill, Ban on Dog Auctions, etc?

I mean, Nitro’s has been around for three years, and a puppy mill bill has been in the works for even longer…

Why can’t they get it done? Is it laziness? Do they not care? Do they not have time? Do not enough Ohioans care? Do we need to throw money at the problem via a lobbyist or something?

Or do they simply not hear from US – their supporters – enough?