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#TropiCleanFresh Breath Drops Unleashed; Cricket’s Horrid Halitosis Ultimately Defeated!

Posted on September 27th, 2015

Experience how TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ Quickly Squash Bad Dog Breath

Try this sensible natural dog breath remedy on your pooch!

*This post is sponsored by TropiClean® and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™, but, as you know, only shares information that’s relevant to readers. TropiClean is not responsible for the content of this article. Please email the Administrator, JL Smith, with questions or concerns.

IT’S A MIRACLE! My lovable, laughable, 2-yo Golden Retriever, Jiminey Cricket has bad breath no more! I seriously can’t handle it! In fact he has tropiclean logoHORRIBLE breath no more! (Okay, so it’s not like anyone wants to get up close and personal and get an {unintentional on your end} French kiss from him, still, nonetheless, there’s a vast improvement between what we’re now calling Pre-TropiClean®-Breath and Post-TropiClean®-Breath.) I’m talking about the inventive, ingenious Fresh Breath Drops™ from the makers of one of the most reliable lines of pet health products you can find, TropiClean®.

TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ are so simple to use: all you do is squirt three drops/sprays into 16-ounce of water when you refresh your pets’ water supply. It’s seriously like magic to me. Not even five days after Cricky’s first fill-up, we noticed his halitosis coming to a halt. BAD DOG BREATH BANISHED

Jiminy Cricket gets some pre-drop love!

Jiminy Cricket gets some close-up love now that he has the freshest breath!

FROM THREE DROPS EACH REFILL! I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

The one thing that stands out the most, however, is the fact that that awful lasting bad breath Cricky had – that type of bad breath that just lingers on you after your dog bastes you with kisses – is now KO’d. Gone. Vanished. Extinct. I love it that that sticky-grossness that would accompany the terrible smell on your face (post-kisses) is now gone, too. I mean, don’t get me wrong, Cricket still drools and kisses but in a much more sophisticated and clean manner. BOL!

What’s impressive to me as well is that Fresh Breath Drops™ are made with good, all-natural, wholesome ingredients and are hence safe for both dogs and cats. (You can never be too careful if you ask me.) You can review the ingredients here. TropiClean® is proud if its sourcing, manufacturing and packaging and is confident enough to be crystal-clear-cut on its website. It’s totally awesome.

In addition, it’s pretty darn impressive that this natural pet products company actually did clinical trials on Fresh Breath

Cricky now has clean teeth and fresh breath, thanks to TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops. OMD!

Cricky now has clean teeth and fresh breath, thanks to TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops. OMD!

Drops. Wow, right? Tough to summarize here, I inspire you to take a gander at the web page above about the trials – it’s extremely interesting and will reinforce your belief in corporate responsibility/accountability (to me, that’s imperative with a pet care company yet seemingly difficult to find these days). One

conclusion in the trials noted that plaque and tartar were reduced by a whopping 43% after only two weeks of use
tropiclean post ii product picin studied canines.

All this brings me to my main point in this review: our new motto in the Smith household is “TropiClean = Bad Breath Bamboozled.” (Fans of alliteration we are.)

I highly encourage you all to try this fabulous dog bad breath buster – and be sure to give it a good go. Don’t just throw three drops in the water once or twice; give it a good week or so. It worked for Cricket, and I confidently promise it will have some good effect on your dog’s bad breath..

Learn more about TropiClean® Fresh Breath Drops™ now or jump online to the site to try them on your pooches/kittehs yourself! And don’t forget to check out the fun and helpful information that TropiClean has on Facebook!

PetSafe Dog Fence Testing: Will Cricket Contain Himself?

Posted on September 16th, 2015

Well here we are; we are officially ready to launch my sweet, sassy, stubborn Golden Retriever, Cricket into the world of in-ground dog fences and thus, self-reliance, responsibility, and trust.Cricket Window Lookout

Wait, what?

Yes that’s right. Thanks to the generosity of the kind-hearted folks at PetSafe®, who suggested the YardMax™ Rechargeable In-Ground Fence™ training system/kit based on our yard size/shape and Crick’s space and play needs, we’ll be dipping our toes in to see if Cricket will sink or swim. We, my parents and I, aren’t sure if Cricket, who came to us from a background of at least neglect, will stay confined to his yard, sniffing the day away and whiling away the hours spying on chipmunks at the birdfeeder, or if he’ll bolt. It’s just that simple.

I have trained several dogs who were like-minded, i.e. extremely headstrong, including last fall when I worked with Frankie the rescue Husky. Frankie got off the leash on me not once, but twice (leash clasp was faulty and allowed him to pull through it). What did he do each time as soon as he felt the pulling pressure lessen? He took off in a mad sprint, scaring me half to death as he freely weaved his way through a four-lane road.

OMG… NEVER again.

The YardMax components...

The YardMax components…

Needless to say, I (and my parents) move with a bit of trepidation here. We are terrified that Cricket will run through the fence and get lost, never to be found.

Cricket has very rarely been off-leash outdoors in the (almost) year that we’ve had him. That’s the first time I’m admitting that – that I actually did let him off-leash I mean — and my Dad is going to kill me for doing so. On that note, Cricket’s off-leash experience includes only romps on the back deck a few times, perhaps two or three steps onto the pavers or grassy backyard. He did mindlessly wander off the deck when that happened; mind you those were both about 10-second experiences because I saw him go on the pavers and got scared. Cricket is about 2 now, and has the worst ADD. On the other hand, Crick is wicked smart. (He was a ‘Guide Dog School dropout’ so he had a ton of training early in life that he chooses to not use most of the time).

We trust PetSafe. And we trust that the fence works properly. It’s Cricket we don’t trust. And I suppose many other pet parents have gone through the same thing when attempting to incorporate something as huge as this into their pet’s lifestyle. The fact that Daisy, the three-year-old Boxer across the street, learned the ropes and fell into compliance with her PetSafe electronic dog fence is quite encouraging (mind you Daisy came from a breeder and had a wonderful rearing as opposed to Cricket’s big unknown…). The Collie a few streets away also does wonderfully with her PetSafe dog fence (I’ve sold quite a few of these fences, BOL, its comical to see all the little PetSafe flags around the neighborhood)!Flag Petsafe

So here we are. We’ve planted the wires. We’ve set up the flags. We’ve read the carefully planned and wonderfully thorough Training Guide that PetSafe offers with the fence. We’ve trained Cricket to know his name, nicknames, and to know “come,” (or at least I’ve tried on the latter and he seems to respond intuitively, pry because he learned “come” as a pup in Guide Dog School training). Finally, we’ve talked to experts at PetSafe and learned that this fear is all too common.

We’ve alas made the decision to put the PetHub Signal™ Tag on Cricky before we start any in-yard training to help be still our hearts, lol. That way, if he does bolt, we will be able to track him down for the most part.

Have you ever had a similar experience? What is your opinion of electric dog fences?

Stay tuned – in a couple of weeks I will update you all on Cricket’s training progress with his new dog fence!

Dean Koontz & His Golden Retriever Author “Ask Anna,” Dear Abby-Style Advice for Dogs Book

Posted on November 4th, 2014

Koontz_AskAnnaSo who knew? Apparently Dean Koontz has the ability to use transference or something… Because this is the second time a Golden Retriever of his has written a fur-tastic dog book (let’s take a second to pay tribute to the first, the wonderfully funny, late Trixie Koontz).

Anna, Koontz’ latest Golden Retriever, last month released “Ask Anna” with Dad at the helm, gently guiding her, as well as writing the Introduction. And let me tell you, this rare coffee table book brings it home. It’s a true delight, 100% entertaining, and absolutely apropos if you’re a hard-core dog-lover.

“Ask Anna” follows Anna as she “psychologizes,” per se, different animals in her world who have asked for advice. Laid out in full-color and chockfull of enough cute dog pictures to keep even the
most ADD-ridden-dog-(or human-) mind focused, “Ask Anna” is a dog humor book that contains “advice for the furry and forlorn.”

I gotta admit, one of the funniest parts is right smack in the Introduction when Koontz (the hooman) says he had been skeptically observing Anna’s rendezvous with random people from the ‘hood: the mailman, the FedEx guy, the landscapers, the neighbors, etc. LMTO!!! (Laughing my tail off!) It was then that he wondered what she was really up to.

“Proof came when I discovered that Anna had secretly acquired her own computer and was engaged in the dispensing of advice online to all manner of species, but mostly to other dogs. She had kept the computer concealed in our exercise room, where she knew I would never venture…” Koontz concluded.

What’s between Dean’s Introduction and one hell of a powerfully and well-written conclusion, written by Anna, is magnificently magical. It offers insight, psychology, and education. Just imagine that you are a dog for a second. What are dog problems? What do dogs ponder? What bothers them? What do they complain about?Koontz_ASK ANNA

Anna knows. And Anna doles.

This gratuitous and gallant Golden schools us on things like how dogs feel about being short in a big dog’s world (Shrimp, page 12). Or why one shouldn’t worry if a puppy chews (Obsessed in Omaha, page 47.) Anna really had me laughing when she tells Sylvester (page 40), who laments about being cooped up with “fancy cookies… an occasional banana with peanut butter… fresh water… tummy rubs….long cuddles…” and is longing to chase small animals and “fight under the moon,” that he is acting and thinking like a cat. Bwahahaha! “Nobody wants to hear your trash talk. Stop embarrassing your species, straighten up, and start waggin’ in gratitude for being born a dog,” Anna demands.

But I’ll be honest; my very favorite part of the new Dean Koontz dog book, “Ask Anna” is the conclusion, which is also written by Mr. Koontz. “Take My Paw in Times of Trouble: A Dog Day in Koontzland” is hands-down, dead-on, no-holds-barred, 100% Dean Koontz. It’s descriptive as hell, it’s ironical (is that a word?), it subliminally points out obvious faults of humanity (cynically and quite humorously), and finally, it’s that kind of funny that you just don’t happen upon very often, the kind that you get from a very quiet, unsuspecting person with social anxiety who suddenly cracks a seriously funny joke then doesn’t even laugh. It’s that kind of descriptively funny repartee that only Mr. Koontz can provide.

It’s that good.

Koontz, in the Conclusion, after ridding himself of his normal amusing analytical banter about life and why and how the world works, gets into why it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you have a dog to get you through it.

“Dogs possess the innocence and many of the virtues of angels, and I suspect that most of them are more assured a place in Heaven than I am. On a bad day in Koontzland… I need only hold my dog’s paw or rub her behind the ears…and all my troubles melt away like a strawberry-flavored tab of antipsychotic medication…”

If you want to go pick up your own copy of this fantastically fun book, I encourage you to head over to the Facebook page for “Ask Anna.” There you can read more about the book, see some awesome photos, buy your own copy, interact with others and more.

I find it imperative to tell you that Koontz, a well-known southern California-devotee and all-around under-the-radar charitable type of guy, is donating all proceeds of “Ask Anna” to Canine Companions for Independence, the reputable California-based organization that trains and provides assistance dogs to those in need. The animal charity is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs in the U.S., and is known for both the quality and excellence of not only its dogs, but throughout its organization as well. Visit them on Facebook for more information.

Anna is getting paid in sausages. <3

Valentine’s Day Dog Picture Contest: Dog Photo Entries-Part II

Posted on February 7th, 2012

Here is the second part of the posting for the Valentine’s Day Dog Photo Contest

♥ ♥ Please see the first entries here (along withe the RULES THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED)! ♥ ♥

1. Abby and Service Dog Olivia

♥ ♥ You can read the Contest Announcement post here 😉 ♥ ♥


* And you can read the corresponding story for each picture in this post; pictures have numbers in the caption – check the number in the  content to read that cute or funny or heart-warming Valentine’s dog picture story! *


— *** —         — *** —-


2. Donna and Service Dog Sawyer

1. Abby and Service Dog Olivia:Here is a photo of me & my service dog, Olivia. I love the way she naturally posed next to me with our faces touching. When I look at this photo I see love and enjoyment in both our faces. This photo was taken Mother’s Day 2011 in Florida. It was one of the best days we have had in a long time….my sister lives in RI & I live in FL along w/ our parents. Our mother didn’t know of any Mother’s Day plans that year… I told her I needed something at her house & would be stopping by. When the door opened my mom said  “Hi Abby!” It took about 2 minutes for her to realize that it was my sister, Heather, standing in the living room. Surprise!! She was crying & squeezing my sister. We took this photo aboard a Water Taxi.

3. Dudley the Coton du Tulear

Olivia provides medical assistance for me & has given much independence & freedom to me. You know I don’t like getting old, but as we do, it’s nice to know we can do wonderful things for the Mom that put so much love and dedication into raising us..

Comment – BEAUTIFUL TRIBUTE to a Mother… mine is my hero, too!


2. Donna and Service Dog Sawyer:My name is Donna I’m 42 years old and — I have Muscular Dystrophy, and am confined to a wheelchair.  My best friend is my handsome Blonde-Golden Retriever service dog Sawyer. I don’t know  how I ever made it without Sawyer. He can alert if I have a seizures, he turns my lights on and off, he opens and closes doors for me, he picks up things if I drop them, he can even dial 911. My husband says Sawyer watches me at night while I’m sleeping; he wakes us up if I’m breathing shallow. He changed my life forever; I

4. Sadie Getting Her Nails Painted

can go places and do things & never be afraid that there will be no one to help me if I need assistance. Even small things like pushing my arm back up on my arm rest with his nose, It’s like he just knows what I need him to do. You don’t get to pick your service dog, the dog has to pick you… Sawyer picked me and we bonded instantly.

Comment: OK, let me stop crying now!


3. Dudley the Coton de Tulear:Dudley the Coton de Tulear has been in our family for one year. He is pure love! His smile lights up the room. My husband has just gotten home, and he was so glad to see him!

5. Kash and Jesse


4. Gabriela Painting Sadie’s Nails: Sadie our 3-year-old Rottweiler gets her nails painted for Valentines – a beautiful hot pink – by my 10-year-old daughter Gabriela! We thought this picture was Valentines worthy since she doesn’t really like her feet touched!!


5. Kash and Jesse:This pic was taken by my sister, Michelle – it was just before Christmas and the red you see behind the dogs is a red tree skirt. Kash (female) is on the left and Jesse (male) is on the right. We adopted Kash from a local shelter here in Dallas; she was found with a puppy and since puppies are more likely to get adopted out we choose her. She

6. Lola

was only $25! She already had her ears clipped. Jesse and Kash get along very well and love each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.

Facebook question to Jennifer (owner): I don’t understand why you said you took her since puppies are more likely to get adopted…? Wouldn’t that make you want to take a dog that’s a bit older…? I mean no offense, I just don’t understand the explanation I guess…


6. Lola:This is Lola, she’s been the light of my life every since I lost my Border Collie to cancer back in 2010. We have the same birthday (Feb 7th) and I received her on my birthday. She will be 3 this year, and she’s such a blessing who has mended a broken heart.

7. Scout


7. Scout: W-xoxo-f!… My beautiful Westie, ‘Scout,’ who has the biggest heart and loves everyone! Scout will share his prize with our local APL.. wxoxof! Thank you and blessings!


8. Tygeta

8. Tygeta in Her Condo!: This is my perfect little girl Taygeta [sic] in her condo. Tayeta [sic] was named after a star because she has brought such a bright shining light in to [sic] my life. I am sick & she has brought such joy to me it is amazing but all my dogs have! Tata is her (nickname) is  a angel in every way and is  always a winner even if she doesn’t win the contest! She will always be a winner in my eyes; she is treated like a princess and always will be along with the rest of my furry kids! Only a animal will love you for who you truly are.

Dog Picture Entries: Valentine’s Day Doggie Photo Contest

Posted on February 4th, 2012

So, for the Valentine’s Day Doggie Photo Contesthere are the entries (first round). ( See announcement post HERE.)

And, more importantly – here are the RULES for the Valentine’s Day Dog Photo Contest – please read carefully or you will not be qualified!

** CONTEST RUNS NOW thru Feb. 13th, 6 pm EST. The last entrants will be posted Feb 13th (evening) or Feb 14th; you are highly encouraged to get your cute dog pictures in early because voting ends February 18.

Winners will be announced the night of the 18th or on the 19th some time… Prizes will be coming from Spring Naturals, Stella and Chewy’s, Lickety Stik, PetSmart and more 🙂

♥ Please send a dog picture accompanied by a brief story about the dog, explaining why he/she should win, why you chose this particular photo, etc.

It should obviously be one of your funnier/cuter dog photos 



1. No more than two votes per person (per email address if you email your vote or per name/email if you comment your vote in).

2. If you leave a fake email address on your comment to try to stuff comment voting, your vote will not be counted.

3. No more than three persons PER IP ADDRESS and I will test the emails.

YOU MUST ENTER A DOG – BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR DOG – please see numbers 7 and 9 in this post and then tell me what YOU think of this rule...  At, readers RULE; so it’s up to you guys. The Admins and I will also weigh in before the next post and leave a message after we get some COMMENT VOTES!!! (See next two points on voting please!)

4. No voting on Facebook — send your readers HERE to vote in comment. You can post this post on FB – but VOTES on FB won’t count because not everyone has an account there…

5. Remember: Readers can vote by emailing two votes per email address to or by commenting on THIS POST or the ANNOUNCEMENT POST HERE

Please check out the pix below and the stories included therein – each cute dog picture has a number and a corresponding story

1. AVA



















































1.AVA: Ava, the Italian Greyhound, is the ultimate snuggle bug and loves nothing more than to be burrowed under covers, sleeping. This picture nails her personality so perfectly. She pops her head out of her ‘nest’ every so often to make sure she approves of what is going on around the house, and then snuggles back in.


2. BAILEY: This is a favorite photo because the three teddy bears are Bailey’s cuddle mates & he seemed delighted to have them get dressed up for Valentine’s Day for photos with him. Bailey wishes everyone a happy holiday!


3.  CHANCE: Chance was tied to a train track and hit by a couple of trains, so he has some back end damage and has to wear a diaper. We were going to a Blessing of the Animals event and my friend Rod didn’t want Chance to be embarrassed so he dressed him up. (Which probably embarrassed him more but he looks so darned cute, who cares!)



4. FENRIS:  I love this picture of Fenris because he looks so happy. He is a true treasure and such a good dog. I think the cats would even agree that he is a good doggie… After all, he doesn’t chase them and he will even let them eat dry food out of his bowl. Surely you can’t fault him for being unwilling to share the canned dog food 🙂


5. GEORGIA: This pretty girl was a Father’s Day gift for my husband – AND SHE HAS ALREADY MADE THE COVER OF A MAGAZINE! (She was on XXX – see 2nd pic at bottom). Georgia’s Mom didn’t want her at first but realized after taking her friend to multiple 8-hour chemo sessions how wonderful animals are and how helpful they can be 🙂 (Ahem, hello Sasha!)


5. GEORGIA on Country Roads Magazine


6. JACKSON:  Jackson, a Spaniel mix, is “my playful boy who loves nothing more than to be outside running around in the cold!” This picture was taken at the dog park on one of the coldest days of the year. I was in several layers of clothes and still freezing, and Jackson was totally in his element. I swear, he must be part Siberian Husky!


7. JAKE: Jake He 9-years-old and the “best dog I’ve ever seen.”  He is so pleasant and well-behaved.  He likes to sit outside but this day it was cold so his owner puts out a mattress, a pillow and a blanket for him.  He doesn’t even have a leash.  He does not go past the yard.  The entrant said she “just had to take a picture: so I don’t think Jake can win since the entrant doesn’t own a dog. However, Jake did just sit there and pose; and since he is so nice, if you would like to vote for him, we can send the prize to his neighbor and she can take his winnings to him. Let me know what you all think.


8. “LIBBYLU” and MAX: Both rescued from Wisconsin shelters over three years ago… these Golden Retrievers are well-loved by their families and now enjoy the life of spoiled dogs  instead of being behind a cage…


9. MARIA and TACO: Maria, and her dog Taco Bell, are inseparable and go everywhere together. Maria is a professional Salsa dancer in Southwest Florida and Taco Bell has been the designated mascot for her dance troupe for 3 years now! In their spare time, Maria & Taco like to sunbathe in the hammock under palm trees and walk along Ft. Myers beaches.


10. CALVIN: This is my furry Valentine Calvin, the love of my life. He was born with a heart defect, but will soon undergo surgery to repair his tiny heart, so Valentine’s Day is special for us. There is no guarantee that he will survive the risky surgery, but without it he has no chance at all. I take many pics of Calvin but this is one of my favorites.  Calvin was a little cold at an outdoor event, so he wrapped himself up in his special blanket! His personality is just as it appears in the photo, sweet and innocent with a side of mischief.  I am thankful every day that this puppy came into my life.  He has taught me so much about unconditional love and never losing hope.


11. OLIVER: Introducing Oliver: he is a 5-year-old Wire-Haired Dachshund who is a natural “ham!” He is wonderful in every way. Children and adults alike are always smiling when He is around. Oliver is just a happy, charismatic pup, very much loved by his family!


The RULES for the Valentine’s Day Dog Photo Contest  must be followed or you could be disqualified (I am accusing no one of anything illegal contest-wise , but people HAVE tried to take advantage in the past b/c ThoughtsFurPaws is inherently known for its CRAZY-GOOD prize packages:))

CONTEST RUNS NOW thru Feb. 13th, 6 pm EST.

♥ Please send a dog picture accompanied by a brief story about the dog, explaining why he/she should win, why you chose this particular photo, etc. It should obviously be one of your funnier/cuter dog photos  ♥

1. No more than two votes per person (per email address if you email your vote or per name/email if you comment your vote in).

2. If you leave a fake email address on your comment to try to stuff comment voting, your vote will not be counted.

3. No more than three persons PER IP ADDRESS – and we WILL be testing emails.

4. YOU MUST ENTER A DOG – BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE YOUR DOG – please see numbers 7 and 9 in this post and then tell me what YOU think of this rule...  At, readers RULE; so it’s up to you guys but the Admins and I will also make a decision before the next post and leave a comment after we get some COMMENT VOTES!!! (See next two points on voting please!)

5. No voting on Facebook — send your readers HERE to vote in comment.

6. Readers can vote by emailing two votes per email address to

See original Announcement post from a couple days ago here.

And get your entries in fast 🙂

  ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥  ♥ ♥   ♥ ♥