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#TropiCleanFresh Breath Drops Unleashed; Cricket’s Horrid Halitosis Ultimately Defeated!

Posted on September 27th, 2015

Experience how TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ Quickly Squash Bad Dog Breath

Try this sensible natural dog breath remedy on your pooch!

*This post is sponsored by TropiClean® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™, but, as you know, only shares information that’s relevant to readers. TropiClean is not responsible for the content of this article. Please email the Administrator, JL Smith, with questions or concerns.

IT’S A MIRACLE! My lovable, laughable, 2-yo Golden Retriever, Jiminey Cricket has bad breath no more! I seriously can’t handle it! In fact he has tropiclean logoHORRIBLE breath no more! (Okay, so it’s not like anyone wants to get up close and personal and get an {unintentional on your end} French kiss from him, still, nonetheless, there’s a vast improvement between what we’re now calling Pre-TropiClean®-Breath and Post-TropiClean®-Breath.) I’m talking about the inventive, ingenious Fresh Breath Drops™ from the makers of one of the most reliable lines of pet health products you can find, TropiClean®.

TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ are so simple to use: all you do is squirt three drops/sprays into 16-ounce of water when you refresh your pets’ water supply. It’s seriously like magic to me. Not even five days after Cricky’s first fill-up, we noticed his halitosis coming to a halt. BAD DOG BREATH BANISHED

Jiminy Cricket gets some pre-drop love!

Jiminy Cricket gets some close-up love now that he has the freshest breath!

FROM THREE DROPS EACH REFILL! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

The one thing that stands out the most, however, is the fact that that awful lasting bad breath Cricky had – that type of bad breath that just lingers on you after your dog bastes you with kisses – is now KO’d. Gone. Vanished. Extinct. I love it that that sticky-grossness that would accompany the terrible smell on your face (post-kisses) is now gone, too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Cricket still drools and kisses but in a much more sophisticated and clean manner. BOL!

What’s impressive to me as well is that Fresh Breath Drops™ are made with good, all-natural, wholesome ingredients and are hence safe for both dogs and cats. (You can never be too careful if you ask me.) You can review the ingredients here. TropiClean® is proud if its sourcing, manufacturing and packaging and is confident enough to be crystal-clear-cut on its website. It’s totally awesome.

In addition, it’s pretty darn impressive that this natural pet products company actually did clinical trials on Fresh Breath

Cricky now has clean teeth and fresh breath, thanks to TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops. OMD!

Cricky now has clean teeth and fresh breath, thanks to TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops. OMD!

Drops. Wow, right? Tough to summarize here, I inspire you to take a gander at the web page above about the trials – it’s extremely interesting and will reinforce your belief in corporate responsibility/accountability (to me, that’s imperative with a pet care company yet seemingly difficult to find these days). One

conclusion in the trials noted that plaque and tartar were reduced by a whopping 43% after only two weeks of use
tropiclean post ii product picin studied canines.

All this brings me to my main point in this review: our new motto in the Smith household is “TropiClean = Bad Breath Bamboozled.” (Fans of alliteration we are.)

I highly encourage you all to try this fabulous dog bad breath buster – and be sure to give it a good go. Don’t just throw three drops in the water once or twice; give it a good week or so. It worked for Cricket, and I confidently promise it will have some good effect on your dog’s bad breath..

Learn more about TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ now or jump online to the site to try them on your pooches/kittehs yourself! And don’t forget to check out the fun and helpful information that TropiClean has on Facebook!

Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge Brings Buku “Differences”

Posted on September 17th, 2015

Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge: Bassets Bask in Benefits of New SmartBlend® Formula

Coinciding Purina ONE® Difference Campaign Generously Aids Shelter Animals across U.S.

ONE LOGOWhat’s this I hear of a magical 28-day program where your dogs or cats are totally re-invigorated, feel healthier overall and get really, really excited – all because of their new pet food?

It’s the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge! And that’s pretty much how it went for us!

We were no strangers to the Purina brand, so we gladly took the Challenge for the Purina ONE® SmartBlend® with our two senior Basset Hounds, Franklin (aka Bean) and Ramsey (aka Boom-Boom).  And these Basset boys relished the opportunity to not only savor tastier chow, but to reap the other (health) benefits.

To demonstrate the positive difference smart nutrition can make, Purina is encouraging dog owners to take the Purina ONE® 28-Day Challenge. Thousands of dog owners have taken the challenge by switching to Purina ONE® SmartBlend®, and many have seen differences, including bright eyes, a shiny coat, increased energy and healthy teeth and gums.

Boom-Boom inhales his new ONE SmartBlend.

Boom-Boom inhales his new ONE SmartBlend.

So what’s the big difference? I should start by saying they’re actually plural – the differences I mean. And they are extensive and far-reaching.

The first one would be that there is not one morsel of food left in the food bowl at the end of mealtime. FABULOUS! The boys ate up every single tasty piece of SmartBlend® in their bowls for once (generally we have to give the Bassets a dollop of wet cat food on their puppy chow to get them to eat it. I know – spoiled. Well, no more thanks to Purina ONE® SmartBlend®!)

The second difference, while we’re characterizing them, is the significantly lessened bad breath of the Bassets. And thirdly, their coats are entirely less coarse; their fur feels much softer and there’s much less clumping by the rear end and tail.

The Purina ONE® Difference campaign celebrates those dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of dogs. The folks at Purina ONE are dedicated to making a positive difference for dogs as well. Through their partnerships with shelters across the US, they provide smart nutrition solutions to help dogs look and feel their best as they wait for their fur-ever homes, as well as resources to help change perceptions of shelter dogs and increase adoptions.

People can learn more about how Purina ONE supports shelters at, as well as take the
Purina ONE 28 Day Challenge at

For more information and to stay up-to-date on the latest announcements, promotions and more, follow Purina ONE on Twitter and Facebook. For a bit of extra fun, use hashtag #ONEdifference with your pet photos.


*All opinions herein are of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with Nestle Purina Pet Care, and the Administrator was compensated. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

PetSafe Dog Fence Testing: Will Cricket Contain Himself?

Posted on September 16th, 2015

Well here we are; we are officially ready to launch my sweet, sassy, stubborn Golden Retriever, Cricket into the world of in-ground dog fences and thus, self-reliance, responsibility, and trust.Cricket Window Lookout

Wait, what?

Yes that’s right. Thanks to the generosity of the kind-hearted folks at PetSafe®, who suggested the YardMax™ Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ training system/kit based on our yard size/shape and Crick’s space and play needs, we’ll be dipping our toes in to see if Cricket will sink or swim. We, my parents and I, aren’t sure if Cricket, who came to us from a background of at least neglect, will stay confined to his yard, sniffing the day away and whiling away the hours spying on chipmunks at the birdfeeder, or if he’ll bolt. It’s just that simple.

I have trained several dogs who were like-minded, i.e. extremely headstrong, including last fall when I worked with Frankie the rescue Husky. Frankie got off the leash on me not once, but twice (leash clasp was faulty and allowed him to pull through it). What did he do each time as soon as he felt the pulling pressure lessen? He took off in a mad sprint, scaring me half to death as he freely weaved his way through a four-lane road.

OMG… NEVER again.

The YardMax components...

The YardMax components…

Needless to say, I (and my parents) move with a bit of trepidation here. We are terrified that Cricket will run through the fence and get lost, never to be found.

Cricket has very rarely been off-leash outdoors in the (almost) year that we’ve had him. That’s the first time I’m admitting that – that I actually did let him off-leash I mean — and my Dad is going to kill me for doing so. On that note, Cricket’s off-leash experience includes only romps on the back deck a few times, perhaps two or three steps onto the pavers or grassy backyard. He did mindlessly wander off the deck when that happened; mind you those were both about 10-second experiences because I saw him go on the pavers and got scared. Cricket is about 2 now, and has the worst ADD. On the other hand, Crick is wicked smart. (He was a ‘Guide Dog School dropout’ so he had a ton of training early in life that he chooses to not use most of the time).

We trust PetSafe. And we trust that the fence works properly. It’s Cricket we don’t trust. And I suppose many other pet parents have gone through the same thing when attempting to incorporate something as huge as this into their pet’s lifestyle. The fact that Daisy, the three-year-old Boxer across the street, learned the ropes and fell into compliance with her PetSafe electronic dog fence is quite encouraging (mind you Daisy came from a breeder and had a wonderful rearing as opposed to Cricket’s big unknown…). The Collie a few streets away also does wonderfully with her PetSafe dog fence (I’ve sold quite a few of these fences, BOL, its comical to see all the little PetSafe flags around the neighborhood)!Flag Petsafe

So here we are. We’ve planted the wires. We’ve set up the flags. We’ve read the carefully planned and wonderfully thorough Training Guide that PetSafe offers with the fence. We’ve trained Cricket to know his name, nicknames, and to know “come,” (or at least I’ve tried on the latter and he seems to respond intuitively, pry because he learned “come” as a pup in Guide Dog School training). Finally, we’ve talked to experts at PetSafe and learned that this fear is all too common.

We’ve alas made the decision to put the PetHub Signal™ Tag on Cricky before we start any in-yard training to help be still our hearts, lol. That way, if he does bolt, we will be able to track him down for the most part.

Have you ever had a similar experience? What is your opinion of electric dog fences?

Stay tuned – in a couple of weeks I will update you all on Cricket’s training progress with his new dog fence!

Will TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ Make My Dog’s Hellish Halitosis Stop?

Posted on September 11th, 2015

tropiclean logo

This post is sponsored by TropiClean and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops, but only shares information that’s relevant to readers. TropiClean is not responsible for the content of this article.

Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.

Here I am, a few days away from receiving my TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ in the mail, courtesy the bad-breath-battling pet care company, TropiClean®, and the BlogPaws Pet Blogger Network… Both organizations that I trust.

Cricket Sit EDIT

Cricket the Big White Dog, Who Currently Suffers Hellish Halitosis

But do I have as much faith in Cricket’s unspoken-about chewing habits? Okay I know that sounds funny, but really, many times, plaque can be a build-up on your dog’s teeth of good stuff that he’s eating as much as bad. It can sometimes simply come down to, are we, as owners, doing enough to combat it? Well I’m going to find out.

I am sitting here wondering how three wondrous drops of this magical stuff in Cricket’s water bowl will eventually quell his bad breath. This is a two-yo Golden Retriever I’m talking about who swims, digs, ooches, bites, nips, chews, belly crawls, runs, snorts, sneezes and in doing so, gets all kinds of junk into his mouth. For example, the past two nights, we have walked into the house from a walk and Cricket did not want to get a drink, which is his usual immediate response post-walk. Why didn’t he want a drink? Because he fresh breath dropshad smuggled in acorns in his mouth, both nights! BOL!

So far, our regimen of cleaning Crick’s teeth includes giving him tough chewy bones (and multiple sticks outside). I guess we aren’t doing too much… And when it comes to TropiClean®, all you need is three drops in a 16-ounce water bowl: perfect solution!

What’s nice, too, is that the Fresh Breath Drops™ are made with natural ingredients and are safe for both dogs and cats.

So follow along with me over the next few weeks as I blog about Cricket’s progress with TropiClean®! You may learn something! (Or decide to battle your own pet’s bad breath!)

Click here to learn more about TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™. Click here if you’d like to try them out yourself! Finally, click here to follow the fun that TropiClean has on Facebook!

Urban Paw: Pet People with Heart Making Inventive & Stylish Pet Beds

Posted on August 8th, 2015

Urban Paw Pet Bed Company Joins Pets with People by Offering Innovative Beds that Contribute to the Well-Being of All!

Company Donates Percentage of Profits to Efforts to Reduce Pet Homelessness!


Urban Paw LogoUrban Paw is a new niche website for pet parents of a certain persuasion …. The high-class, no-sass, looking-for-a-pet-bed kind! Pet products at Urban Paw range from lovely suede dog and cat beds to fuzzy, beautiful blankets, and wonderfully crafted houses and huts (which we all know the kittehs appreciate. Can I get a MOL?). They also feature inventive 2-in-1 beds, cozy mats and mod sofa beds, and comforting pillow and orthopedic beds. Thus, if you need a pet bed, you cannot go wrong on this website. Or with the people fabulous behind it…

Urban Paw is even more paw-some in our book because of their mission and ethics. Check it out:

“It is our mission to reduce the number of homeless pets in shelters by developing and donating to high-impact, “outside-the-box” initiatives that have the potential to increase adoption rates and/or reduce intake rates at shelters.”

“Ten percent (10%) of all profits generated by urban paw are dedicated to this.”

How sweet is that? Pretty darn, if you ask us! And so are the all Urban Paw pet beds, BTW, BOL! We were lucky enough to try a Samson Airloft dog bed for Cricket, and I must tell you that, despite how absolutely out-of-control-barreling-through-the-house-like-a-80-pound-white-fluffy-bull-in-a-china-shop Cricket may be during the day, when his head hits this bed after the sun goes down, he is out like a light! It’s just magical! We delight in it every night and have come to call the new beautiful dog bed one of Cricket’s woobies! (A “woobie” is an extremely important, very near and dear toy/stuffed animal to a small child…Comes from the 80’s movie “Mr. Mom” with Michael Keaton. Yes, my pets have woobies.)

One of the cool things about ordering from this site is that they have a live rep available on Chat to answer product questions, etc. Gotta say, that was very helpful. Prices are just right, too. For a modern and sophisticated pet bed that holds its weight in terms of health benefits, you, again, can’t go wrong.

Samson Airloft Bed in Allure and Mineral

Samson Airloft Bed in Allure and Mineral

Another cool thing?

Just for being a special reader, you can get 10% off your order at Urban Paw now through 9/7/2015! And get this – 20% of the profits from your order will go to their charities! Please simply use code TFP at checkout to receive your discount.

Urban Paw was selected by for a review because of WHO they are in addition to WHAT they offer. This company has heart – and soul. It says so right on the website and comes to fruition every time you talk to an associate: Through innovation we strive to lessen the environmental impact and contribute to the well-being of people and pets.  Finding alternative materials for our products, such as soy-based foam rather than regular petroleum-based, reduces the toxic emissions in our atmosphere and makes them safer to use. We understand the climb to sustainability is a gradual process, and we aim to take one step at a time towards a better world for pets, people and our planet.”

Urban Paw is one of the most whole-hearted pet companies I have yet met. I also greatly appreciate their “Urban PAWtners” program, which gives under-funded rescue groups and shelters that are faced with extreme fundraising difficulties a, “give-back program like no other. Through Urban PAWtners, participating rescues receive up to 50% of all sales they refer to our website!” Urban Paw is also working with Best Friends Animal Society at this time to develop further creative initiatives toward the mission.

For more information, check out, or visit this paw-some pet company on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


*All opinions herein are those of the Administrator, JL Smith. This post was written in conjunction with Urban Paw, and the Administrator received a trial product. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation. Please email the Administrator with questions or concerns.