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NY Times Best-Selling Author Rory Freedman “Begs for Change” for Animals

Posted on June 22nd, 2013

Rory Freedman, co-author of the #1 New York Times mega-seller “Skinny B-i-t-c-h,” returns.

Her latest rallying cry?

Well it’s just in time for this month’s Animal Rights Awareness Week, which is going on now through June 25, 2013.

A tried and true call-to-arms to all animal lovers is what “Beg” is… Although I have not read the full copy yet for myself, I was lucky enough to get the below excerpt from the publisher. Essentially, Freedman is “begging” for a more humane look at the animals that make up our lives – from the ones we love and live with to the ones we consume.Beg

Freedman has successfully captivated the attention of animal lovers worldwide and has made appearances on national media, such as “The Today Show,” “Ellen,” “Tyra,” and “The O’Reilly Factor,” for her well-known book “Skinny B-i-t-c-h,” which looks at the benefits of a vegan diet. (This book skyrocketed to the #1 spot on the bestseller list in no time at all..)

Freedman’s new book Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals (Running Press Publishing Group, April 30, 2013), is a battle cry on behalf of all animals, as well as an inspirational, empowering guide to what we can do to help them.

Here’s the excerpt (my favorite parts are in red):

“Beg: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals” – Apples to Oranges (p. 135-136)

All animals have unique personalities, the desire to live, and the ability to experience pain. I constantly hear people saying humans are “superior” to other animals, which always baffles me. Yeah, we’re better at being humans and doing human stuff than they are. Agreed. But that doesn’t make us smarter—it just makes us human. Would we say that sharks are superior to lions because they can swim? Or that kangaroos are superior to horses because they can jump higher? It’s absurd. So what if we can build airplanes and use computers? What use does a zebra have for either? Cows are only stupid if we’re measuring them by human intelligence. No, they don’t speak human. And when I was in Paris, I didn’t speak French. It doesn’t mean I’m stupid; it just means I communicate in a different language. Perhaps if we took the time to learn the languages of these animals—instead of assuming moral superiority that they don’t speak ours—we would see their intelligence and sensitivity. Animals have figured out how to live in harmony with each other and the planet. We’re the only species that has completely mess up the earth—air pollution, and degradation, rainforest destruction, ocean decimation, and climate change. We’re the ones suffering from addiction to alcohol, food, drugs, tobacco, work, TV, sex, pornography, cell phones; we’re the ones depressed, anxious, angry, and lethargic; we’re the ones who seem to have it all, yet cant make our lives work. Our so-called complexities and intelligence haven’t done us any good. It’s my opinion that animals are much smarter than humans. But their intelligence is irrelevant. They systematic confinement, exploitation, and murder of living, and feeling beings is wrong. Jeremy Bentham, and eighteenth-century English philosopher and social reformer hit the nail on the head when he said, about all animals, “The question is not, Can they reason? nor, Can they talk? but Can they suffer?

According to a survey of nearly 2,000 people, 92 percent agreed that it’s important that farm animals are well-cared for; 85 percent said that the quality of life for farm animals is important, even when they’re used for meat; 81 percent agreed that well-being of farm animals is as important as the well-being of pets; and 75 percent agreed that farm animals should be protected from feeling physical pain. Fantastic—at least three-fourths of us agree on paper that animals should be spared from suffering. Can we put that compassion into action and make different choices? Because unfortunately, sympathy alone doesn’t help animals.

Reprinted with permission from BEG: A Radical New Way of Regarding Animals © 2013 by Rory Freedman, Running Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group.

Cat-Lovers Will Relish in Delight Reading New “Simon’s Cat” Book, “Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos”

Posted on June 16th, 2013

It’s funny, it’s enthralling, it’s entertaining, and it’s all about cats. Need I say more?

Well if you’re intrigued then you must pick up a copy of “Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” by award-winning British animator Simon Tofield.

“Simon” started out as a YouTube phenomenon and now has over 280 million views! But he evolved into a “novel’ sensation soon after…! Like all great cartoon creations, from Peanuts to Garfield, “Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” continues to evolve by introducing new characters and new storylines much to my delight!Simons Cat

“Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” is one of the funniest, most perceptive outtakes on cats and cat behavior that I’ve ever seen. Tofield humorously and honestly illustrates Simon’s life and what happens when he meets his match—an adorable new kitten who is half the size of Simon’s Cat, but double the trouble! When Simon finds the kitten in a cardboard box and takes him home, the new cuddly arrival turns everything upside down—literally. The kitten looks sweet and perfectly harmless but is actually trouble with a capital “T.” Tofield’s superb illustrations and sense of humor shines through on every page.

The riotous power struggles between the felines will resonate with anyone who has brought a new kitten (or any pet) into the mix at home. (Tofield has several cats in real life and bases the book’s believable personalities on his first-hand feline observations.)

“Simon’s Cat in Kitten Chaos” is illustrated with a collection of elegant, simple, black-and-white drawings that depict the cats’ interactions with great imagination and humor on every page. Tofield’s ability to present the actions of these cats in a few well-chosen lines is perfectly on point. As he does so skillfully with his online videos, Tofield captures the idiosyncrasies of these creatures that cat lovers know all too well.

No dialogue or words are needed.

Simon CartoonThere are no language barriers in Simon’s Cat. It’s all about subtle gestures, body language, and posturing (tails up! eyes wide! paws out!) as they go about their daily existence, vying for food, attention, and a good place to nap. But it’s also about relationships, love, camaraderie, animals, humor, play—and the fleeting, funny moments in life.

As a bonus, there’s a section in the back of the book where Tofield teaches readers how to draw all of his characters, including Simon’s Cat, Kitten, Hedgehog, Simon, and more. This awesome edition also contains an exclusive removable sticker sheet featuring the adorable feline that will put a smile on the faces of all readers!

You can catch Simon’s lovable antics in two previous books as well: try “Simon’s Cat: In His Very Own Book” and “Simon’s Cat: Beyond the Fence.”

“Pets at the White House” Book Thrills with Intriguing Photos, Stories of Presidents & Pets Past

Posted on January 11th, 2013

The foreword is by Barbara Bush – enough said…. No seriously, I couldn’t put this book down once I opened it up and smelled that fresh book smell…

And now I can’t seem to get it out of my Mother’s hands… she won’t give it back to me!

But again, seriously – this is one of those books that’s totally hard core – it’s absolutely absorbing, captivating, intriguing, intelligent, and 100% lovely.

“Pets at the White House” is a beautiful hard cover book that provides a spectacular view into one of the most world-famous houses – the White House – and all of its four-legged creatures including ponies, dogs, cats, parakeets, sheep and more!

With charisma, magic, fascination, wit, fun and gripping photographs (some in black and white from earlier years) , author Jennifer Pickens  uncovers how pets have played a crucial role in the White House throughout the decades, not only by providing companionship to the presidents and their families, but also by humanizing and softening their political images.

The book starts with the Kennedy family and their complete menagerie of animals and continues through 10 administrations and more than half a century to the Obama family and the First Dog Bo.

There are more than 200 superb photographs in this book- images of presidents and their pets in quiet moments as well as more animated times of play – most of which have NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE.

I wish I could take a picture of the picturesin this book – they are FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC. Amazing.

JFK and kids with a pony

Pickens documents the lives of the the most famous White House pets through fascinating and little-known anecdotes as well…

One such story involves the Soviet Prime Minister, who gave young Caroline Kennedy a puppy, who had to be put through a battery of tests in search of hidden listening devices and bombs!

There’s also the story of President Ford getting locked out of the White House when he took out his very pregnant dog Liberty in the middle of the night!

Another heart-warming tale: the custom birthing box created by White House carpenters for Millie while she was pregnant with presidential puppies during the first Bush Administration.

President George W. Bush’s Scottish Terrier, Barney, became a celebrity in his own right, appearing in more than 10 films while he was at the White House.

Obama and Bo!

And most recently, and perhaps my favorite, President Obama made good on his promise to get his two daughters a puppy, so here came Bo, a BEAUTIFUL Portuguese Water Dog. Bo’s favorite food, by the way, is tomatoes….!

With an intriguing foreword by Barbara Bush, this book has earned the devotion of the recent US First Families, many of whom penned a unique quote for their chapters.

This is a poignant collection of stories and photographs and is a must-have coffee table book for pet-lovers of all types from all over the world.

I will forever cherish this beautiful book and keep it close by.