Fancy Feast Mornings Giveaway Entries: Cute Cat Photos

Check out the entries we’ve received for the Fancy Feast Fancy Feast Mornings™ giveaway! They are too cute! You can vote for a kitty if you want, in the comments! Final winner will be drawn at random by the administrators of the blog, however. The winner receives a case of Fancy Feast Mornings™ and – new announcement – the second place winner receives a small runner-up kitty gift! 😉

To enter the Fancy Feast Giveaway on ThoughtsFurPaws: simply send me a picture of your kitty in the morning. It must be a morning picture and you can even dress him/her up if you’d like. It’s a cat picture contest in honor of fabulous, fantastic, Smith-feline-approved Fancy Feast Mornings!

We’ll be reviewing pictures from now until August 1. Winners will be announced August 1. Deadline to enter is July 31st at 7 pm EST.

So email your best kitty photos to and put “Fancy Feast Mornings Contest” in the Subject Line please.

Don’t forget — people can vote for their favorites in the comments but Admins will make the final decision as to the winner (unless there is an uprising or coup in/from the CB and we decide otherwise halfway through…) Let us know what you think!



Unnamed morning kitty






Socks in the morning


Lily Getting Ready to Yawn


Leonardo in a Stagnant Slumber




Tile and Skipper




Skipper Ghostcat




NOT AN ENTRANT – Our Maxxy in the morning sunshine…


Get your votes in NOW for your favorite morning kitty! You can share this on your blog too if you’d like or share your opinion on the voting. Should we judge the contest or let the votes sway it? Weigh in in the comments section below please!

And don’t forget to send your morning cat pictures to us at today!

16 Responses to “Fancy Feast Mornings Giveaway Entries: Cute Cat Photos”

  1. Margot C says:

    Something about Pokey says ‘I’m a winner’.

  2. Hilary Kendall DeBow says:

    I vote for unnamed cat which is Miss Meowmers 🙂
    Thought i included her name…sorry

  3. Marks Dorcel says:

    The post here made about the cute cat photos is very interesting. Here lots of photos are there which is very nice for watch and find some fun.

  4. AL Miss says:

    Gotta go with Leonardo or Pokey on this one… too bad Max cant win! His position is too great!

  5. Margot C says:

    I voted for Pokey before all of the pictures were up, but now I must rescind my vote and vote for my own darling Leonardo (Sorry Pokey) – if that is allowable.

  6. Henderson says:

    We thinks Lily and Socks Rock!!

  7. Julie says:

    Tile & Skipper

  8. Heather says:

    Lily is a winner!

  9. Jeff says:

    Voted for unnamed morning kitty

  10. Would it be horrible for us to vote for ourselves? All the kitties is so cute we could never decide. Although Leonardo has captured the way our Mommy feels about alarm clocks.

  11. Anita says:

    I’ll refrain from choosing for my Pokey (aka “The Most Comfortable Cat in America”) and will instead vote for the peeking Morning Kitty!

  12. teresa debow says:

    My vote is for unamed cat.

  13. teresa debow says:

    My vote is for unamed cat. Morning kitty.

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