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Posted on December 24th, 2012

Please Welcome Rom the Foster Basset Hound!

Posted on February 27th, 2012

As you all know, two weeks back we lost Henry the Basset Hound. My sister, Henry’s Mom, was (actually is) beside herself with grief – you guys know what I’m talking about.

Nothing hits you like the loss of a pet that’s been by your side every day through EVERY THING, whether for a year or 11 – as in Henry the Peanut’s case.

So yesterday Ashly again accepted a foster from Ohio Basset Rescue in Columbus (and did some transport on the way!)


As far as we know, here are the details on “Romney:”

- He is about 4 or 5-years-old

- He was abused at some point as he totally cowers, puts his head down to the ground when a voice gets loud or when he hears a loud noise, and he has multiple gashes/scars; he also puts his back end down and drags when he feels scared (tail btwn legs, etc.)

- Took a dog warden in Dayton around 5 months to catch him; he was literally like Duffy on “Pit Bulls and Parolees

- He weighs just 34 pounds right now – that’s how sick he is… don’t worry, we will fatten him up

- He LOVES Ashly, he loved me, and he loved my parents – so he is ABSOLUTELY a LAMB and will recover from all of the above

- He likes walks already, is good on a leash, is good with cats, and was cozying up to Franklin all day yesterday so he likes other dogs; we believe he will do BETTER with another dog actually and not alone

So welcome Rom with open arms as we have; and say a prayer for him & that Ash (et al) can turn him around like she did with Franklin, the former puppy mill stud Basset, who now runs the show at the Smith House… :) !

We love you Rom and you are forever safe and loved now :) Thank you Amy at Ohio Basset Rescue for doing what you do!


Henry “the Peanut” Basset Hound Passes to Rainbow Bridge: Cancer Takes Yet Another Dog…

Posted on February 17th, 2012

Yesterday our family’s beloved Basset Hound Henry, who just successfully finished the Eukanuba Challenge, had to cross the Rainbow Bridge – he had a huge tumor behind his liver – the size of a golf ball – that was cancerous and inoperable. He would not have made it long.

My sister Ashes (my personal sisters-only nickname for her), Henry’s forever Mu-ther (our family ‘animal word’ for mom), made the world’s hardest decision (or one of them) to put The Peanut down so he would not suffer any pain or discomfort. (He had already been throwing up blood that morning.)

* Ashes, like me with Theodore, had barely been over the passing of Tucky the Pittie mix three years ago. *

** Keep in mind this is at 7 am the morning after our mother had SERIOUS Rotator Cuff surgery; Mom was in the worst condition we both had EVER seen her in in our ENTIRE lives – we were already hysterical at one hospital Wednesday and practically inconsolable. (No one should have to see their mother cry or in that kind of pain.)

Henry in His Fave Chair - Graphic Courtesy Zoolatry

Anyhow, Ashes slept at our house with my Mom Weds night so my Dad could get some rest – she was up all night taking care of her, rubbing her feet, putting lip balm on her, getting her throat lozenges, moisturizing her face, getting water, and everything else you can think of that someone needs in the immediate PAIN after a surgery that serious. She’s naturally caring and giving like that – always worried about everyone else…

◊ Ashes returned home at 7 am Thursday am to find Henry in horrible condition – barely able to move. I had JUST SEEN HIM Wednesday myself while we were waiting for Mom to get into recovery — I chocked his slowness, labored breathing and odd behavior up to typical stubborn Peanut/Basset behavior and/or old age/tiredness/laziness – imagine the uselessness (and mis-education – yes that’s a word) I feel right now (but this is not about me).

Ashes is in horrible condition. I wish I knew how to help my sister. I cannot explain how awful it feels to not be able to do something.

She came over with Franklin, the rescue Basset she saved from Ohio Basset Rescue (thanks to Amy B., who saved him from a puppy mill in Ohio’s Amish Country – the WORST offender), all day yesterday and “Mr. Frank N Beans” wouldn’t leave her side.

He knew something was wrong…. like all animals do when something of this magnitude happens.

Peanut was one of the first animals I wrote about when I started ThoughtsFurPaws — I nicknamed him “Henry the Horrible” because he was comically stubborn, slow, LOUD and obstinate – similar to Marley, the proclaimed World’s Worst Dog!

You could not train it out of him – neither Cesar Milan nor Victoria Stilwell (spelling?) could have…  ! And we loved him for it :)

Henry inspired me beyond words, and I have many a poem and short story about him that I will slowly share in a series over the next couple months.

♥ ♥ Henry:

Your family will love and cherish you and our blessed memories of your “hilarities” forever. We will always think of you when we see a Hound of any type. You adopted your Mother as much as she adopted you and you will never know how much you gave to her — or how much you enriched all of our lives. I feel at ease knowing you were greeted at the Bridge by your older brother – Ashly’s Tux – plus our family’s Nickodemus and Gibson and my Theodore. all of whom have passed from cancer.

We also know that all of our pet friends in the blogosphere who have lost a beloved animal to cancer OR ANYTHING are greeting you, sniffing around, letting you follow your nose as you always did, romping and playing, doing your famous squawk, and jumping around like you are 1-year-old again, probably stepping on your own ears like you did on your first few walks (remember — Ashes carried you halfway through Long Beach because you got tired and kept stepping on your ears!)

Henry our “Perpendicular Peanut,” our Rebellious Basset, our first family Hound who started a forever tradition

♥ ♥ we will forever miss you and can’t wait to see you again ♥ ♥

Ash, my sister in blood and water, love and friendship, and in every other way possible:



“You want the moon? Just say the word and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down”


Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge Wrap-Up: We ARE BELIEVERS and BUYERS Forever!

Posted on February 3rd, 2012

Thank you so so much to all the kind folks at Eukanuba and Dogtime Media who were able to get Franklin and Henry into the 28-Day Challenge, first of all…

Second, we knew going in that Proctor and Gamble Pet Care Division has an awesome reputation – our kittehs eat only IAMS wet and dry food and eat health treats too.

However… we are eternally grateful because we have seen such an amazing change in the exterior and the temperament of both our precious pooches, Franklin and Henry, with the Eukanuba formulas they are on. Eukanuba asked me to, in 100 words or less, to sum up the best part. Here’s my word-for-word answer:

100 words or less is tough for me, but here goes… Franklin and Henry were never just “good” dogs; they have always been extraordinary. Their health, on the other hand, WAS NOT.

However, as of now:

-          Franklin and Henry are going “number two” three times a day — regularly

-          Their coats are super-shiny

-          Their breath is fresher

-          Their teeth are cleaner

-          They have adapted so well to the food that they eat slower and enjoy it!

Considering they are seriously picky eaters and that Bassets are inherent with problems when not bred right (and that Frank is a former puppy mill stud), this is all fantastic news.

Are you planning to feed your dog Eukanuba moving forward?

Franklin the Former Puppy Mill Stud Dog

Yes, they absolutely love it!!! We can’t imagine going back at this point…

What was the best part of the Challenge?

The best part of the Challenge has been over the last two weeks… oh yeah – also the change in their breath and their coats! These two things are just so obvious that even neighbors (when on walks) and people/friends at dog parks have asked us what’s changed!

We saidEukanubaand have been answered in shock with SO MANY “NO WAYS!!” that it’s remarkable!! People just can’t believe a food (what I now call a SUPER FOOD for dogs) like Eukanuba’s Custom Care Joint Formula or Eukanuba Senior Maintenance Formula, which Franklin and Henry are getting respectively, can have so much of an effect! It’s like humans eating kale and almonds and avocado and mangoes or something!!! A little of this helps that part and a bit of that helps this part!! LOL! Do you know what I mean? They are getting EVERYTHING they need in one food – vitamins, minerals, supplements, and special ingredients that help their little bodies prepare for life better.

We also really love the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge Facebook page the organization put up to document everyone else’s experiences! It’s fun to see pictures and read stories like ours!

 What did you learn about your dog from the Challenge?

We learned that they can actually eat slowly and enjoy their good; that they are smarter than they know; that they are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed no matter what time of day it is, and that they are the most extraordinary dogs and most well-loved animals in the ‘hood :) ♥ ♥

Would you recommend feeding Eukanuba to others?

♥ ♥ ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY!!!!!!!!!!Any day of any week, any breed of any age. It’s our super power poodle food. (We call all dogs poodles in this family…)

And as the Hounds would say, “Baarrrrugala….!”

Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge Has Totally Helped Our Bassets! Thank You Eukanuba!

Posted on January 30th, 2012

This is your weekly PUPDATE on the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge for Henry and Franklin, the famous Lakewood Basset Hounds!

Sorry the pupdate is late but Mom was out of town!

Peanu "Undercover Brother" after a LONG dog park night!

See our previous Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge posts here!

We cannot believe the FOURTH WEEK changes we are seeing on our Basset Hounds, which are known for being inherently ornery, bossy, lazy and driven by their noses…

They have lost or gained weight where necessary; they actually enjoy their mealtimes now, and they have benefited in other ways individually in totally unexplainable ways.

So due to serious time restraints, here is the Q/A we were sent:

What physical changes are you noticing the most?

Activity level for sure – they are up and ready in the morning and evening after dinner to go to Lakewood Dog Park (which is having a Super Bowl Fundraiser Dog Pawty) and cause a ruckus! Franklin just will not be quiet or calm down until we go to the park or for a long walk; it’s so obvious that he feels younger. It’s difficult to explain when you aren’t seeing it first-hand, which is why I am going to tell anyone reading this to try the Eukanuba 28-Day Challenge next time it’s offered!

We’re also noticing that they aren’t shedding as much, but when they do, we notice it’s silky fur and easy to brush right off… Their coats are so shiny now that our friend at Lakewood Dog Park asked what kind of shampoo we use! We I shocked him when we said it’s not the shampoo, it’s the food!

Is your dog still enthusiastic about the food?

Oh yeah: they enjoy every bit of kibble.

Henry has actually slowed down so he tastes and enjoys the kibble – he doesn’t just inhale it! This is what we WANTED!

Have you seen any changes in your dog’s weight (maintained weight, shed a few pounds)?

:) Henry has lost three pounds total — perfect! Franklin has gained four – PERFECT :)

What has surprised you the most about your dog on Eukanuba?

We had never expected THAT ONE FOOD CAN DO SO SO MUCH for our dogs. What really has surprised us the most is their personalities — they are seriously – HAPPIER DOGS overall — due to this food.

And we think it’s because Henry and Franklin’s senior and joint issues, respectively, have changed.

So thank you Eukanuba and we will be back in a few days with the wrap-up!