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Urban Paw: Pet People with Heart Making Inventive & Stylish Pet Beds

Posted on August 8th, 2015

Urban Paw Pet Bed Company Joins Pets with People by Offering Innovative Beds that Contribute to the Well-Being of All!

Company Donates Percentage of Profits to Efforts to Reduce Pet Homelessness!


Urban Paw LogoUrban Paw is a new niche website for pet parents of a certain persuasion …. The high-class, no-sass, looking-for-a-pet-bed kind! Pet products at Urban Paw range from lovely suede dog and cat beds to fuzzy, beautiful blankets, and wonderfully crafted houses and huts (which we all know the kittehs appreciate. Can I get a MOL?). They also feature inventive 2-in-1 beds, cozy mats and mod sofa beds, and comforting pillow and orthopedic beds. Thus, if you need a pet bed, you cannot go wrong on this website. Or with the people fabulous behind it…

Urban Paw is even more paw-some in our book because of their mission and ethics. Check it out:

“It is our mission to reduce the number of homeless pets in shelters by developing and donating to high-impact, “outside-the-box” initiatives that have the potential to increase adoption rates and/or reduce intake rates at shelters.”

“Ten percent (10%) of all profits generated by urban paw are dedicated to this.”

How sweet is that? Pretty darn, if you ask us! And so are the all Urban Paw pet beds, BTW, BOL! We were lucky enough to try a Samson Airloft dog bed for Cricket, and I must tell you that, despite how absolutely out-of-control-barreling-through-the-house-like-a-80-pound-white-fluffy-bull-in-a-china-shop Cricket may be during the day, when his head hits this bed after the sun goes down, he is out like a light! It’s just magical! We delight in it every night and have come to call the new beautiful dog bed one of Cricket’s woobies! (A “woobie” is an extremely important, very near and dear toy/stuffed animal to a small child…Comes from the 80’s movie “Mr. Mom” with Michael Keaton. Yes, my pets have woobies.)

One of the cool things about ordering from this site is that they have a live rep available on Chat to answer product questions, etc. Gotta say, that was very helpful. Prices are just right, too. For a modern and sophisticated pet bed that holds its weight in terms of health benefits, you, again, can’t go wrong.

Samson Airloft Bed in Allure and Mineral

Samson Airloft Bed in Allure and Mineral

Another cool thing?

Just for being a special reader, you can get 10% off your order at Urban Paw now through 9/7/2015! And get this – 20% of the profits from your order will go to their charities! Please simply use code TFP at checkout to receive your discount.

Urban Paw was selected by for a review because of WHO they are in addition to WHAT they offer. This company has heart – and soul. It says so right on the website and comes to fruition every time you talk to an associate: Through innovation we strive to lessen the environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of people and pets.  Finding alternative materials for our products, such as soy-based foam rather than regular petroleum-based, reduces the toxic emissions in our atmosphere and makes them safer to use. We understand the climb to sustainability is a gradual process, and we aim to take one step at a time towards a better world for pets, people and our planet.”

Urban Paw is one of the most whole-hearted pet companies I have yet met. I also greatly appreciate their “Urban PAWtners” program, which gives under-funded rescue groups and shelters that are faced with extreme fundraising difficulties a, “give-back program like no other. Through Urban PAWtners, participating rescues receive up to 50% of all sales they refer to our website!” Urban Paw is also working with Best Friends Animal Society at this time to develop further creative initiatives toward the mission.

For more information, check out, or visit this paw-some pet company on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


*All opinions herein are those of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with Urban Paw, and the Administrator received a trial product. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

Find Deals & Steals on Pet Meds & Supplies at new Super Site,

Posted on July 28th, 2015

Launched in early 2015 by a small group of veterinarians, pet owners and entrepreneurs who refer to themselves humbly as “regular people” who want to “help take care of your pets,” is an excellent pet supply and pet medicine website that offers amazing deals along with a convenient, well thought-out user interface. The site, you’ll find, is not only easy-to-use and easier to navigate, but it’s “clean;” that is, compared to the mumbo-jumbo of ads/pop-ups you’ll see on similar pet med sites.

AVet.netAccording to the founders of, “Most pet medication websites are burdened by images and text you don’t need to read, and are full of phony sales meant to make you feel like you’re getting a deal. We created the opposite – a clean, easy to search website without sales or confusion. Come here, get what you need, and get it shipped to your door. It’s affordable, and it’s so easy.” is still a veterinarian-owned and -operated company, soon to be a fully licensed pharmacy with on-staff pharmacists that can fulfill Rx orders nationally. It currently offers an array vitamins, supplements, treats, toys and supplies for dogs and cats alike. In the very near future, it will be a fully functioning pet med site as well. (The process is slow!) also has a pretty active blog that has topics of interest, plus an engaging social media presence.

“Despite being a new store, we’re competing with the big boys like PetMeds and Fosters & Smith. We offer a low price guarantee on everything we sell. 100% of our products also sold by PetMeds are cheaper than PetMeds. We also offer free shipping on all medication products, regardless of order total. To our knowledge, we’re the only store doing that,” said one of the founders.

We were able to experience the simplicity of the website when we ordered a few products last month, including some vitamins, coat-cleaning spray solution and cat treats. The process was a cinch! We enjoyed that we could easily move from the shopping cart to the “same place on previous page” (i.e. middle of the page instead of starting at top again) with ease – and no site or programming hiccups. (I personally, as a digital marketer and SEO nerd, found this functionality to be near miraculous as most e-commerce sites, in this industry and others, do the SEO and the UI wrong.) Anyhoo- I also enjoyed the wide range of product on the site. I must have spent a good 30 minutes deliberating between this kind of new cat treat for skin/coat and that new dog allergen spray to keep Cricket from itching. In the end, I was all-around pleased with my not-complicated or ridden with site errors shopping experience! did it right! And they’ve earned my business!

For more information or to engage with this awesome new brand, head over to their Facebook page or Tweet them at @affordvet_net or check out their Pinterest page!

DISCLOSURE: All opinions herein are those of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with and the Administrator, and the Administrator received a trial product for review. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

Plato Pet Treats Launches “Plato Wags Back” Program to Support Homeless Dogs & Veterans

Posted on July 18th, 2015

Program Provides Treats & Financial Assistance to Rescues & Adoption Centers Throughout U.S.

As part of its mission to provide health and safety for dogs through nutrition, California-based wholesome dog treat maker Plato Pet Treats announced its first-ever Plato Wags Back program recently.

Now this is cool…Plato Wags Back

With the purchase of a bag of Plato Pet Treats, Plato will provide meaningful financial and product donations to rescues and shelters across the U.S. to help ensure that dogs are treated with love until they find their forever home. Additionally, throughout 2015, Plato Wags Back will directly aid three California rescue-based organizations – Shelter to Soldier, Fresno Bully Rescue and – that either feed and care for homeless dogs or help enhance the lives of veterans who need assistance animals.

Plato Wags Back’s mission is to champion the love and bond between dogs and people by treating every dog with kindness while enabling them to live a safe and healthy life. To make a difference in the lives of homeless dogs, supporters can participate in the program in the following ways:

-With the purchase of Plato Pet Treats, a donation will be made to animal rescues.

-Through Dec. 31, 2015, for every new Like on the Plato Pet Treats Facebook page, $1 will be donated to support veterans post deployment. Follow the page to learn about other ways to help homeless animals.

There are close to 7 million homeless pets in the U.S., with nearly 2.7 million animals likely to be euthanized this year alone. Compelled by these staggering statistics, Plato Pet Treats formalized Plato Wags Back to encourage Americans to help homeless pets and consider adoption.

Aaron Merrill, co-founder of Plato, with a female employee and canine friend!

Aaron Merrill, co-founder of Plato, with a female employee and canine friend!

“Dogs give us so much love and we want to return that love to dogs who need it most,” said Aaron Merrell, co-founder and co-owner of Plato Pet Treats. “From sponsoring dog runs to adopting our first “Plato” canine to be trained as a service companion for a U.S. veteran, we are ecstatic to provide a voice to homeless animals through Plato Wags Back. Our goal is to continue to grow our program year over year to make a significant impact on the pet homelessness epidemic in our country.”

Plato Wags Back Partner Organizations

Shelter to Solider – A non-profit organization that rescues shelter dogs and trains them to be psychiatric service companions for wounded combat veterans. Every 63 minutes a U.S. veteran commits suicide and every 11 seconds an animal is euthanized. Shelter to Soldier works to aid and partner together two- and four-legged friends. Through the Wags Back program, Plato will fund the complete training of one dog (named Plato) at the San Diego-based training school. In addition, every Shelter to Soldier dog adopted will go home with wholesome, all natural Plato treats.

Fresno Bully Rescue (FBR) – A volunteer-based, non-profit, no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing Bully breed dogs in the Central Valley of Calif. Because of foreclosures in the state, an overwhelming amount of dogs are being surrendered and Bully breeds are typically the first to be euthanized if no one adopts or rescues them. Plato Wags Back will support FBR’s spay and neuter program. – An organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of Labrador retrievers and their “friends” in the greater Los Angeles area. The group’s goal is to find the right family for every animal they rescue by providing education and compassion. is run completely by volunteers, so all donations go toward helping animals in need. Plato Wags Back will be sponsoring one of the Lab runs located at Best Friends Animal Society’s NKLA Pet Adoption Center in Los Angeles.

For more information on Plato Wags Back, visit or

About Plato Pet Treats

To meet the need for a truly healthy and safe treat alternative for dogs, Plato Pet Treats formulated a series of all-natural treats and supplements, including Plato Pet Treats Small Bites®, Plato Pet Treats Real Strips®, Plato Pet Treats Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil® and Plato Pet Treats Thinker Sticks®. Family-owned and -operated, all Plato Pet Treats are slow-roasted in-house in Fresno, Calif. Unlike most pet treats, each ingredient can be traced back to its original source. Only fresh vegetables and meat ingredients are baked in the organic-certified facility – the Plato Way.

More information on the entire Plato Pet Treat product line can be found at or

illustration copy

illustration copy

Summer Pet Dangers Infographic

Posted on July 14th, 2015

With the hot weather setting in, the ASPCA and I want to remind everyone that amidst the fun and games, pet health should be kept a priority to guarantee a safe summer season for all family members, furry four-leggers included!

To keep dogs and cats out of harm’s way, the ASPCA has created a helpful infographic: 5 Summer Dangers for Pets. (I would simply insert the graphic but my sidebar is entirely too wide to accommodate infographics, sorry.)


Fireworks & Thunderstorms: Loud noises like firework booms and pops/bangs are one of the top reasons pets go missing, so secure your pet in an escape-proof place, as we all know that July 4th firework celebrations last way longer than Independence Day… If your pet does go missing, download the ASPCA app for a free step-by-step digital toolkit to help find your pet: It’s also a forward-thinking idea to get a PetHub Signal Tag – it’s basically like GPS for your dog and allows you to know where he is at all times through the built-in GPS collar technology. If you have a runner, this is the #1 tool in your toolkit. You can set perimeters for walks, etc. Very cool.

Sun & Heat: High summer temperatures can mean dehydration, overheating and scorched paws. Know the signs of overheating (excessive panting, increased heart rate and weakness) and bring your pup indoors or to a cool, shady place.

Toxic Chemicals: Insecticides, citronella products and glow sticks are toxic to pets. Keep your pet away from areas where chemicals have been sprayed and ensure dangerous products are out of reach.

Parties & Barbeques: If your pet is joining the party, make sure the guests don’t feed Fido human food, particularly grapes, onions, chocolate and avocado.

Hot Cars: Even with the windows open an inch, a car’s temperature can reach over 100° in 10 minutes on an 85° day. Leave your pet safely at home in the air conditioning!

The Company of Animals’ Anxiety Wrap® for Dogs Calms, Corrects Problem Behavior

Posted on July 1st, 2015

Panting, barking, licking, jumping….These are all relatively normal dog behaviors, right? But when they’re displayed in excess or accompanied by whining, pacing, destructive chewing/scratching or aggressive outbursts, they are generally indicative of a larger problem: dog anxiety. Super sensitive or ‘reactive’ pets may demonstrate similar anxiety-related behavior during times of separation, travel, fireworks or thunderstorms.Anxiety Wrap logo

For example, Jiminy Cricket, my almost 2-year-old Golden Retriever has issues from his (horrid) humble past with anxiety, jumping up, and whining. He also
greatly fears any type of yelling, or angered, raised voices – particularly if cursing is involved. (We experienced his reaction to this when a neighbor’s lawncare team got into a wicked fight one day recently…).  We tried the Anxiety Wrap® on Cricky for about a two-week period each time we left the house to go out (Crick also prefers to not be alone…Ever.)

I gotta’ tell ya’ – the Anxiety Wrap® worked like a charm!

We simply put the coat-like wrap on him about a half-hour before we left* and he was totally fine. He didn’t whine and linger at the door and follow us around from room to room (he knows the ‘you’re leaving’ routine); he didn’t give us a sad face; and his bottom jaw didn’t start chattering like it often does when he’s nervous, over-anxiAnxiety-Wrap-Dog-4-249x300ous or too excited. The difference the Anxiety Wrap® made, in just a two-week period, is simply amazing.

The Anxiety Wrap® uses acupressure and gentle, constant, maintained pressure to relieve stress and end fear in dogs. It activates key pressure points where dogs harbor stress, including in the neck, chest area, shoulders, midsection and hind quarters. The wrap offers an acupressure-like experience that’s continuous and helps relieve or even resolve the pooch’s stress. Hence, it also curbs the resulting behaviors that stem from that fear/stress, like anxiety, hyperactivity, insecurity and shyness.

Designed to be lightweight and breathable, the Wrap’s custom made fabric features a four-way stretch that provides a snug fit that’s as unique as the dog wearing it. It was easy for Cricket to flex around and move though he was getting a hugging sensation from it. (Personally, I know he loved it!)

The Anxiety Wrap® has a proven track record of success and helps increase a dog’s self-confidence, focus, animal-to-animal and animal-to-human socialization, bonding ability, relaxation and balance. It’s also used to treat: firework/thunderstorm fear, separation anxiety, constant barking, unwanted jumping, whining, nervousness, fear biting and destructive chewing.

*In most cases, it’s recommended that while the pet is wearing the Wrap, the parent should refrain from interacting since over-stimulating the pet can decrease the effectiveness of the wrap or override the acupressure.

About The Company of Animals

Founded by pet behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford, The Company of Animals is celebrating 35 years as a leading provider of innovative training products designed to achieve a positive relationship between pets and their parents. The Company of Animals designs and manufactures a wide range of acclaimed products, including the original HALTI®, the Pet Corrector™ and the CLIX™ training range. The latest additions to the famed family of enrichment products are the GREEN feeders for dogs and cats, the Anxiety Wrap®, and the new HALTI OPTIFIT.


*All opinions herein are those of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with The Company of Animals and the Administrator, and the Administrator received a trial product. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.