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Big Heart Pet Brands Offers Big Fall Fun for Pets This Holiday Season

Posted on November 14th, 2014

DIY Pet Projects, Seasonal, Creative Dog Craft Ideas & Videos Help Your Dog Give Thanks


∗Disclosure∗: Post sponsored by lunchbox™, but all opinions herein are those of the Author and Administrator of this blog, JL Smith. never publishes dishonest, distorted or distended reviews, nor does it perpetuate the circulation of misinformation.

I don’t know abou#TreatThePups Dog Treat Gift Ideast you all, but in our fur-baby-run-household, Frankie Fancy-Face is getting on board for his second Thanksgiving (he was only 3 months old his first). And thanks to the kind folks at Walmart, who provide us dog devotees with safe and reliable pet products from Big Heart Pet Brands for #TreatThePups like Milk-Bone™ and more in their stores as well as online, this holiday season will be super furry and fun!

How so?

And what is #TreatThePups?

Dog Treat Gift Ideas

First things first. The first answer will have pet- and craft-lovers everywhere rejoicing – I have some seriously exciting dog craft ideas for Fido, thanks to Big Heart Pet Brands (which, BTW, entirely includes Milk-Bone™, Pup-Peroni® and Milo’s Kitchen®). This tempting and tantalizing trio of treats is ideal for any gifting you might be thinking of doing around this time period of first snows, giving thanks, and enjoying turkey-time and togetherness. BOL! A perfect dog treat basket may be the “Cornucopia of Treats” or the “Thanksgiving Treat Jar” as seen on the Walmart #TreatThePups webpage, or it could include what Frankie and I put together in his basket for Taco, his teeny-tiny doggie best friend who lives across the street. (Sometimes they stare out the windows through the blinds at each other longingly – it’s quite comical!) The homemade dog gift included Frankie’s faves…

Homemade Dog Treat gift

Tie a ribbon around a mason jar of treats with some other special enhancements! Voila!

Taco weighs about 8 pounds soaking wet so we got him itty-bitty things where we could, including the mouth-watering Milk-Bone Mini’s Flavor Snacks®. We also threw in some other must-haves: Milk-Bone Brushing Chews® Daily Dental Treats (these things are imperative for clean canine chompers), Original Beef Flavor Pup-Peroni® ($.50 an ounce = AWESOME!) and finally some Milo’s Kitchen® Chicken Grillers Dog Treats (yummo says Husky boss Frankie Four Paws…). We then took a few of each out of the box and put them into separate jars, then tied different color fall ribbons around the different jars of treats. Now Taco has four treat jars! (Okay, he got two and we gave two to other friends!)

Anyhow, with the amazing and mouth-watering variety of affordable treats available from Big Heart Pet Brands, you can make any dog’s day more worthwhile this Thanksgiving (he may need motivation from all the nap-inducing tryptophan in the turkey, BOL!). Plus, all the pet gift items are quite affordable! So who knows? Crafting tasty treats for special furry friends could turn into a new Thanksgiving/fall holiday tradition for you and your dog! Kinda like making Christmas cookies!

What’s the Deal with #TreatThePups?

Frankie Four-Paws, aka Frankie Fancy-Face or Fancy-Face Frank gives four-paws up to Big Heart Pet Brands and Mishka's video!

Frankie Four-Paws, aka Frankie Fancy-Face or Fancy-Face Frank gives four-paws up to Big Heart Pet Brands and Mishka’s video!

#TreatThePups is like the newest pet related hash tag that you need to pay attention to!  Created to nurture the bond between pets and people, the #TreatThePups page on Walmart offers so much for pets and their peeps. You can find the coolest crafts and all kinds of other ideas and fun content to help you include your pet in festivities this fall. Check it out for seasonal, DIY pet project ideas that are and totally reasonable in both effort and expense. (And, of course, rewarding in love and QT.)

On the #TreatThePups page, you can also watch funny videos (I mean, the Husky, c’mon… how cute can you be?) and read about tips and tricks for pet safety around the totally turkey-mongering holiday coming up (aka Thanksgiving). Personally, I found two articles to be helpful: one on pet manners when company is over and one about why dogs and decorations don’t mix.

P.S. for the hoomans, and a secret pee-mail to our canine companions: Frankie Fancy-Face advises that you absolutely watch the funny Husky video on the #TreatThePups page; it’s super cute and will give you a good chuckle. It’s called “Mishka’s Thanksgiving Day.” And he’s not biased. At all…

Pup Protector LED Dog Collar Guards Pooches Against Hazards of the Dark

Posted on November 10th, 2014
Blue Pup Protector LED Dog Collar

Blue Pup Protector LED Dog Collar

So I have never seen anything like this in my life. But I’m stoked that I found it. The Pup Protector LED Dog Collar is hands-down the safest means I’ve seen yet of making your dog visible at night and keeping him safe (short of scooping him up and carrying him but what’s the fun of a walkie if you’re being carried?).

Pup Protector LED Dog Collars are seemingly fancy-pants light-up dog collars that are surprisingly affordable, durable and functional. We tried two of them after Pup Protector sent us samples in the mail. Ramsey “Boom-Boom” Smith and Franklin Lamar Smith, the famous Smith Bassets, were the test subjects and boy did they have fun. And boy were they popular. And boy did they make a statement. EVERYWHERE we went. We have taken to calling them our “disco dogs” when they collars are on because the boys get all feisty and silly because they know they are emitting light rays, lol.

In all seriousness though, this is probably one of the best ideas to ever hit the pet industry. I mean, not only does this collar, which has three or four speeds for the lights, protect your dog on walks in the dark, but it also lets people know he’s there at the dog park, in the car, sitting on the leash outside at night, etc.  For example, we keep Frank and Boom-Booms leashes outside with a stake in the yard but they can wander into the driveway if they want. One night I pulled up and thankfully my sister had Frank’s Pup Protector on because I saw him from down the street and otherwise would not have seen him AT ALL.

Franklin Lamar Smith Sports His Fancy Red Pup Protector

Franklin Lamar Smith Sports His Fancy Red Pup Protector

Some fun yet crucial things to know about Pup Protector collars:

  1. These awesome dog collars display crisp pearl LEDs on tremendously durable materials.
  2. There’s reflective stitching around the edges, which adds a chic and refined look – plus more safety if you ask me.
  3. Pup Protector’s custom collars and leashes emit the brightest light while adding the perfect amount of style.
  4. Superior strength reflective stitching also greatly enhances visibility when directly exposed to light.
  5. The company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like the Pup Protector, you can get your money back!

The Pup Protector LED Dog Collar has such additional features as:

  • Static and Flash Modes
  • Available in 4 Colors
  • Optimal D-Ring Placement
  • Reflective Stitching
  • Pearl LED Technology

Pup Protector LED light collars and leashes have been tested to ensure the highest quality and durability standards. For more information, check out Pup Protector on Facebook, Twitter and on their website!

* was compensated with product for this review. However, all opinions herein are those of the Author and Administrator of, JL Smith. never posts distorted, dishonest or distended reviews and/or misinformation. All opinions are of the author.

Enter 1800PetMeds Animal Shelter & Rescue Contest for Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Posted on November 5th, 2014

Shelter Appreciation Week Question 1800PetMedsThe nationally-renowned pet medicine and supply company, 1-800-Pet-Meds, is having a contest for animal shelters and rescues that goes through this Sunday, November 9, 2014**. According to their Facebook announcement (Search “PetMeds Cares” in the Facebook search bar), the company is honoring and thanking those hard-working animal shelters and rescues across the nation this special week by showing their appreciation for all the pavement-pounding, per se, and other adoption/rescue work they do. It IS National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week, after all!

If you are part of an animal rescue group or shelter anywhere in the US, no matter your size or status, you should totally go ahead and enter… Simply submit a photo with a description of what makes your shelter unique, or a photo “capturing something unique about your group” here at this Facebook page. It must be a shelter/rescue representative who officially enters your group, BTW*. The submission period runs through Sunday, November 9 at 11:59 pm, EST.

The contest is open to voting starting on November 10; participants can vote once a day. Voting will close on Sunday, November 16, 2014 at 11:59 pm. There are three awesome prizes: first place gets a reward of $1,000 in PetMeds Bucks! WHOA! That’s a LOT of awesome pet supplies, toys and treats! MOL/BOL! Second and third place get $500 and $250 worth of flea prevention medicine, respectively.

Some of the photos submitted may even be featured on the PetMeds Cares social media sites/blog. If your group is featured, 1-800-Pet-Meds will send your organization a small product donation!

*Please refrain from entering unless you are a shelter or rescue! Thank you! :0)

**Author was compensated with product for this post. All opinions herein are of the author and Administrator of this blog, JL Smith. never publishes distorted, distended or dishonest product reviews or misinformation. and JL Smith are responsible for this content.

Dean Koontz & His Golden Retriever Author “Ask Anna,” Dear Abby-Style Advice for Dogs Book

Posted on November 4th, 2014

Koontz_AskAnnaSo who knew? Apparently Dean Koontz has the ability to use transference or something… Because this is the second time a Golden Retriever of his has written a fur-tastic dog book (let’s take a second to pay tribute to the first, the wonderfully funny, late Trixie Koontz).

Anna, Koontz’ latest Golden Retriever, last month released “Ask Anna” with Dad at the helm, gently guiding her, as well as writing the Introduction. And let me tell you, this rare coffee table book brings it home. It’s a true delight, 100% entertaining, and absolutely apropos if you’re a hard-core dog-lover.

“Ask Anna” follows Anna as she “psychologizes,” per se, different animals in her world who have asked for advice. Laid out in full-color and chockfull of enough cute dog pictures to keep even the
most ADD-ridden-dog-(or human-) mind focused, “Ask Anna” is a dog humor book that contains “advice for the furry and forlorn.”

I gotta admit, one of the funniest parts is right smack in the Introduction when Koontz (the hooman) says he had been skeptically observing Anna’s rendezvous with random people from the ‘hood: the mailman, the FedEx guy, the landscapers, the neighbors, etc. LMTO!!! (Laughing my tail off!) It was then that he wondered what she was really up to.

“Proof came when I discovered that Anna had secretly acquired her own computer and was engaged in the dispensing of advice online to all manner of species, but mostly to other dogs. She had kept the computer concealed in our exercise room, where she knew I would never venture…” Koontz concluded.

What’s between Dean’s Introduction and one hell of a powerfully and well-written conclusion, written by Anna, is magnificently magical. It offers insight, psychology, and education. Just imagine that you are a dog for a second. What are dog problems? What do dogs ponder? What bothers them? What do they complain about?Koontz_ASK ANNA

Anna knows. And Anna doles.

This gratuitous and gallant Golden schools us on things like how dogs feel about being short in a big dog’s world (Shrimp, page 12). Or why one shouldn’t worry if a puppy chews (Obsessed in Omaha, page 47.) Anna really had me laughing when she tells Sylvester (page 40), who laments about being cooped up with “fancy cookies… an occasional banana with peanut butter… fresh water… tummy rubs….long cuddles…” and is longing to chase small animals and “fight under the moon,” that he is acting and thinking like a cat. Bwahahaha! “Nobody wants to hear your trash talk. Stop embarrassing your species, straighten up, and start waggin’ in gratitude for being born a dog,” Anna demands.

But I’ll be honest; my very favorite part of the new Dean Koontz dog book, “Ask Anna” is the conclusion, which is also written by Mr. Koontz. “Take My Paw in Times of Trouble: A Dog Day in Koontzland” is hands-down, dead-on, no-holds-barred, 100% Dean Koontz. It’s descriptive as hell, it’s ironical (is that a word?), it subliminally points out obvious faults of humanity (cynically and quite humorously), and finally, it’s that kind of funny that you just don’t happen upon very often, the kind that you get from a very quiet, unsuspecting person with social anxiety who suddenly cracks a seriously funny joke then doesn’t even laugh. It’s that kind of descriptively funny repartee that only Mr. Koontz can provide.

It’s that good.

Koontz, in the Conclusion, after ridding himself of his normal amusing analytical banter about life and why and how the world works, gets into why it doesn’t matter.

What does matter is that you have a dog to get you through it.

“Dogs possess the innocence and many of the virtues of angels, and I suspect that most of them are more assured a place in Heaven than I am. On a bad day in Koontzland… I need only hold my dog’s paw or rub her behind the ears…and all my troubles melt away like a strawberry-flavored tab of antipsychotic medication…”

If you want to go pick up your own copy of this fantastically fun book, I encourage you to head over to the Facebook page for “Ask Anna.” There you can read more about the book, see some awesome photos, buy your own copy, interact with others and more.

I find it imperative to tell you that Koontz, a well-known southern California-devotee and all-around under-the-radar charitable type of guy, is donating all proceeds of “Ask Anna” to Canine Companions for Independence, the reputable California-based organization that trains and provides assistance dogs to those in need. The animal charity is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs in the U.S., and is known for both the quality and excellence of not only its dogs, but throughout its organization as well. Visit them on Facebook for more information.

Anna is getting paid in sausages. <3

American Humane Association CEO Robin Ganzert Pens “Animal Stars”

Posted on October 29th, 2014

An Inside View of Hollywood’s Most Famous Fur-Babies; Offers Insights on AHA Initiatives

I always wondered what ‘Hachi’ was like in real life after I cried my way through that movie a million times (thank you very much Stephen P. Lindsey, screenwriter).  I’ve also noticed that, when I see them on TV, I find myself asking how in the hell they got the cute little monkey in “Night at the Museum” to do all the funky feisty tricks he does, particularly at Ben Stiller’s expense.

?????????????????????Well, thankfully, I found my long-awaited answers. I recently read a complimentary review copy of an awesome new book written by Robin Ganzert, CEO of American Humane Association (AHA), “Animal Stars: Behind the Scenes with Your Favorite Animal Actors.” Now, obviously, the book, co-written by Linda and Allen Anderson, was written with the intent to educate the American public not only about the absolute ‘adorableness’ of animals (did I just make that word up?), the intelligence and intuition of animal actors, and the amazing interactions between humans and these gorgeous creatures, but also to draw attention to what has become an historic, landmark, one-of-a-kind campaign in the world of animal welfare: AHA’s “No Animals Were Harmed”® Campaign.

What campaign, you ask? DUH! Did you know that for nearly 75 years, AHA has been the sole sanctioned voice of animal stars? Well, with its well-established filmmaking guidelines, detailed production reviews, certified safety reps and much more on-set and off, the AHA keeps the animals safe while cameras roll. The L.A.-based film and TV unit is the film and television industry’s only officially sanctioned animal monitoring program. It’s kinda important. (Sarcasm… you know you love it.)

But back to the book for a minute. You guys have gotta’ read this: it’s like one of those books that you start reading and suddenly it’s 1:12 a.m. and your light is still on because you can’t put it down. There are even professional animal training tips – good ones, usable ones, applicable stories — at the end of each chapter.  “Animal Stars is also chockfull of incredible true stories of the trainers, actors, directors, and the dogs, cats, horses, (diva) bears, penguins and hundreds of wild animal actors in their behind-the-scenes glory. Ever wonder how Mr. Jinx (aka Charlie) learned to miraculously flush a toilet in “Meet the Fockers?”(Jinxy was found wandering the streets of Ontario and is a purebred Himalayan by the way…) Did you ever wonder how the actors and film crew dealt with snakes on a little airplane (yes, 300 of those were real – I know, EWWWWA)? From Joey the horse in “War Horse” to the beautiful wolves in “Game of Thrones,” what the public sees on-screen is just the beginning. “Animal Stars” is Ganzert’s (et. al.) take on all things furry in Hollywood – and was written with love, compassion, humor, interspecies respect, and an obvious admiration for all things 4-legged (or more, whatever).

Among the famous furballs you’ll read about:

-Jinxy the toilet-flushing cat from “Meet the Fockers.” Real name: Charlie

-Hachi, the ever-loyal, always-sweet Akita in the movie “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.” Real name: Chico.

-The Taco Bell dog. Yes, the flippin’ Taco Bell Chihuahua is in this book! HA! Real name: Gidget

-Sam the other always-loyal German Shepherd from “I Am Legend.” Real name: Abbey

-The penguins from “ Popper’s Penguins.” Yes, they trained penguins.

-Crystal the Capuchin Monkey in “Night at the Museum.”

-Crookshanks, Hermione’s cat in the Harry Potter films. Real name: Crackerjack

-“The Horse with an Actor’s Equity Card,” Hightower, from “The Horse Whisperer” and “Runaway Bride.”

-Blackie, the horse from “True Grit.” Real name: Cimarron

Pretty sweet, right? Well I chatted a little bit with Ganzert (okay, I talked her ear off), who holds a Ph.D., and I found some additional details that are equally, well, cool… Here are some quid pro quos for ya’:AHALOGO

-AHA got its start in Hollywood in 1940 after a 1939 Jesse James film required that a large number of horses jump off a cliff and break their necks. Production knew they would die, but they went ahead filming anyhow. Americans started protesting for animals after this. Shortly thereafter, in 1940, AHA opened its first office in Hollywood. According to Ganzert, AHA was there to keep them (the filming industry) accountable. “The US needed a powerful voice that was able to make change and eventually the industry started to work alongside us,” she said of the incident. No Animals Were Harmed® was created shortly afterwards.

-Robin Williams, the beloved late actor and comedian, spent his last birthday with and wrote his last-ever social media post about “Crystal,” his much-loved monkey co-star in the first “Night at the Museum” movie. Crystal is a rescue; she was not taken from the wild. She was taken from a breeding facility and currently has 22 major movie credits to her name.

-A whopping 85% of animals in show business are rescues. I know – WHOA!! Where do we sign up, right?

-When asked what is the most crucial thing about AHA for people to know, Ganzert responded with this: “What we bring to table… we are moderates, we’re science-based, (and we) bring practical solutions to make sure the voice (sic) of our most precious are heard. We are hence both timely and timeless.” Damn straight! She ended that thought by telling me that the power of the human-animal bond is underscored yet so significant.

-The book includes dozens of quotes & endorsements from celebs like Steven Spielberg, Scarlett Johansson and Julia Roberts.

Now I can tell you one last little detail, too. Ganzert said she had two major inspirations for/in writing “Animal Stars.” The first? Her love of animals in childhood and seeing all the animals in Disney movies. (MOL, BOL). Her second? HER LOVE OF THE MOVIE “Hachi!” She said that when her family watched it, even her son was crying. “Hachi’s love went above and beyond anything,” she emoted, practically through tears just from thinking about it. She then admitted that Hachi is one of her all-time fave animal stars. (We are two peas in a pod!) And I learned that Hachi was the trainer’s most challenging dog ever. He, at first, was a dog that did not respond to training techniques, and was, “just not that into you… or treats, or praise, or affection.” (He later became one of “the most honest dogs” the trainer ever worked with, and exuded patience and took affection well.) I finally know what real Hachi the Akita is like. Yay!

So go out and get this book guys, like, stat. It’s entertaining, fun, interesting, educational, and an all-around good read that you’ll want to share with the book club, with relatives, and will all of your fur-loving friends. And while you’re at it, give some mad props out to all those astonishing rescue animal actors… And in the meantime, follow AHA on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.