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#TheMajorityProject: One Non-Profit’s Plan to Plod out Prolific Pit Bull Misperception

Posted on February 17th, 2015

Animal Farm Foundation Sends Strong Pro-Pittie Message; Challenges Harmful Stereotypes of So-Called “Bully” Dog Breed

This post is sponsored by The Animal Farm Foundation and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about The Majority Project, but only shares information we feel relevant to readers. Animal Farm Foundation is not responsible for the content of this article. All opinions in this article are of the author and administrator of this blog, JL Smith. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews or information nor does it perpetuate the spread of misinformation.

Pit Bulls. American Pit Bull Terriers. APBTs. American Bulldog. Some people even unknowingly call them “Bulldogs.” Or American Bulldog Terrier. These are all names for one of the world’s gentlest and kindest dog breeds I’ve ever known – at home and in my rescue/animal welfare efforts (and I’ve faced a lot).

The word “bull” is in no way meant to be taken literally with any one of these tender, sweet creatures. How do I know that? Am I the all-knowing Animal God that can foresee and explain every detail? No, unfortunately. But I can tell you what I’ve learned. And I can tell you what I’ve experienced.  And what I’ve seen — and what I’ve NEVER seen. And I can tell you that it’s beyond sweet. It’s so sweet, that I, in fact, find the irony that the word “bull” is in this breed name to be sweet just to spite the fact!


Read on. And see why the dreadful, negative, media-perpetuated typecasts of Pit Bulls are complete myth; how my experiences with these brilliant dogs framed my outlook forever; and why you should consider changing your own mindset – or, if you agree already, advocating for #TheMajorityProject, a nationwide campaign by Animal Farm Foundation aimed at turning around those pesky stereotypes about our loving little Pit-Bully babes. (I used to call our black and white Pittie my “sweet little pit-bully-dog:” actually it was a whole song I sang to him but I won’t get into that here.)

Tux, top, the Pit Bull mix, and Henry, bottom, the Basset Hound, snuggling.

Tux, top, the Pit Bull mix, and Henry, bottom, the Basset Hound, snuggling.

My Tux, aka “Tucky,” “Ram (because he liked to ram things with his head),” or “Tuckarina (my Mom’s personal fave),” was tenacious and tough. He was, though not named “Tuxedo,” a tuxedo-colored Pit mix who also had a bit of Welsh Corgi and Lab in him (don’t ask). His predominate breed was American Pit Bull Terrier according to DNA tests, however. Anyhow, Tucky was the bomb. I really wish I had time to explain every adorable thing he ever did here but I don’t, so I’m hoping that you will take from my emotion and passion how much I love this dog (and miss him). And, of course, I hope you’ll gather what a gentle soul he was… And I hope it will inspire you to go ahead and join #TheMajorityProject.

Tucky was my car-partner. Although he was my sister’s dog, she and I lived together and she worked nights as a bartender, I worked days. Hence, I always had “the boys” at night (she also had a Basset Hound named Henry). Working as a consultant at the time, I often worked from home at night and would go on coffee runs around 7:30 or 8:00 pm (give me a break, we all have a vice).

I am a Pit Bull; and I am playful and silly and sweet!

I am a Pit Bull named Brisket; and I am playful and silly and sweet!

Tucky love, love, loved going on car rides. When we lived in Orange County, CA, my sister was in Long Beach, which is north, and to get there you had to drive right past the takeoff/landing paths of planes headed to/from John Wayne Airport. Tucky would absolutely lose his mind barking at the planes and shake with joy over the noise and the excitement of seeing something so big and powerful and loud up so close. (You’ve heard of dogs chasing cars, right? Well Tux chased planes.) He would get so excited he would often foof in the car, thank you very much!

Tucky also accompanied me, after one night of me inviting him, on my aforementioned nightly coffee runs. The second I stood up from my laptop at 8:00 on any given night he just knew and would run to the door. It was #adorbs. Of course, I let him come every time. I would always buy him a beef jerky from 7-11. He would, after thoroughly kissing me and thanking me, devour the Slim-Jim in seconds then go back to sticking his whole head out the window and doing polite bark-bys at every moving or stationary object/person we passed, BOL! (FYI: A “bark-by” is like a non-violent “drive-by” from a dog; it’s when they run past you real fast [like when they are zooming] and bark their butts off on the way out of sheer enthusiasm and delight! I believe I’ve seen a few dogs at BlogPaws doing bark-bys, BOL again. And I definitely see dogs at the dog park and at dog beach doing crazy bark-bys!)

So this is a Pit Bull who, when left alone in the car, did not jump out the open window at children who pet him; who did not act aggressively toward people who approached the car with the windows down; and who never ever acted in a threatening manner in a public place though oft-provoked by a curious & prodding public, or by another dog (one of which was, yes believe it, a mean Golden Retriever). Tux was relaxed. And trusting. Tux knew his boundaries and his limits and the rules. And he lived by all of them. Tucky was respectful, loving and funny. He was docile yet strong, submissive yet assertive, uncannily goofy, and wicked smart. He was intuitive, sweet, and if he could talk like a human, he’d talk the ear off a cornstalk.

Tucky was predominantly Pit Bull. Tucky was the majority…

For this he wasn’t allowed at the local dog park at all. For this, the city we lived in (Lakewood, Ohio) now requires his breed to be muzzled and leashed when outdoors (on walks) or while at dog parks, at all times, no exceptions (not even if Fido has a cone on). Responsible Pit Bull owners also have 6” or higher fencing around the entire yard, as is also required by the county nowadays. And if Tucky were here now, I just know he would say:

“#IAmTheMajority*, and I am loving, kind, gracious, sweet and smart. Furthermore, I have emotions too, so please don’t hurt me with your words, policies or hands.”

Breed Specific Legislation, referred to commonly as BSL, is a nationwide epidemic, if you will. County and city governments are having a hay day harassing my precious Pitties and their faithful owners, requiring staunch advocates like myself and others like those at Animal Farm Foundation to bend over backwards and turn inside out just to get a valid, legitimate, veritable message out like nay-sayers do.

What is this message?

Pit Bulls are not mean dogs. There is no such thing as a “Bully Breed.” If you ask me, there are no bad dogs – there are only irresponsible (okay, bad) pet owners. And I’m not sorry if I get in trouble for saying that.

Pit Bull owners are not irresponsible dog owners; neither are German Shepherd or Rottweiler or Dobie owners. Reckless dog owners cannot be correlated with any particular breed or type of dog; the only factor reckless dog owners have in common is their problematic behavior resulting from a disregard of public safety and animal welfare.

Think about it – honestly – for a minute, please. Have you ever heard the saying, “Attempting to get to the truth means rejecting stereotypes and clichés?”

No? Well (it was spoken by a man named Harold Evans and) it’s the perfect overarching descriptive statement of what’s happening here, here in the nationwide fight to eradicate BSL and, instead, advocate for responsible pet ownership.

Let me pose another situation really quick:

How many stories do you see on the news or Internet about a “bully breed” hurting someone?

Brisket the Pit Bull helped welcome the new rescue kitty this winter; here they are cuddling.

Brisket the Pit Bull helped welcome the new rescue kitty this winter; here they are cuddling.

Now how many times do you see on the news or Internet a story about a “bully breed” loving someone to pieces with kisses, affection and love? Featuring the dog standing next to a 5-year-old child with the child holding the leash and the Pittie licking the child’s face? Stories like those of the Michael Vick dogs and what they’ve become and accomplished and who they are? How often do you see stories like that?

Not NEARLY as often… hardly ever…. That fact there makes it an unfair fight right out of the gate.

Anyhow, I’d like to ask something of you now if I could guys — I do have one of those important Internet videos for you to see really quickly (it’s not even two minutes), and I hope it will help you understand that Pit Bulls are not mean dogs. And I hope it will help you understand that the restrictions that Tucky faced, and that Pit Bulls near my town now face, and that restrictions that responsible breed owners now face, are totally unfair and are not based on fact or history (or anything reliable or predictable – just like I’m not the Animal God, unfortunately). The video is about The Majority Project, a really cool initiative meant to stomp out the stereotypes (among other things), thank Heavens.

In an effort to challenge the negative stereotypes about Pittie owners, Animal Farm Foundation created #TheMajorityProject, a photo collection illustrating how countless Pit Bull dog owners make valuable contributions to their communities and families every single day.

Pit Bull owners can join The Majority Project by visiting, printing and personalizing an “I am the MAJORITY” sign and submitting a photo with their dog.

Animal Farm Foundation partnered with actor and Pittie owner, Jon Bernthal to create a public service announcement (PSA) to raise awareness for The Majority Project; some of the photos submitted will be chosen to appear in The Majority Project PSA to help raise awareness for the cause! Cool! Bernthal hopes to help an unaware public understand that Pit Bull owners are no different than other dog owners; the overwhelming majority love and care for their pets in a responsible manner, which includes proper maintenance, control and containment of their dogs.

The Majority Project with Jon Bernthal from Animal Farm Foundation on Vimeo.

Animal Farm Foundation is a non-profit corporation has been rescuing and re-homing animals, as well as making grants to other humane organizations, since the mid-1980’s. It is Animal Farm Foundation’s mission to secure equal treatment and opportunity for Pit Bulls. Join The Majority Project on Facebook at, or Twitter at

Let’s Name February 13th #ValentinesforDogs Day

Posted on February 12th, 2015

Special Dog Treats, Doggie Valentine Cards and More from Big Heart Pet Brands Will Make an Extra Special Heart-Filled Holiday for You & Your Pooch

Psst, hey you! You with the heart-shaped basket chockfull o’ Valentine gifts and cards – I have an idea for you!

Big Heart Pet Brands, the dog-lovers and canine-connoisseurs behind other big brands including Milk-Bone™, Pup-Peroni®, Milo’s Kitchen® and Canine Carryouts®, has some special things in store for you and your pooch this happy heart day.

First of all, let’s all declare tomorrow, February 13th, Valentine’s for Dogs Day! Why? Because we all love our dogs more than life and because our cute canines deserve all the affection in the world (every day actually) on this special day devoted to all things love.

You can even send a doggie Valentine card with BHPB’s #ValentinesforDogs! Why not include your dogs in special occasions and share a special moment with them? After all, Valentine’s treats and cards are not only for people, but also for our beloved pets!

Now check out the cool dog Valentine infographic. It tells you the five ways you can have a dog-loving Valentine’s Day; how to print out and personalize your

Extracted from main Big Heart Pet Brands doggie Valentines infographic.

Extracted from main Big Heart Pet Brands doggie Valentines infographic.

own dog Valentine cards (they are really cool – you can insert a Milk-Bone or other BHPB dog treat into them!); how dogs help enhance our daily lives (not a tough one to answer for me), and lots more.

The doggy Valentines are especially cool if you ask me. And it’s simple to use them. All you do is print and cut out your chosen cards, insert a special dog treat, hand the special doggy Valentines to all the special pooches in your life, and finally, share your #ValentinesforDogs photos and moments on Twitter and Instagram!

It’s never been easier to say “I Love You” than it is now –canine-style!

14 Reasons “The One” For You May Have 4 Legs This Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 7th, 2015

Best Friends Animal Society’s “The One” Promotion Offers National $10 Pet Adoptions for Valentine’s Day, Feb. 13-16

Flowers. Candy. Declarations of love. For those happily coupled, Valentine’s Day can be one of the best times of the year. For some of the 102 million singles in America, according to, the holiday can be awful.

With millions of people looking for love online, Best Friends Animal Society asks the question: why limit the search to the two-legged?

Photo Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

Photo Courtesy Best Friends Animal Society

“Ask just about any pet owner and they’ll tell you, dogs and cats provide them with a lot of joy, comfort and companionship,” said Gregory Castle, chief executive officer of Best Friends Animal Society, located in Kanab, UT. “And with so many dogs and cats in shelters or rescues waiting to be your one and only, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to adopt a pet.”

To further promote prospective people and pet matches, Best Friends Animal Society is offering $10 adoptions during “The One” promotion taking place February 13-16 at its adoption centers in Utah, New York, or Los Angeles, as well as through participating No More Homeless Pets Network partners across the country. More information about the promotion can be found by visiting

Still not sure about a four-legged Valentine? Best Friends Animal Society offer 14 compelling reasons why a pet might just be “The One” for you:

  1. Pets won’t play hard to get.
  2. Pets won’t break up with you on Twitter.
  3. Pets won’t mock you for eating ice cream out of the carton.
  4. Pets will never take the last beer.
  5. Pets don’t care what kind of car you drive.
  6. Pets love binge watching “Orange is the New Black” as much as you do.
  7. Pets have no desire to trade you in for a newer model.
  8. Pets couldn’t care less about your hair or what you wear.
  9. Pets love it when you leave your clothes on the floor (instant nap spot!).
  10. Pets won’t look at their smartphone when you are trying to have a conversation.
  11. Pets are cheap dates – no fancy dinners or expensive jewelry required.
  12. Pets drooling and snoring are pretty cute. Humans, not so much.
  13. Pets will snuggle whenever you want.
  14. Pets think every day is Valentine’s Day – just one more chance to show you unconditional love!

“We encourage anybody looking for love to go to one of our adoption centers or your local shelter or rescue to find that perfect match,” Castle said. “Big and small, young and old, there’s a wonderful adoptable pet waiting to meet you and make this your most special Valentine’s Day ever.”

About Best Friends Animal Society®

Best Friends Animal Society is the only national animal welfare organization dedicated exclusively to ending the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. A leader in the no-kill movement, Best Friends runs the nation’s largest no-kill sanctuary for companion animals, as well as lifesaving programs in partnership with rescue groups and shelters across the country. Since its founding in 1984, Best Friends has helped reduce the number of animals killed in American shelters from 17 million per year to about 4 million. By continuing to build effective initiatives that reduce the number of animals entering shelters and increase the number who find homes, Best Friends and its nationwide network of members and partners are working to Save Them All®.

To like Best Friends Animal Society on Facebook go to: or you can follow this bad-ass animal charity on Twitter at 

Valentine’s Day Goes to the Dogs: Dog Basket Giveaway + Fun Survey!

Posted on February 1st, 2015

Plato Pet Treats National Survey Rates Celebrity Dogs, Measures Dog Owner Gift-Giving

Okay, so I have a serious question for all of you dog-lovers out there: are you getting Brutus or Buffy a Valentine treat or gift? If so, what? Have you thought about it? Do you ever wonder if you are going overboard? Do you ever go overboard? (BOL – silly question to be asking you guys, he he!)

I don’t wonder – I just go. And yes, I am getting my sweet yet wily Cricket a few Valentine’s dog treats actually… lucky dog. (Stick with me – I have a point, I promise.)

A recent national survey* conducted by Plato Pet Treats concluded that, among American dog owners, almost half polled plan to give their dog a treat this Valentine’s Day.  So I want to poll you guys (check the poll on left sidebar or leave me a comment): I want to know if you’re giving a Valentine dog treat this year, and I want to know where we, as humble and intelligent pet-lovers and blog-readers, stand up against other pet-lovers that are in the national survey that Plato did! So answer away please! (More details below under “Contest.”)

This national poll, conducted in end of January this year, found all sorts of interesting facts, in fact. Overall, 47 percent of Americans with dogs plan to gift their four-legged friend a treat for Valentine’s Day. This figure increases for dog owners ages 18-34 where six in 10 will get their dog a treat.

Plato Pet TreatsAnd what do dog owners think their pets want the most this Valentine’s Day? Treats, of course! Responses reveal that 62 percent of American dog owners think a treat would top their pup’s wish list this Valentine’s Day if they could ask for a gift!

In addition to treats, dog owners shared which celebrity’s dog their pooch would have a crush on (if they were to have a crush on a celebrity’s dog of course). Among female dog owners ages 18-34, Bradley Cooper’s dog, Charlotte, gets the top spot with one in five females ages 18-34 (22 percent), while close behind is Dali, Hugh Jackman’s dog (18 percent). Rounding out the pack among female dog owners ages 18-34 is Lupo, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s dog (11 percent).

“Americans truly love their dogs, and what better way to show that love than with a treat?” said Aaron Merrell, co-founder and co-owner of Plato Pet Treats. “The act of giving a treat allows us to give something special back to our pets as a reward, an act of love or simply just because. Our dogs treat us every day; let’s treat them in return with the best treats possible.”

Plato Pet Treats was founded on the premise that dogs are family members and pet parents should feel good about what they give their dogs. Because of this philosophy, Plato treats ensures all treats are “wag worthy” – made only with natural ingredients. All treats are slow-baked in-house, unlike other treats that are loaded with fillers and packed with calories, sugar, molasses, maple syrup, corn or wheat. Each Plato Pet ingredient can be traced back to its original source. And, dogs love the taste of Plato!

(Check out Plato Pet Treats’ animal charity/welfare efforts here – pretty neat stuff this company does to give back to our furry friends I gotta tell ya’…)

Plato Pet Treats: Love in Treat Form


Plato Pet Treats “Made with Love” Survey Bites

The responsibly sourced pet treat maker piloted this national survey to reveal the love and devotion that pet parents have for their dogs. Highlights include:


  • Paws Up for the Northeast – Dogs in the Northeast are some of the luckiest since that region topped the list with 54 percent of dog owners planning to gift a treat.
  • What Dogs Would Really Want – While treats top the list for what pet parents think their dogs would want more for Valentine’s Day (62 percent), a toy comes in second with 17 percent, and in third is a tie between a trip to the groomer (4 percent) or a dog bed (4 percent).
  • Hollywood’s “Hot” Dogs – When asked which celebrity pooch their dog would have a crush on, respondents ages 18-34 (19 percent) said their dog’s first choice would be Bradley Cooper’s dog, Charlotte, whereas Americans 65 and older said Anne Hathaway’s adorable dog, Edward, would capture the heart of their pup.

*Survey Methodology

This survey was conducted online within the United States by Harris Poll on behalf of Plato Pet Treats from Jan. 9-13, 2015 among 3,006 adults ages 18 and older with 1,386 dog owners. This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact blog administrator.


So to celebrate this season of love, and Plato Pet Treats are giving away one major doggie-themed prize basket to a lucky winner!

To enter, I would like for you to not only share this post on Twitter (please tag @ThoughtsFurPaws), but also, please tell me in the comments the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done for your dog as a gift, OR tell me what your outrageous Valentine’s Day plans are for your pet this year! I will choose one lucky winner to get a Plato Pet Treat Basket filled to the brim with wholesome canine goodness and goodies!


You may enter as soon as you see this post appear on the blog; entries will be accepted until Sunday, February 8th at 6 pm EST. Please note, it is absolutely necessary to leave a valid comment (which means a real name and email address) in order to be considered for the drawing. Winner will be announced Monday, February 9th via email. US residents only please.

More information on the Plato Pet Treat product line can be found at or

Lucy Pet Foundation Will Show Kitten Bowl Commercial Featuring Furry Fumbles & Serious CGI

Posted on January 27th, 2015

Special Commercial for Animal Welfare Group Airs Feb. 1 During Superbowl on Hallmark Channel

The Lucy Pet Foundation (LPF) is a truly fantastic and reputable animal welfare non-profit; their purpose is to end the euthanasia in shelters that’s due to pet overpopulation (which we all know is lucy fndn logolike, close to being public enemy #1 in terms of animal welfare issues in the US).

So it’s totally exciting news that they have a Super Bowl (okay a Kitten Bowl) commercial coming up on February 1 that has been well-received and raved about! The best Bowl commercial this season just may be on the carn-sarn Hallmark Channel!

*By the way, I’ve been assured by the brand that this commercial will change the way America looks at cats and dogs forever. Wow. That’s a hefty statement! So how the heck are they doing it?

Lucy Pet Foundation’s groundbreaking #DogsVsCats football game commercial airing on Super Bowl Sunday, will feature the most high-tech CGI (computer graphic imaging) ever done using animals, and is bound to be among the most discussed ads of the year! #CANTWAIT!

Lucy Bowl Teaser from Lucy Pet Foundation on Vimeo

The founder of LPF, past president of Natural Balance Pet Foods, animal devotee Joey Herrick, has put over $1 million into The Lucy Pet Foundation, and oh by the way, he will never draw a single penny in salary from it. How’s that for love and dedication…?

Apparently for Mr. Herrick, it’s about more… It’s about doing the right thing. And it’s about the animals! Herrick (et. al. at the company) hoped to draw attention to the fact that 80,000 pets are euthanized each week in shelters across the US, simply due to overpopulation, overcrowding, etc. Another wonderful thing about The Lucy Foundation?

This Doggie Linebacker is set for play this Sunday!

This Doggie Linebacker is set for play this Sunday!


And aside from that amazing display of attractive humanitarianism, I’d like to again point out to my lovely readers the awesome #DogsVsCats football game commercial. YES – there will be cats with uniforms on people. And for the theme? Well The Lucy Foundation just wants you to let them know whether you are #TeamCat or #TeamDog? So go take some pics and send over your best selfies, portraits, action shots, and mug shots (not literal– please don’t get your dog arrested, BOL).

One last little tidbit (tidbone…?) of coolness to tell ya’. The director of #TheLucyBowl commercial is Sam Nicholson, one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed visual effects wizards, known best for Heroes, 24, The Walking Dead and Star Trek I! Wow! Now I really can’t wait to see this spot!

So I’m pretty sure I know what I’ll be doing on Superbowl Sunday besides not watching football. I will be hooting and howling over some seriously funny kitty and doggie football action at the Kitten Bowl on the Hallmark Channel; be sure you’re on the lookout for this kooky commercial you guys – you won’t want to miss it. And also, don’t forget to check out the teaser video here.

The Kitten Bowl airs at 12/1 Central on Superbowl Sunday on your local Hallmark Channel.


This post was brought to you in an effort to raise awareness about Lucy Pet Foundation’s upcoming ethical pet population campaign. Lucy Pet Foundation provided all images and information about the commercial, but all opinions in this piece are of the Administrator and Owner of, JL Smith. If you’re a blogger interested in spreading the word about this campaign, while also enjoying the chance to earn a donation for your favorite rescue, contact and request more information.